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International sim cards from Clay Telecom


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Clay Telecom offers international ,country specific SIM Cards with free incoming calls, low outgoing calls charges that help you save 80% on international roaming charges.

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International sim cards from Clay Telecom

  1. 1. Get a Rent Free International SIM from Clay 2012Clay Telecom – The Global Travel SIM Card Clay Telecom Clay Telecom Pvt. Ltd 1/12/2012
  2. 2. Clay Telecom – The Global Travel SIM Card 2For your next trip abroad, get a rent free International SIM cardfrom Clay Telecom and enjoy host of other value addedbenefits. To avail this offer book now and we will deliver itnearer to your departure date.Getting an International SIM Card from Clay Telecom is quitesimply the most convenient & cost effective way of making andreceiving calls in over 40 countries.Also, call our 24X7 customer care number, to know about thelatest product updates, offers and plans only for you. We bringto you a host of International telecom services, VIZ,International Postpaid SIM Cards, International Prepaid SIMcards, World and Country Specific Data cards and Global E-mailService.You can also reach us simply by filling the form and we willcontact you within 3-4 hours.Benefits from Clay Telecom  Free Incoming Calls in most of the countries  Itemized Billing  Save Forex, Pay in Indian Currency  Distribute your number before leaving India  Saving of upto 80% on International Roaming ExpensesE-mail:| Toll Free: 1800 – 102 - 1113 Page 2
  3. 3. Clay Telecom – The Global Travel SIM Card 3About Clay Telecom Telecom is a premier telecom service provider that offers wireless telecom solutions for both B2B and B2C segments of the market. Headquartered in Delhi, Clay Telecom has established it offices in the major metro cities of the country including Mumbai, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. It provides cheap telecom services by offering international calling cards to the common users. Clay telecom has a vast coverage in 40 countries across the globe. To facilitate the requirements of the global travelers, the company offers prepaid and post paid international calling cards. It is acknowledged for providing 24X7 dynamic customer support services with unmatched network coverage across the globe. For technical support and other customer service queries the users can call its toll free number: 1800-102-1113. Services provided by the Clay Telecom include: International Cell Phone Rental International Calling Cards International Roaming UK SIM Card Germany SIM Card Global SIME-mail:| Toll Free: 1800 – 102 - 1113 Page 3
  4. 4. Clay Telecom – The Global Travel SIM Card 4Table of Contents1. Travel Easy with Blackberry International Service, Cheap International Roaming, 3g Data Card, and other Telecom Services2. How a cheap International SIM Card and a Data Card Helps you Stay in Touch in a Cost-Effective Way3. What are the Advantages of Taking an International SIM Card Prepaid plan4. Travel the World with the Awesome Global Blackberry Phone5. Postpaid SIM Cards, Internet Data Card, Travel SIM Card-Cost Effective Means of Staying Connected6. Country Specific SIMs and Data SIM Card – a Brief Overview of their Advantages7. Travel SIM card from Clay Telecom- My Personal Experience8. A Prepaid SIM card from Clay Telecom changed my life!9. Clay Telecom Offers Pre-Paid International Roaming SIM card for Global Travelers10. Clay Telecom Offers Cost Effective Roaming, International SIMs for Students11. Clay Telecom Introduces Prepaid Germany SIM Card for Indian Students12. Clay Telecom offers International Roaming Prepaid SIM cards at Cost Effective Rates13. Prepaid SIM Cards-Connectivity Made Easier!E-mail:| Toll Free: 1800 – 102 - 1113 Page 4
  5. 5. Clay Telecom – The Global Travel SIM Card 5Travel Easy with Blackberry International Service, Cheap International Roaming,3g Data Card, and other Telecom ServicesBlackberry international service: If you are a frequent traveler, consider Blackberry international service.It has many advantages. Some of these are:Mobile connectivity: A Blackberry international service gives you mobility wherever you go. It allowsyou to be in touch with others even when you are traveling. You can get all the advantages of aBlackberry wherever you are. You can browse the Net or just make calls. Some telecom services alsooffer substantial storage space.Same number: One of the biggest advantages of the Blackberry international service is that you get toretain the same number while travelling through many countries. This also means cheap internationalroaming as you can avoid multiple activation charges. You do not need to get a local connection in eachcountry. You can get this number before you leave India, saving on Forex. You can therefore, alsodistribute this number to friends before you leave the country.Some other telecom services you can get:Cheap international