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el toro IP Targeting Deck


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We enable advertisers with the ability to reach their intended online customer base for pennies on the dollar with surgical accuracy – all without the use of cookies – and at the exact time of their choosing.

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el toro IP Targeting Deck

  1. 1. This 437 W. Jefferson Means this At El Toro:
  2. 2. Our “Competition” all use cookies Bots generate their own cookies & build profiles to appear more human like Bots emulating humans have high value cookies, get targeted by advertisers, and amplify bot revenue Re-cookie without trying. Emulate real human behavior Re-cookied bots are added to advertisers targeting segments Other “IP Targeting” companies ALL use cookies
  3. 3. 4 Patents Pending IP Algorithm RTB Real Time Bidding System Reverse Append Polygon Mapping Tool
  4. 4. House to House Targeting B2B by address We approximate 50% match rate for residential targeting; 30% for B2B by address targeting; 500 minimum targets in a B2C campaign
  5. 5. Name Street Address City Zip John Singer 5006 Parrish Branch Road Midlothian 23112 C. Curtis & Ann C. Hunt 4012 Timber Ridge Road Midlothian 23112 Sleep Inn and Suites 6451 Bayside Lane Midlothian 23112 Jessie Smith 11320 Dumaine Drive Midlothian 23112 Brian Smith 3018 Gregwood Road Midlothian 23112 Christopher & Erika Smith 3031 Speeks Drive Midlothian 23112 Stephanie Smith 7721 Gallant Fox Court Midlothian 23112 Allan Smith 13703 Harbour Bluff Court Midlothian 23112 Scott Smith 2512 Tanglebrook Road Midlothian 23112 Stacey Smith 5505 Highberry Woods Road Midlothian 23112 Barry & Karen Smith 6002 Lansgate Road Midlothian 23112 Claudia Snipes 3041 Gregwood Road Midlothian 23112 Southside Auto Recycling 12910 Genito Road Midlothian 23112 Minny South 4082 Trisha Trail Midlothian 23112 James Spann 12900 Singer Road Midlothian 23112 Shawn Spencer 7310 Buck Rub Lane Midlothian 23112 Anthony Spotswood 14924 Mill Flume Court Midlothian 23112 Total List Size: 100,000 50,000 Total Matched Targets 50% Matched Records
  6. 6. Behind The Curtain Our patent-pending process combines more than 30 public data elements to hyper-accurately map an IP address to a home address. + = Better targeting
  7. 7. Match Back Analysis Client provides sales data based on campaign ending or buying cycle (last name, address, and zip) We cross reference targeted data set with converted purchases Then provide a list by name & address who purchased Provided lift in response rate against control group *If the client is willing to provide sales figures in addition to the required information, El Toro can provide a physical ROI
  8. 8. Captive Audience For B2C or B2B College Campuses 95% Mapped Affluent Shoppers Target 100+ HHI with children Key Venues Hotels, Trade Shows, and Conventions
  9. 9. I want to target the Super Bowl!
  10. 10. I want to target the CEO at Google!
  11. 11. I want to target every Starbucks Wi-Fi Cafe!
  12. 12.  Mayors  Aldermen  City Council  Clerk of Courts  County Treasurer  School Board Member  Township Trustees  County Commissioners  Sheriff  County Assessor Political Over 145 Million Registered Voters Reach more than 145 million registered voters in their neighborhoods, and by congressional and local district designations.  County Auditor  Coroner  Court of Appeals Judges  Circuit Judges  District Judges  Family Court Judges  Prosecuting Attorney  Constable  State Senator (your districts)  State Representatives (your areas) Digital Campaign Manager Secretary of State website County Board of Elections website Google /Wikipedia
  13. 13. Segment Campaigns For Greater Relevancy 1 Deliver direct mail and banner ads that hit on key issues surrounding the republican party Because we target by households using offline data, your client can serve more tailored messaging by party affiliation or other key voter groups. For example, if a republican is running for office they can: 2 Find a common ground with democrats and deliver it via banners and video 3 Serve softer and warmer messaging to faith based women 4 Purchase lists of high fidelity voters in key geographies and deliver 1:1 ads to that household with a powerful frequency
  14. 14. 75% Voter turn out for target group  6 aggregate campaigns for State House Races  Targeted fidelity voters in both urban and rural areas who voted in 2 or more of the last 4 elections  Served segmented ad messaging by political affiliation  75x per IP address frequency  30 day campaign 1,297 Projected votes for our candidates 8.5% More likely to vote Campaign Highlights The KY State House of Representatives was very much in play in the 2014 general election. With a 54/46 split between Democrats and Republicans, the shifting of a few seats would potentially change the entire legislative body. Our client, a Political Action Committee (PAC) hired El Toro to target fidelity voters in 6 key races to maximize the turnout. Case Study | KY State Rep Races | Political
  15. 15. 0.64% Click Through Rate  Targeted state legislators and fidelity voters in the targeted legislators district  Targeted state capital and the legislative offices  75x per IP address frequency  336,000 impressions  30 day campaign 100% KCB won the election 800x the industry average CTR of 0.08 Campaign Highlights “This was David vs. Goliath, with a group of local entrepreneurs challenging one of the largest companies in the world…having access to a tool like El Toro’s IP Targeting helped cost effectively level the playing field” -KCB’s VP, Phillip Dearner, In early 2015, The KCB was involved in the legislative fight for their lives against one of the largest brewers of beer in the world. KY-HB 168 was supported by the KCB’s memberships and preserved the long-standing 3-tier distribution system, HB-168 was intended to prevent Anheuser Busch from opening a new distribution center in Western KY. If the KCB lost, distribution of non Anheuser Busch beers would no longer be distributed, which would’ve been detrimental to craft brewers in KY. Case Study: Political-Craft Brewers
