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Keynote at the Cyber Security Summit Prague 2015

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Keynote at the Cyber Security Summit Prague 2015

  1. 1. World’s biggest Hack? • Was their security ”make believe”?
  2. 2. Me • Father of 3, happily married. • I work for a Bank. Am also independent IT/Infosec consultant. Any opinions presented here are my own and do not represent my employer. • Contributor to ”@TheAnalogies project” making IT and Infosec understandable outside the echo chambers • Member of the I am the Cavalry movement – trying to make connected devices worthy of our trust • @ClausHoumann • I present on security a lot at conferences -> Find my work on slideshare
  3. 3. The big picture • Existing tools, and even Next- Generation APT tools have limits/are broken: – Examples: content/uploads/2014/11/Crysys_MRG_APT_detection_test_20 14.pdf – He created the stupidest malware imaginiable. No one detected it. – – Paul Jung -> Present here today -> shows how easily malware can detect sandboxes
  4. 4. Solar Eclipse?
  5. 5. New attack surfaces?
  6. 6. The Vendor threat • No silver bullets exist. Beware of vendors using the phrases: – ”Counter any threat” – ”Detect any malware” – ”You only need our solution” – > Proceed with caution – VPT (vendor persistent threat)
  7. 7. Patching works? (Source: Stefan Esser)
  8. 8. Source: With permission from Daniel Miessler @danielmiessler
  9. 9. My own version for CISO
  10. 10. Doing it right • EURODNS in Luxembourg has just made it possible for each client to get an SSL certificate for their website for free • This simple change makes a difference
  11. 11. The job of the enterprise defender: • Trying to not purchase crappy products (Lemons -> Source: Haroon Meer @wearetroopers • While trying to build a real skilled defense
  12. 12. It’s an assymetrical conflict X-wing
  13. 13. Compliance • Is • NOT • Security • Compliance is preparing to fight a war –But using antiquated weapons –And against enemies of decades past
  14. 14. BoD: Why worry now? • Companies that get hacked are fine...look at Sony, Target, Apple etc. -> stock prices not affected, end users don’t care. – Breaches and lawyer expenses following these are an acceptable cost of doing business – Right? – No, maybe not slide
  15. 15. Board Level Attention required, NOW! Strategy! THINK! • EU Data protection regulation: – Mandatory breach reporting within 72 hours – 5% of revenue as fine possible • Threat level increasing sharply • Attack surface increasing (think IoT, BYOD)
  16. 16. Pyramids - This one is Joshua Corman’s. Defensible Infrastructure Operational Excellence Situational Awareness Counter- measures
  17. 17. The Foundation Defensible Infrastructure Software and Hardware built as ”secure by default” is ideal here. Rugged DevOps. Your choices of tech impacts you ever after You must assemble carefully, like Lego Without backdoors or Golden Keys!
  18. 18. Mastery Operational Excellence Master all aspects of your Development, Operations and Outsourcing. Train like the Ninjas! DevOps (Rugged DevOps) Change Management Patch Management Asset Management Information classification & localization Basically, all the cornerstones of ITIL You name it. Master it.
  19. 19. Gain the ability to handle situations correctly – Floodlights ON Situational Awareness ”People don’t write software anymore, they assemble it” Quote Joshua Corman. -> Know which lego blocks you have in your infrastructure -> Actionable threat intelligence -> Automate as much as you can, example: IOC’s automatically fed from sources into SIEM with alerting on matches Are we affected by Poodle? Shellshock? WinShock? Heartbleed? Should we patch now? Next week? Are we under attack? Do we have compromised endpoint? Are there anomalies in our LAN traffic?
  20. 20. Counter that which you profit from countering • Decrease attacker ROI below critical threshold by applying countermeasures • Most Security tools fall within this category Counter- measures Footnote: Cyber kill chain is patented by Lockheed Martin.
  21. 21. Mapping to other strategic approaches Defensible Infrastructure Operational Excellence Situational Awareness Counter- measures Lockheed Martin patented Nigel Wilson -> @nigesecurityguy
  22. 22. Defensive hot zones • Basketball and other sports analysis -> • – FIND the HOT zones of your opponents. • Defend there.