roaming: Today, service providers can give you some unbelievable deals.International roaming can be as good as having a local number. Look for cheap international roamingthat gives you ‘local’ rates on local calls, in any country that you go to. Also, ask for free incoming.Country specific cards: In case you are traveling to just one country, you can get country-specific cards.For example if you are traveling to Australia, get an Australia SIM Card. This can be more economical asyou can avoid international roaming costs while you are in Australia with the Australia SIM Card. AnAustralia SIM Card will also offer you crystal clear reception.3G data card: 3G data cards are necessary if you want to access the net wherever you go. Look for aservice provider that offers international 3G data card service if you are a frequent traveler who goes tomany countries round the globe. You can get a country specific 3G data card if you only have to go toone foreign country.Network provider: You should choose your service provider according to your travel plans. For busy business travelers whoneed to travel to distant locations, a telecom company with a wide network is the answer. However,that may not be necessary in case you are traveling to only one country. A good customer supportservice is also something you must look out for. Before getting the services of any telecom company,you should ideally get in touch with former customers, to get their views on the services offered by thecompany.E-mail:| Toll Free: 1800 – 102 - 1113 Page 5
  6. 6. Clay Telecom – The Global Travel SIM Card 6How a cheap International SIM Card and a Data Card Helps you stay in Touch ina Cost-Effective WayIf you are a frequent traveler, visiting cities all over the globe often, you must be familiar with what acheap international SIM card is or how a data card helps you to stay connected to the Internet. Gone arethe days when you had to worry about huge bills for these telecom services.With global roaming SIM cards at your disposal, you can make some of the cheapest international callsthat you could ever imagine. Doing away with the need to activate an international roaming facility onyour domestic GSM connection, getting a China SIM Card when in China or a US SIM card when travelingin the United States, is a much more economical option that offers you local rates for the country thatyou are going to, whether China or the USA. What’s more, you can choose the plans and types of SIMcards- prepaid or postpaid, according to your own taste and preference.As a cheap international SIM card lets you make the cheapest international calls, a 3G Data Card givesyou superb web connectivity so that you can make video calls and see your loved ones easily. With datacards, you can make international calls too and watch your family or friends at the same time. Isn’t it agreat way to stay in touch? You just need to carry a tiny dongle that fits easily in your pocket and take iteverywhere you go. By attaching the data card at the USB port of your laptop or computer, you will beable to access the internet and make the cheapest international calls, even when sitting in the farthestcorner of the world. With these data cards, you do not need to rush to look for a cyber café in a foreigncountry or check your important mails on the small screen of your mobile.At times, some international roaming service providers offer you free calls as a promotional offer. Be onthe lookout for such offers as they will help you make the cheapest international calls possible. Again,while choosing a UK or China SIM Card, or any other country specific SIM, do some research on the plansavailable and the various service providers, and go for the one which offers you the cheapest call rates.What’s more, you can receive your China SIM card or any other country specific cheap international SIMcard in your home country before you leave for your trip. Therefore, you do not need to go aroundlooking for such services abroad or spend even a penny more on roaming charges then necessary.E-mail:| Toll Free: 1800 – 102 - 1113 Page 6
  7. 7. Clay Telecom – The Global Travel SIM Card 7What are the Advantages of Taking an International SIM Card Prepaid Plan?Tourists and other individuals traveling the world for leisure and business purposes can benefitconsiderably if they get International Cell Phone Rental and a SIM with prepaid international roaming.Telecommunication is a necessity today and not a luxury; you would obviously wish to hear from yourfamily, friends and coworkers when you are in a foreign country. Even a few years back, internationalcalls meant paying hefty charges for mere minutes and therefore, we would have to content ourselveswith hurried conversations on the phone and asking about only the basic things. Today, with the telecom industry flourishing all over the world, numerous mobile service providers areoffering international SIM cards that have much more affordable call charges per minute along withseveral other benefits. Getting a prepaid international roaming