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Clayton Omwanga Resume December2015


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Clayton Omwanga Resume December2015

  1. 1. Clayton Omwanga CV CLAYTON OMWANGA Phone: +254723897733 Email: CAREER OBJECTIVE To be part of a dynamic management team that is community based in its vision, contributing to Organizational strategic planning, communication and decision making in order to make the same more efficient and effective in deliverables. PERSONAL QUALITIES AND COMPETENCIES  I am focused at work, dynamic in life, enthusiastic at heart, artistic to the core and eclectic in problem solving. My personal values are Wisdom, valour and integrity.  I am good at managing stressful and complex situations. I work and communicate well under pressure. I maintain a cool demeanour and reassuring aura which has worked well to calm staff in situations that would otherwise cause panic.  I demonstrate exceptional qualities in managing multiple projects. I am able to delegate tasks and monitor from a distance to accomplish tasks. I manage time well and this has had enabled me to achieve desired results.  I have exceptional writing and verbal communication skills which I employ when gauging different audiences both within and outside the organisation.  I have strong analytical and organizational skills which have helped me make important decisions after security assessments that have enabled the country program to avoid serious security incidents.  I possess strong passion and interest in research for latest technological practices and have introduced new ways of doing some things in the organisation.  I have good interpersonal skills and this has come in handy in negotiations to avert potentially violent situations.  Above all I am a leader, team player and can work without supervision. LANGUAGES: English, Kiswahili, Luhyia (fluent written and spoken). COMPUTER SKILLS: Ms Word, Ms Excel, MS Power Point, MS Access, Outlook, the Internet OTHER SKILLS: Driving (Driving License Class BCE) WORK EXPERIENCE November 2015 to Present SAVE THE CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL, GLOBAL OFFICE ROVING SAFETY AND SECURITY ADVISOR Main responsibilities  Support the Regional Safety and Security Directors with a primary focus on supporting learning and development needs  Contribute to the developing and improvement of S&S management practices and crisis management training  Work closely with the RSD’s to coordinate and deliver training and capacity building action plans at regional and country office level.  Support country offices in liaising with established external training providers to identify efficient and effective safety and security training options.  Provide short term cover in country offices , particularly in category A countries or countries with special needs around security management November 2012 to November 2015 SAVE THE CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL, KENYA PROGRAM SAFETY AND SECURITY MANAGER Main responsibilities  As a member of the Senior Management Team: among other activities, contribute to Leadership of the Kenya Country Office; Ensure compliance with all Save the Children MOS and SPOs; and Provide support as required to the Incident Management Team in case of security related crisis;  On Policies and procedures: among other activities, Develop and implement country wide Security Management plan; and Monitor the security environment and adjust security policies and procedures accordingly;
  2. 2. Clayton Omwanga CV  On Assessment and analysis: among other activities, Monitor events, review incidents and coordinate analysis, follow up actions and recommendations; Provide security update, which includes situational analysis, actions taken and actions recommended, to SC SMT on a regular basis; Submit written weekly and monthly reports to SC SMT and regional management; Provide informed recommendations in the context of security assessments and reviews; and Assess application of security policies and level of vulnerability of SC facilities;  On Programme implementation: among other activities, Assist with programme proposal development to ensure adequate consideration of safety and security needs and inclusion of safety and security costs; and Undertake security assessments of programme areas and potential programme areas; and report on findings;  On Communication and training: among other activities, Coordinate the gathering and flow of security information with other relevant actors; classify security information according to its reliability and accuracy; Maintain and review incident reporting and mapping system; and Ensure that appropriate systems are in place to effectively disseminate security information and updates of the security system to staff FEBRUARY 2011 to NOVEMBER 2012 SAVE THE CHILDREN UK, KENYA PROGRAM SAFETY AND SECURITY MANAGER Main responsibilities  Develop and implement Security Management Plans  Monthly field visits to Area Offices to provide hands on technical support to Area Management team in Safety and Security matters  Conduct