  23. 23. Defensive hot zones • Basketball and other sports analysis -> • – FIND the HOT zones of your opponents. • Defend there.
  24. 24. Hot zones! • You need to secure: – The (Mobile) user/ endpoints – The networks – Data in transit – The Cloud – Internal systems Sample protections added only, not the complete picture of course
  25. 25. Best Practices – High level • Create awareness – Security awareness training • Increase the security budget – Justify investments BEFORE the breach. – It’s easier when you’re actually being attacked. But too late. • Use ”Adversary mind-set” and threat modeling • Training, skills and people!
  26. 26. Hot zone 1: A real world PC • Microsoft EMET 5.2 • Executable files kill you, so use: – Adblocking extension in browser – Advanced endpoint protection solutions – No admin credentials left behind And then cross your fingers
  27. 27. Hot zone 1 • PC defense should include: – Whitelisting – Blacklisting – Sandboxing – Registry defenses – Change roll-backs – HIPS – Domain policies – Log collection and review – MFA – ACL’s/Firewall rules – Heuristics detection/prevention – DNS audit and protection
  28. 28. Hot zone 2: The networks • Baselining everything • Spot anomalies • Monitor, observe, record • Advanced network level tools – FireEye? • Test your network resilience/security with Ixia BreakingPoint. Ask me for free test licenses. • Network Security Monitoring (NSM) – Suricata, SecurityOnion, BroIDS? • Don’t forget the insider threat
  29. 29. Hot zone 3+4: Data in Transit/Cloud • Trust in encryption • Remember you secure what you put in the cloud. The Cloud provider doesn’t • Great new mobile collaboration tools exist • SaaS monitoring and DLP tools exist -> ”CloudWalls” • Cloudcrypters • CloudTrail, CloudWatch, Config-log/change-trackers, vuln.mgmt • Story about the Vulnerability patched during Bash/Shellshock public confusion period • And this for home study: practices-for-amazon-web-services
  30. 30. Cloud • Segmentation • Compartmentalisation • Need to know
  31. 31. Cloud • Concentration risk • Secure the administrative credentials and APIs • ENISA: – management/files/deliverables/cloud-computing-risk- assessment – certification • A funny story about cloud certification providers hacking me
  32. 32. A more defensible infrastructure • Avoid expense in depth • Research and find the best counter measures • Open Source tools can be awesome • Full packet capture and Deep packet inspection/Proxies for visibility • KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON IN YOUR NETWORKS • Watch and learn from attack patterns
  33. 33. Best practices - Mitigate risks Source: Dave Sweigert
  34. 34. Automate Threat Intelligence IOC • Use multiple IOC feeds • Automate daily: – IOC feed retrival, – Insertion into SIEM, – Correlation against all-time logfiles, – Alerting on matches – Manual follow-up on alerts
  35. 35. You need to ally up! • Security and Infrastructure aren’t enemies • Security and the office of the CIO aren’t enemies • Ally up & Bromance!
  36. 36. And the unexpected extra win • Real security will actually make you compliant in many areas of compliance
  37. 37. Q & A • Ask me question, or I’ll ask you questions
  38. 38. Sources used – – – – Lockheed Martins ”Cyber Kill Chain” – Joshua Corman and David Etue from RSAC 2014 ”Not Go Quietly: Surprising Strategies and Teammates to Adapt and Overcome” – Lego

Editor's Notes

  • Or join these
  • Paul Jung present & presenting
  • No, that’s not a moon. Perspective matters. Things are not as they seem.
  • Paul Jung present & presenting
  • Also the Microsoft stuxnet vuln patch failed. And signatures fail all the time also – my vendor didnt succesfully create signatures for Shellshock for 1-2 weeks, first few were insufficient
  • The Egyptians built their pyramids from the bottom up. Because, that’s how you build pyramids. Start there!
  • Laying a secure foundation matters supremely. History proves this
  • As with any art, practice makes master. So, Practice!
  • Automation is key for threat intelligence, threat detection and threat remediation
  • Dont start by blindly buying tools, do the basics, master it and work from there
  • In reality, you will have AV, Java and others. And you probably cannot enforce killing all executables
  • In reality, you will have AV, Java and others. And you probably cannot enforce killing all executables
  • In reality, you will have AV, Java and others. And you probably cannot enforce killing all executables