SIM card is a very good way to getseamless connectivity. International SIM card prepaid services are the perfect choice for globe trottersof all kinds, be it leisure or business travelers. Financially savvy frequent travelers might prefer prepaidconnections to postpaid ones because of the following advantages that you get with international SIMcard prepaid plans.No or Minimal Roaming ChargesWith a country specific SIM, like, say, a prepaid USA SIM card, you will not incur any roaming chargeswhile you are in that country, which here would be the USA. Earlier, when you were traveling to USAand needed to receive or make a call, you had to think twice. With a Prepaid USA SIM card, you neednot bother about roaming charges as the SIM will act like a local USA SIM and will give you free incomingand outgoing calls at local rates. Similarly, other country specific SIMS and global roaming SIMs willcharge you no or minimal roaming rates.Control your ExpensesBy using a prepaid international roaming SIM of any country you travel in, you can have a good controlon your call expenses. Every time you make a call, you will be informed about the call charges andtherefore you will be able to keep track on your expenditure. For this reason, students go for prepaidinternational roaming SIM cards more than the postpaid ones.Special Rates and Offers Often international cell phone rental companies offer special low rates, and/or free minutes, with theirinternational SIM card prepaid services. You have to keep your eyes open and check out the websites ofthese companies regularly to see if there are any such discount schemes currently being offered.There are quite a few reputed international cell phone rental companies on the web, which have anumber of plans for every customer. So if you are a frequent traveler, or even if you are an occasionaltraveler, you should seriously consider getting an international prepaid connection for yourself today.E-mail:| Toll Free: 1800 – 102 - 1113 Page 7
  8. 8. Clay Telecom – The Global Travel SIM Card 8Travel the World with the Awesome Global Blackberry PhoneIf you are a globetrotter, an avid traveler, or simply a businessperson or corporate executive who has tohop around the world on business purposes, you must be familiar with the awesome technology thatthe Global Blackberry phone offers. An inimitable innovation in the genre of telecom industry, theblackberry serves as not only a status symbol for its stylish, sophisticated looks, but also mesmerizeseveryone with its impeccable functionality.In fact, such has been the popularity of this user-friendly phone that many businesspersons andexecutives, traveling across the world, cannot even dream of going a step without the Global Blackberryin their pocket. What makes the Blackberry even more enticing is its coordination with variousinternational SIM card providers, which enable its users to access a number of facilities at affordablerates. Therefore, in order to make the most of your communication device while traveling, you just needto do a data card comparison, choose the International SIM card India provider that offers you the mostaffordable rates and get set for a tension free journey. By choosing an International SIM card IndiaCompany, you can get your number in India itself.Possessing a Blackberry is equal to carrying a miniature laptop with you. The phone offers you such high-end features that you would never feel that you are using a phone, and not a laptop. Some of thefeatures that makes the Blackberry supersede its competitors are the push-mail feature and its telecomtechnology for carrying out transactions online. Therefore, by simply equipping your Blackberry with, forexample, a France SIM card, if you are in France, or an International SIM card India, while in India, willhelp you access your mails and the web easily.In order to ensure that you are getting the best call rates, you can do a data card comparison aboutwhich SIM card would be the most beneficial for you through your Global Blackberry. Data cardcomparison will give you a clear picture of whether the France SIM card that you have chosen or theInternational SIM card India that you have brought overseas along with you is cheaper. With aBlackberry and, say, a France SIM card, if that is the country you are going to, you can save lot of moneyon roaming bills, as there will be no roaming costs applicable on your phone. The Blackberry also comeswith a storage space that ranges from 100 to 300 MB which will help you store important data andtravel pictures and photos. The blackberry global packages are a great bargain to get and should not bemissed out on by any frequent traveler.Postpaid SIM Cards, Internet Data Card, Travel SIM Card-Cost Effective Means ofStaying ConnectedE-mail:| Toll Free: 1800 – 102 - 1113 Page 8