safety and security audits for field offices and Ensure relocation plans are reviewed and updated  Training staff on safety awareness and contingency planning  Train focal points on inter agency coordination and networking with county/district security offices  Write weekly security reports and disseminate to all staff  Conduct field security assessment and assist programs develop safe delivery methods  Ensure project proposals incorporate safety and security in their budgets  Monitor security conditions and advise the Senior Management Team on security phase changes, response measures, procedures and contingency planning  Report safety and security incidents, conduct analysis and recommend preventive measures. Maintain records of all security incidents  Serve as liaison officer with other NGOs, UN agencies and local authorities on matters regarding security and Safety Main achievements  Safety and Security Training: Since January 2011 SCUK held different Safety and Security Trainings in Nairobi. Safety and security follow up trainings have been conducted in the field. Consequently serious incidents have been averted in the country program in the past one year  Staff Travel tracker: I introduced and operationalized a centralised staff travel tracker which details travel of staff. The tracker is well safeguarded and the information shared with only senior staff on a “need to know basis”. This has been instrumental in tracking of staff movements  Child Safeguarding: I included the child safeguarding briefing in the Pre Departure Information document at the beginning of the year 2012. Later with the guidance of Country Director and HR Director who is also the current Child Safeguarding Focal Person at the national level, the child safeguarding briefing was incorporated in all security briefing documents for induction  Prevention of Serious Incidents: No serious security incidents involving Save the Children staff in the past one year. This is largely attributed to improved management of security and safety in the country program. At the beginning of 2011 two critical incidents occurred in the Kenya program namely a road traffic accident and a carjacking incident. To this end I ensured that road traffic accidents were drastically reduced in the Kenya program through continuous training sessions with drivers and logistics personnel in the field stations  SOPs for G4S Guards: Liaised with G4S to develop specific SOPs for their guards who provide protection to Save the Children premises in North Eastern Kenya. This greatly improved their performance  GSS: I attended Save the Children Global Safety and Security Meeting that that took place in Nairobi in March this year during which I learnt how to use the new Save the Children Reporter that has since been rolled out.  Online SMS System: I introduced the Security SMS system to complement the SMS tree which has proved to be very effective in communicating urgent messages to staff via SMS. In addition I introduced the Security weekly message to educate staff on security without being formal. Every Wednesday as short educative message is sent to staff by email
  3. 3. Clayton Omwanga CV  I established a radio base in Wajir to monitor the movement of vehicles in Wajir and Mandera counties. This freed up logistics staff to concentrate on their work while ensuring that movement of staff was being properly tracked  Developed and operationalized the Staff health and safety handbook. This has provided important literature in managing staff health and safety issues 16 APRIL 2009 to FEBRUARY 2011 INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE, DADAAB FIELD SECURITY OFFICER Main responsibilities  Assessed Dadaab program safety and security requirements  Monitored security conditions and advised the Field Coordinator and Logistics Coordinator on security phase changes, response measures, procedures and contingency planning  Developed and maintained up to date security operations procedures for Dadaab in accordance with IRC Security Management Planning and Safety and Security Guidelines  Reported safety and security incidents , conducted analysis and Maintained records of all security incidents  Served as a liaison with other NGOs, UN agencies and local authorities on matters regarding security and Safety  Ensured safety and security of IRC assets, facilities and other equipment. Conducted regular security training to incentive security staff Main achievements  Setting up security systems from scratch, ensuring that they are functioning properly. They are in use to date  Averting serious security incidents in February 2009 during a strike by Field Support staff and Incentive staff  Training all security staffs on proper security procedures; notable is the comprehensive training that I conducted for the security personnel in December 2010 which was attributed to enhanced discipline and performance.  