  16. 16. Case Study: Non Profit The Colon Cancer Prevention Project (CCPP), is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Louisville, KY, dedicated to eliminating preventable colon cancer death and suffering by increasing screening rates through education, advocacy, and health systems improvement. The Project's work includes advocating for funds for uninsured and under-insured people to get screened. Funds raised by CCPP come in the form of individual gifts, corporate contributions and grants. The client integrated El Toro’s targeting platform as part of larger outreach campaign that included direct mail and targeted push advertising to potential donors’ home PCs. Forty-four percent of the list of likely donors was included in El Toro’s online display campaign and 56% was not targeted. 95% of funds raised were from targeted houses 70% more donations from targeted group 200% improvement Campaign Highlights
  17. 17. 530 new sessions 558 clicks to the site 138% increase in average time on site Campaign Highlights Our client is a regional auto dealer with 3 dealership locations that sell nearly 1,000 new and pre-owned vehicles each month. While working with the dealership, two large “buckets” of customers presented as a great opportunity to target for a Buy Back or Conquest Sales campaign. Approximately 40% of the customers that purchase service but did not purchase a vehicle at the dealership. Over 9,000 customers that have previously purchased a vehicle at the dealership. After completing the discovery process with the client, El Toro identified approximately 6,000 high value prospects from among the candidates. El Toro launched a targeted campaign of push advertising to customers home PCs. Through our online display campaign, the client was assured that their advertising efforts would reach "real" people instead of fraudulent bots and crawlers, which account for 75% of normal online traffic. Over $500K in additional revenue was produced, including $182K from customers who had not visited the dealership in the last 9 months. Case Study: Automotive Industry
  18. 18. Campaign Highlights Case Study: Smooth Fitness Our client is a nationwide distributor of home gym equipment. The organization turned to targeted advertising after experiencing a decrease in their PPC and SEO conversions. With their PPC cost doubling per year, they needed to find alternatives that were more cost effective and produced better conversions. El Toro implemented an advertising campaign after analyzing the last 2 years of the client's sales. Based on this data, we created a targeting profile focused on 33,048 households in their key markets of TX, CA, and FL. The Pure Conquest campaign run by El Toro produced 804,363 impressions and 2,951 clicks. The client identified 17 confirmed conversions, with an average value of $900. 804,363 impressions 2,951 clicks17confirmed conversions
  19. 19. o Income o Geography o Demography o Pair direct mail piece o Age of Home o Seasonality o Known problem areas Home Services and Home Goods
  20. 20. Case Study: HVAC and Plumbing 18,500 customers engaged 20 touches per household 100% of appointment slots filled Campaign Highlights The organization had hundreds of appointment slots available within the last quarter of 2013. With a minimal advertising budget the organization had to engage previous customers for routine maintenance services as well as sell excess inventory of tankless water heaters before the end of 2013. El Toro implemented a targeted advertising campaign directed at the household addresses of the organization's previous clients. El Toro then scrubbed this client data against our proprietary technology to deliver online display advertisements to specific customer households. Through our online display campaign El Toro was tasked to fill all available appointment slots for the remaining 74 days of the year. The client is thankful El Toro facilitated its goal by allowing them to engage the specific households they know have a higher probability to convert and removing the noise and wasted impressions that most advertising platforms don't.
  21. 21. Case Study: Home Improvement 50 More Conversions Than control group  Target group of 48,000 addresses received physical mail piece and digital ads  Control group of ~47,000 ONLY received physical mailer  Target determined based on age of home, home ownership, and household income  Over 2 million impressions served  40x per IP address frequency  316 total conversions- 133 from control group and 183 from target group 31% More likely to purchase 690k incremental additional revenue Campaign Highlights for Target Group A national brand that primarily works within home improvement industry came to us and wanted to test the efficacy of our platform. They consistently ran direct mail and when they learned how Digital Direct Mail complimented their direct mail campaign, they were excited to see how it would increase conversions and revenue. Here are their results-
  22. 22. o Develop a profiles/segments who would likely be users by age, income, geography-serve tailored messaging o Rehab hospitals - post patient care-advertise in their acute care hospital regarding post discharge services o Promote cardio services, age pops, heart disease o Communicate directly with doctors, specialists, nurses o Targeting geographies around urgent care centers o Connecting email messaging with ad messaging - cross channel o Advertise new programs and initiatives to employees o Kindred wants BSNs, target Galen Healthcare | Hospitals
  23. 23. o Target top transfer schools o ACT lists o CRM Targeting, nurturing students o Prospects o Feeder Schools o Target people who started nursing school but didn’t finish o Recruits from competitors facilities Colleges and Universities
  24. 24. Case Study: Higher Education 1/2the cost of email and direct mail campaigns 35% more likely to apply after viewing an ad Campaign Highlights 14,000students targeted El Toro’s client, a mid-sized for-profit university located in the western United States was looking to increase the number of applications for undergraduate admission, while reducing cost per applicant. The client integrated El Toro’s targeting platform as part of larger outreach campaign that included both direct mail and email. This combined campaign targeted households of approximately 14,000 likely students who were modeled based on ACT / SAT score, location and high school graduation date. Students were delivered ads with appropriate scholarship offers based on their ACT / SAT scores.
  25. 25. o CRM Targeting o Purchase lists for targeting based off of income, geo, age of children in household o Captive Audience o Pair direct mail piece with IP targeted ads Dental