  9. 9. Clay Telecom – The Global Travel SIM Card 9With services like Internet Data Card, Postpaid SIM Cards, Travel SIM Card, and country specific SIMs,like a Germany SIM Card, frequent travelers travelling overseas can now easily stay connected. Thereare many global Wireless Telecom Service provider offering superior quality wireless telecom andinnovative solutions and at cost effective rates that help the customers stay connected at all thedestinations they choose to travel. This wide spectrum of services and communication solutions helpfrequent overseas travelers stay connected with their friends, families and loved ones. Below, we willgive a brief description of each type of service and plan.Internet Data CardOne of the services offered by different companies is Internet Data Card. It has revolutionized the styleof working for many globetrotters. Internet Data Card helps an individual to stay connected to theInternet while overseas. This way he can stay up dated with his work, can check his emails and sendreplies to them. Working away from the office has become a lot easier with this service.Postpaid SIM Card, Travel SIM CardAnother service like Postpaid SIM Cards has made communicating easy, simple and convenient whiletravelling abroad. Postpaid SIM Cards offers hassle free and inexpensive services which are quitereliable. Several advantages like free incoming calls, tailor made rental plans, coverage that is spreadover many countries, are offered. Travel SIM Cards are a variant of this which allows a traveler to usemobile phone when travelling to any overseas destination without incurring costly roaming charges.Travel SIM Cards have made it easier for the travellers to stay connected with their family, friends andoffice back at home.Country Specific SIM CardYou can also get a wide array of country specific SIM Cards. For example, Germany SIM Card is offeredto the travellers planning to visit Germany for work, pleasure or study purposes. With Germany SIMCard, one can save up to 80% on roaming rates. These services are not only cost effective but also very efficient. Technological advancements havemade it easier for people to stay connected irrespective of the destination they are travelling to. Whilechoosing a service provider, you should however take some precautions. You should compare theservices and rates of different telecom companies before you decide on one. You should also check itscustomer testimonials to see if the company really delivers on its promises. Once you choose the rightcompany though, you just have to relax and wait for the delivery of your service plan.Country Specific SIMs and Data SIM Card – a Brief Overview of their AdvantagesCountry specific SIMs, like a Germany SIM card or an Australia SIM card, and a Data SIM card are a goodoption for you if you are a frequent traveler, or a student planning to go overseas for studies, and wantE-mail:| Toll Free: 1800 – 102 - 1113 Page 9
  10. 10. Clay Telecom – The Global Travel SIM Card 10to get cheap overseas calls and free or low cost data roaming while abroad. They will take care of allyour connectivity problems and help you stay in touch with your friends and family back home. Here’s abrief description of the benefits you can get with these telecom services:Country Specific SIMs:Country specific SIMs like a USA SIM card, or a Germany SIM card, or an Australia SIM card, for instancewill help you save a lot of money on phone bills while you are in the specified country. They will give youlocal rates for all outgoing calls and messages, and free incoming calls from anywhere in the world.Suppose that you get a Germany SIM card. You will then get free incoming calls on that number fromanywhere, and you will get to make calls and send messages at local German rates.Many service providers also offer you cheap overseas calls with their country specific SIMs, especially forstudents. Students can call back home without having to worry about huge phone bills. Cheap overseascalls and other facilities, like the option of paying in the currency of your choice, delivery beforedeparture, and the option to choose tailor made prepaid or postpaid rental plans make these countryspecific SIMs great value for money.Data SIM Card:A data SIM card is a SIM that can be used with smart phones, like the iPhone 4, for instance, which are3G enabled. With the help of these data SIM cards, you can use your smart phone to not only make callsand send messages, you can also surf the web at 3G speeds.You can get international data SIM cards for your (unlocked) smart phone if you want to get completeconnectivity while traveling. These can be country specific or global; the choice is up to you. Affordabledata roaming is available with both types. The only difference is that whereas the country specific dataSIM card will offer you data roaming in one specified country, the global data SIM card will offerroaming facility across many different nations around the world. However, initial rental charges may bea bit higher for the global data SIM card than the country specific ones.Travel SIM card from Clay Telecom- My Personal ExperienceE-mail:| Toll Free: 1800 – 102 - 1113 Page 10