Provided security and safety trainings to all staff  Ensuring security and safety of staff through maintaining good relationship with the UNHCR, other Implementing Partners, beneficiaries, the host community and Government authorities JAN 2009 to APRIL 2009 C.I.D. TRAINING SCHOOL INSTRUCTOR  Taught Investigation of Criminal Cases, Criminal Law, Scene of Crime Management, Handling physical evidence, conducting investigative interviewing and Interrogation among other subjects. 2002 to 2008 THE KENYA POLICE FORCE INSPECTOR OF POLICE  Promoted to rank of Inspector after successful completion of the promotion course.  Served as the Officer In Charge in the Anti-Narcotics Unit office Central Division , Nairobi Area  Investigator at the C.I.D. office at Machakos and Marsabit divisions respectively. 2000 2002 POLICE CONSTABLE  Conducted general investigations in the Criminal Investigations Department of the Kenya police 1997 to 1999: TEACHER Taught English and Literature in the following Secondary Schools:  1999 Samaritan Secondary School, in Kitale, Rift Valley Province  Jan 1997 to April 1997 Ngoru Orthodox Secondary School in Nyeri , Central Province  May 1997 to August 1997 Makhokho Secondary School in Kakamega, Western Province EDUCATION 2004: MASTER OF PUBLIC SECTOR MANAGEMENT (Cyprus International Institute of Management, Cyprus) Some of the courses that I covered in the programme are Enterprise, Innovation and the Public Sector; Human Resource Management for the Public Sector; Financial Management in the Public Sector; Public Finance; and Final Project Workshop. The other course credits were transferred from the MBA programme
  4. 4. Clayton Omwanga CV 2002 to 2003: MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (Cyprus International Institute of Management, Cyprus) Some of the courses I covered in the programme are Marketing Management; Managing Human Resources; Competitive Analysis; Strategic Marketing; Financial Accounting; Managerial Economics; Quantitative Methods; Organizational Behaviour; Managing Strategic Change; Market Research; Project Management; International Marketing; Managing Information Systems; Managing the Service Industry; Total Quality Management; Creativity in Management; Managerial Accounting; Negotiating Skills; Organizational Structure; Managing in the European Union; Corporate Governance; and Leadership. 1993 to 1998: BACHELOR OF EDUCATION (ARTS, ENGLISH AND LITERATURE) (Moi University, Kenya) 1991: KENYA CERTIFICATE OF SECONDARY EDUCATION (Dagoretti High School, Nairobi, Kenya) SPECIAL TRAINING  Deployments: deployed as a Safety and Security Manger to Uganda May 2014 and South Sudan in August 2014  Crisis Management: (April 2015)  Crisis Management: (April 2015)  Overseas Safety and Security Training 2 (OSST2): (August 2014)  Occupational First Aid: Conducted by Kenya Red Cross (October 2015)  Senior Managers Development Programme: Save the Children training for senior managers. Focused on key leadership qualities: Vision and Purpose; External Orientation; Managerial Courage; Delivering Results (May 2013)  Level 3 Award in Training Skills and Practice: A TOT Training for Safety and Security Advisors and Managers conducted by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (December 2011 )  Security Management Training conducted by Red R, Nairobi (September 2011)  Fire Marshall Training and Basic Fire Safety Training conducted by KK Security ( 2011)  Security Training by the International Rescue Committee (2009)  Team Building Training and Supervisory Management Training by The Act Institute ( 2009)  Investigations Course for Investigators and Prosecutors by the Kenya School of Law (2008)  International Narcotics Law Enforcement Training Course: Office of the Narcotics Control Board Thailand (2008)  Promotional Special Other Ranks To Inspectorate Course: CID Training School (2002)  The Basic Drugs Enforcement Seminar, The second Regional Course on Drug Investigative Techniques for East African Drug Law Enforcement Officers and the Basic Investigations Course at CID Training School in 2001 2002  Initial Police Training Kenya Police College (1999 to 2000) PROFFESSIONAL BODIES  International Association of Professionals in Humanitarian Assistance and Protection (PHAP): June 2014  International NGO Safety and Security Association (INSSA): Chartered Member since August 2011  Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) Joined as an artist since 19/03/2007 OTHER ACTIVITIES AND INTERESTS  As the Environmental Focal Person the IRC in Hagadera in 1999 I was instrumental in planting over 1000 trees at the hospital and Health posts and ensured the rehabilitation of the environment at the hospital through aggressive clean-up campaigns, and promotion of behaviour change.  As the Staff Welfare Association Chairman in IRC I achieved an otherwise previously elusive unity of a religiously and culturally diverse workforce of 66 people.  Music: I enjoy listening to Music. I have recorded 25 songs, 17 of with are contained in two albums. I completed the latest track on 24 th March and currently working on another.  Poetry: I enjoy reading and writing poetry. Have written over fifty poems  Philanthropy: I dignify boys by purchasing school shorts for needy boys in my village  Physical fitness: I keep fit by doing jogging and boxing exercises