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  1. 1. Mood board- additional idea generation Clayton Skorski
  2. 2. Mise en scene
  3. 3. Mise en scene• With the pictures I found, these are the things I want to be shown in the frame of the video. Having English locations and things that represent England are what I was looking for to have in the video. Also I wanted follow the conventions of a new indie/rock music video (mainly Artic Monkey), so I wont low key lighting and people in smart all black costumes.
  4. 4. Genre
  5. 5. Genre• The genre for this type of music video tend to have low key lighting throughout the video, I want to follow the conventions of this due to the fact it gives it a nice effect.
  6. 6. Camera work / Cinematography
  7. 7. Camera work / Cinematography• The camera shots pictures I have gathered are multiple different shots that are tended to use in a music video, regardless of the institution and budget. Even though most of these shots are used in the genre I am basing my music video around, it is unlikely I will use all the shots.
  8. 8. Editing and Digital effects• The thing I want to get is giving the effect that each location is close together and use editing and effects to track on to the next location but it looks like they are side by side.
  9. 9. Types of Characters
  10. 10. Types of Characters• The pictures I have gotten are what I want the characters in my music video to look like, I think having everyone all dressed in black with the dark British streets as the location will give a great unique effect.