  11. 11. Clay Telecom – The Global Travel SIM Card 11Looking up “prepaid SIM international” or “international prepaid SIMs” on the web? Then you must bethinking of going on an international trip. How do I know? Well, I have gone through the sameexperience myself. And I know just how confusing and frustrating it can be.Like you, I was Googling “prepaid SIM international” and other similar search terms recently, just beforemy trip to Spain. I wanted to get a Spain SIM card, or an international roaming SIM card. There werepredictably hundreds of relevant search results; even sifting through just a few of them left me confusedas to which travel SIM card provider I should choose. All the telecom companies claimed to provide thebest services and plans. I thought I would just give up and use my local network’s SIM as a ‘travel SIMcard’ after activating international roaming on it, however expensive it might be.Luckily I ran into an acquaintance who is a frequent traveler, before I could do so. He told me that it wasalways better to get an international roaming SIM card than to use my local SIM. On telling him that Iwas confused about which company to approach, he recommended Clay Telecom. I checked out theirwebsite and was really impressed with all the services that they offered. I ordered a Spain SIM cardfrom them after talking to their helpful and friendly service personnel.The travel SIM cards offered by Clay are really affordable; anyone can get them without having to pay afortune. Moreover, they offer free incoming and outgoing at local rates, with their country specific SIMcards. So I got to receive calls for free while I was in Spain, and I was able to make calls and sendmessages anywhere in Spain at the rates prevalent there. In short, I am really satisfied with the SpainSIM card from Clay. I am getting an Austria SIM from them for my next trip. I am pretty sure I will have agood experience again.A Prepaid SIM card from Clay Telecom changed my life!E-mail:| Toll Free: 1800 – 102 - 1113 Page 11
  12. 12. Clay Telecom – The Global Travel SIM Card 12I work at an MNC with a position that makes me travel all over the world, so international SIM cards areimportant to me. I have tried prepaid SIM card solutions from quite a few companies here in India, andeven tried global roaming on a local prepaid SIM card at one point of time, but they just didn’t work atall! Enter Clay Telecom and their international SIM cards, and my whole life turned around. I wasn’teven aware of the company’s existence until a friend recommended it to me when I was talking to himabout my problem in London. He suggested that I try Clay Telecom. I went to their website read upextensively on their international SIM cards and prepaid data card solutions their impressive serviceslike low cost international calls and 24-hour customer support! It was all too good to be true!I decided to buy an international prepaid SIM card from them. And my experience with it has beenawesome so far! It is truly a global prepaid SIM card – it has given me the convenience of using just asingle prepaid SIM card in a number of different countries. In fact, it would work in over 200 countriesonly if I had the time and the money to travel to all of them! The low cost international calls are a hugeadded bonus; I can now do exactly what the company claims to enable us to do – save 80% on theroaming charges internationally wherever I go! Incoming calls are free in more than 60 countries; stillmore than the number of countries I can hope to travel to!I was so happy with the company’s other offers like online recharge and call details with lifetime SIMvalidity that I ended up buying a global prepaid data card from them.My experience with Clay Telecom and their products and services have been very good so far, and Iwould recommend it to anyone who is looking for international SIM cards. Their services and productsare top rate and I haven’t encountered any problems as yet in the last two years since I have startedusing them. I intend to use the company’s services as long as I travel abroad!E-mail:| Toll Free: 1800 – 102 - 1113 Page 12
  13. 13. Clay Telecom – The Global Travel SIM Card 13Clay Telecom Offers Pre-Paid International Roaming SIM card for GlobalTravelersClay Telecom has announced that global travelers can now get a pre-paid international roaming SIMcard from the company. It has been specially formulated for the convenience of international travelers.It gives you unbeatable network and call charges. You save up to 80% when compared to any otherinternational roaming SIM card. Other advantages include free incoming calls, itemized billing,Voicemail, online recharge and call detail reports and the facility of paying in Indian currency.Mr. Gaurav Dhawan, the Executive Director, said, “We have taken another step forward to reach ourcustomer base in the region and we plan to enhance our services and offerings from time to time as perthe requirements of our customers. This pre-paid card can be bought before leaving India, saving onForex. One also has the advantage of distributing one’s number before landing on foreign