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Pp production log_template

  1. 1. Salford City CollegeEccles Sixth Form CentreBTec Level 3Extended Diploma in Creative MediaProductionFilm, TV and RadioHA4 – Objects of DesireProduction LogName: Clayton SkorskiProduction: Apple AdvertDate Action Taken29/04/2013 Having done all the pre-production I had all the ideas I needed to create a well thought outApple advert. My whole production was done within Adobe After Effects, as it had everything Ineeded to do to create my advert. The first and a very important feature was to make the size,layout and format the correct size, so when rendering, bringing images and footage in, it will allbe the correct size.06/05/2013 As it will be easier, and I am good and familiar with Photoshop I created the layers and imageswithin that. The good thing about doing it this way is I can bring in the PDF file (Photoshopeditable file) and bring it into after effects, and each layer will be able to move to my liking(basically nothing is set in stone, if it needs moving, I was able).The first thing needed to do was to create a background, which I created and added effectswithin Photoshop, which will not take any longer than 10 minutes to get it the way I want.(Picture below).I will find images of the internet that are needed, and create the rest myself. The images I willneed will all be found in existing iPhone adverts. These include; the actual iPhone device, I willbe able to edit and cut out the screen so it will just be the outline of an iPhone, so I will be ableto add my own things within it. I found a big file size picture, so that it will be good quality whenI edit it, below you can see the image I found (on the left) and to the right of it is where I editedit, made it its own layer and added some effects to it, such as shadow. I placed it in the middle ofthe screen, and locked it, as I didn’t want that changing size or moving ect.
  2. 2. 7/05/2013 Having done the above, The next image I will need to get will be the hand icon, since I had tothink of something else as it was not possible to use a human hand in the advert. I will use amouse hand icon, as it relates with technology and up to date and new. I found a good qualityimage of a perfect hand icon I can use in my advert as I can edit it and create an eye catchingicon. As I need two hand icons I will just duplicate and flip the same image so it looks like a rightand left hand icon curser. The first picture is the image I found on google, I cropped it filled outthe hand so it was just the outline, and then added effects and changed the colour slightly so ithas that unique Apple feel.With this I felt like the screen was a bit dull and not much was happening, so I wanted to fill itwith advertising Apple that little more. Apple adverts tend to have the logo at the bottom right; Iwanted to add more than that. I wanted to include the logo in two different placed (one for theApple company as a whole and the other logo for the iPhone4).
  3. 3. With the three above images, you can see what two images I found on Google, and what I didwith them, I wanted the logo to stand out so I added a glow and colour overlay that had a silvertint to it, I felt it look good and professional. I also personalized it and added my name under thelogo, as ever iPhone advert is unique and this will add a difference.Finally, I still wanted to add one more thing to the advert as it still looks a bit empty, so I didwhat other Apple adverts have, I added the slogan to the right of the screen; in small and fancyfont so It was viewable, but didn’t distract the audience from the iPhone itself while watching.(Below picture).
  4. 4. 20/05/2013Having the layout and everything I wanted in the advert done, all I had to do now is bring thisPDF file into After Effects, which I will be basing all my production within.The picture below shows the project I was working in23/05/2013 The first thing that I have to make sure is that the After Effects has the same output as thePhotoshop, as if bringing in a different size file into it, it will just cause all the layout ect to be outof place and it will just cause to much issues; since both software’s are designed by Adobe,getting around this issue was not a problem at all.The first thing to do is to make the length of the video 30 seconds, no more or less. Since myadvert is very precise everything has to be in sync perfectly, which will take a lot of time andjudging. The main target Is to follow the storyboard perfectly. The first aim is to get the first 5seconds of the advert done, with getting it all perfect and to my liking.The picture below shows my project, and I have edited it until the point of 5 seconds.24/05/2013 Once everything is in place and made its way onto screen, nothing else will move apart from thehands. I want to be able to get all the hand movements done today. I want to make it lookrealistic with the movements so I will go into great detail with the movements to make it lookrealistic. I will do this with setting the timers for each second so each second will be differentfrom the rest and allowing the hands to move around the screen.
  5. 5. The picture below shows that the hands are looking realistic and will be moving around andtouching different parts of the phone, it will make it look like it is actually using them phone.27/05/2013 One the hands have been done the next thing to do will to get the actual screen footage. As I amusing images from print screens I will need to take print screens with my own iPhone and emailmyself the images so I can bring them into Photoshop to put them into the correct size, and thenbring the Photoshop file onto After Effects. Even though this is a simple task, it will take all dayto get the right timing images and to put them in order and the correct size with a goodresolution ect.The pictures below show me bringing in the screen shot picture I emailed myself into Photoshopand making them the correct size, so when I bring them into After Effects it will fit perfectly.
  6. 6. 28/05/2013 Today will be mainly getting all the pictures to perfectly time the hand movements and to be onpar with the audio (voice-over) and to make it look realistic as possible. After this is done I wantto complete the last 3 seconds of the video also as it is only the Apple logo to be put on screenand to remove everything else of shot. The way I will make the Apple logo is to reuse the sameApple logo image as before, but add a different dark effect and black glow to make it stand out.The picture shows this below, and shows that the 30 second advert is complete (visually).30/05/2013 The final thing I have to do is to add the music and voice over and sync it all up together thenrender it out and upload it to YouTube.