shores.”The international roaming SIM card being offered has Clay Telecom’s wide network advantage, whichextends to 225 countries. These are distributed across almost all the continents - from Europe, Asia, andAfrica to North and South America, and Australia. While traveling through these countries you will beable to retain a single number.Clay Telecom also offers free incoming calls in more than 60 countries on its pre-paid internationalroaming SIM card. In addition, local calls will be charged according to local rates. Together, this makes ita much more economical option than any other international roaming SIM card.However, if you are traveling to a single country you may consider country-specific SIM card such as ClayTelecom’s UK SIM card. This comes with its own advantages; with the UK SIM card, you get freeincoming at all destinations across the UK, and outgoing calls and messages at local UK rates. The othercountry specific SIM cards offered by Clay are just as cost effective.Mr. Dhawan added, “We would continue to initiate more innovative plans and services, to providecutting-edge technologies that ensure that our customers get a competitive advantage at the bestprices.”For further details on international roaming SIM card and UK SIM card, please visit| Toll Free: 1800 – 102 - 1113 Page 13
  14. 14. Clay Telecom – The Global Travel SIM Card 14Clay Telecom Offers Cost Effective Roaming, International SIMs for StudentsClay Telecom, a reputed telecom solutions provider, announced that they offer a special StudentSolutions pack, which offers students cost-effective roaming, on international SIM cards. This service isbeing extended to Indian students in USA, UK, Germany and Australia. These telecom plans will also helpstudents save Forex as they can pay their phone bills in Indian currency. These international roamingSIM cards come with free incoming in the specified country of study, which will allow students to cuttheir expenses.Commenting on the student solutions offered by the company, Mr. Gaurav Dhawan, Executive Director,said, "Students travelling abroad for studies often feel the lack of proper mobile communicationresources for staying in touch with their friends and family members. Our roaming, international SIMcards will help students to get seamless network coverage across all destinations in the specifiedcountry. Our telecom services are one of the most economical means of staying connected with peopleback home."A number of facilities are provided with the student pack. The facilities being free incoming, completeitemized billing and excellent customer service with other services as well. In addition, students can takespecial packs for call back to India. While the student pack is postpaid, students can also get countryspecific SIMs, for the desired country of study.For example, students can get a USA SIM card prepaid plan. They can also choose to get GPRS enabledhandsets with the USA SIM card prepaid plan. The facility to pay in Indian currency is also extended tothe USA SIM card prepaid services. Prepaid plans from Clay are a good option for students who want tomaintain a strict budget.Adds Mr. Dhawan, "At Clay Telecom, we have been continuously trying to provide a number ofadvantages and offers to global travelers. We believe that providing tailored solutions will help us serveour customers better. Our Students Solutions are part of this endeavor. "For more information on international roaming SIM cards and student solutions from Clay,please visit| Toll Free: 1800 – 102 - 1113 Page 14
  15. 15. Clay Telecom – The Global Travel SIM Card 15Clay Telecom Introduces Prepaid Germany SIM Card for Indian StudentsIndia’s leading provider of global roaming SIM card solutions, Clay Telecom, has introduced prepaidGermany SIM card solutions for Indian students studying abroad in the country. The company hasattractive cost-effective prices and offers on the solutions, making them apt for students on budgets.On the occasion, Mr. Gaurav Dhawan, Executive Director for Clay Telecom says “We are positivelydelighted to announce that we have started offering prepaid Germany SIM card solutions for ourstudents travelling and studying abroad in Germany. Like the other global roaming SIM card and globaltravel SIM card solutions on offer from our company, the prepaid Germany SIM card we offer is highlyaffordable with very cost effective call rates and prices and services such as itemized billing, freeincoming and 24-hour customer support. What’s more, since students are budget conscious the bills arepaid in Indian currency saving them Forex and hassles about Forex rates. I suggest that no studentshould go study in Germany without looking at what we have on offer for them first!”Clay Telecom already offers global roaming SIM card and global travel SIM card solutions that workthroughout the world in an amazing number of countries with impressive features and services such asfree incoming and 24-hour customer support. With their solutions, the company offers the convenienceof using a single number when you travel worldwide no matter wherever you go.Adds Mr. Dhawan “Our global roaming SIM card and global travel SIM card solutions work in more than200 countries worldwide, with incoming calls in more than 70 countries. When you choose to use ourservices and SIM’s, you can not only save up to 80% in call charges but also get a range of unbeatabledeals such as lifetime validity and online recharges in addition to the convenience of using a singlenumber in multiple countries.”For more information on the prepaid Germany SIM card service and other services,please visit| Toll Free: 1800 – 102 - 1113 Page 15
  16. 16. Clay Telecom – The Global Travel SIM Card 16Clay Telecom offers International Roaming Prepaid SIM cards at Cost EffectiveRatesClay Telecom, a reputed wireless telecom solutions company offers International Roaming Prepaid SIMcards as part of its wide range of telecom services. These international roaming mobile SIMs aretargeted at global travelers. The most attractive feature about these services is the fact that they areavailable at very cost effective rates, which are among the lowest you can find for comparable services.They will also provide international roaming solutions at very competitive rates.The Executive Director, Mr. Gaurav Dhawan, says, “As a prominent wireless telecom solutions provider,we always try to offer innovative telecom services. That is why we are offering these InternationalRoaming Prepaid SIM cards to all global travelers. These services will help them stay in touch whereverthey go, across the globe. Our international roaming mobile SIM card will save them the hassle of havingto change SIMs for every country they go to; it therefore ensures an effortless and enjoyable travelexperience. It will also help them get very affordable call rates and international roaming.” The international roaming prepaid SIM from Clay telecom offers a lot of advantages. These includeseamless coverage in 225 countries, free incoming calls in 75 countries, online recharge and call details,and a single number across multiple countries. Customers can also get lifetime validity with theinternational roaming mobile SIM card. These services offered by Clay will also help you save up to 80%on international roaming as compared to your regular mobile phone network. Clay also provides a 24X7service network to customers.Mr. Dhawan further adds, “It is our endeavor to provide high quality telecom solutions to people aroundthe globe. That is why we work hard to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied whenever they getone of our products. If you want to experience the superlative services offered by Clay, just get in touchwith us online through our website, or call us on any of the numbers given there.”For more information on International Roaming Prepaid SIM cards from Clay Telecom, visit SIM Cards- Connectivity Made Easier!E-mail:| Toll Free: 1800 – 102 - 1113 Page 16
  17. 17. Clay Telecom – The Global Travel SIM Card 17Clay Telecom is a reputed company offering World SIM Card, Prepaid Germany SIM Card, other PrepaidSIM Cards, as well as a wide array of other telecom services to globetrotters. The Company has carved aniche for itself by cost effective and user friendly wireless telecom solutions to stay connected when onmove.World SIM Card offers an advantage of free incoming calls in 75 countries. The Coverage is offered in225 countries. Online recharge and 24x7 customer support are offered and the customers can save upto 80% on international roaming. This service by Clay has made staying connected when travellingabroad cheaper as well as convenient.Prepaid Germany SIM Card offers benefits like free incoming calls, free Clay to Clay calls, lowest priceguarantee, call to India in 15 cents, and 24x7 customer support service helping the customers to enjoycost effective services when visiting a foreign country.Mr. Gaurav Dhawan, the Director of Clay Telecom, said, “A wireless telecom revolution has beenregistered all over the world and customers are being offered more and more services. That’s why wehave also introduced this range of new services. We feel that constantly developing new products andservices is the only way to maintain our leading position in the market.”Another good service offered to the globe hopping customers are Prepaid SIM Cards that is veryconvenient to use and it works in almost 200 countries. With such a wide coverage, it is a great help tothe customers who frequently travels to foreign countries.The Director added, “Prepaid services offered by the Company are making waves in the internationalwireless telecom solution providers. We offer coverage in 225 countries with free incoming calls in 75countries. Online recharge, single number across multiple countries, lifetime SIM validity and 24x7customer care services are some of the other benefits offered to the customers.”For more information on World SIM Card, Prepaid Germany SIM Card, and other Prepaid SIM Cards fromClay Telecom, Visit| Toll Free: 1800 – 102 - 1113 Page 17