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Giving directions, Use of prepositions of place and movement.

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Guía de aprendizaje

  1. 1. Guía de aprendizajeLooking for a place in the citySUBSECTOR: Inglés - 2°Ciclo Educación de AdultosProfesor: Claudio O. Vera G.<br />OBJETIVO DE LA GUÍA: Conocer el vocabulario especifico que debemos utilizar para dar indicaciones y direcciones en un punto especifico de una ciudad.<br />Places in the city.<br />With the help of a dictionary, find out the names on these places of a city.<br />Prepositions. <br />Look at these prepositions<br />Prepositions of place<br />The ball is in the boxThe ball is on the box.The ball is under the box.<br />John's houseJane's houseBill's houseJohn's house is next to Jane's house.Jane's house is between Bill's and John's houses.Bill's house is next to Jane's house. <br />The climbers stood on top of the mountain. The man stood between the two enemies.The enemies stood opposite each other. The gardners stood behind the pumpkins.The man stood next to the gopher and held the umbrella over it.<br />The man looked through the telescope in his hands.The man wrote the address on the package.The man looked at the mail in the post box.The man looked at the clock on the wall.The manager sat at his desk on his chair.<br />Prepositions of movement.<br />Picture It Clip Art PrepositionExampleto"He carried the rubbish to the bin." through"The train came through the tunnel."across"He swam across the channel."along"He walked along the road." down"He skied down the mountain."over"They walked over the bridge."off"The man ran off the cliff." round"The arrow is moving round the ball." into"The man poured the sand into the timer. <br />Look at the pictures and choose the correct option.<br />Asking for directions. <br />To ask for a direction we use WHERE.<br />Example: Where is the Church?<br />To ask for getting a place we use HOW CAN I GET…?<br />Example: How Can I get the bank?<br />Giving directions.<br />To give directions in English, You have to use the imperative form of some verbs and a preposition.<br />Example: Walk up this street, two blocks. Turn around the next corner.<br />Common Verbs + Prepositions combinations.<br />Walk up, Walk down, Turn around, Go down, Go up, Walk through, Walk past.<br />491490324485EXERCISE: LOOK AT THE MAP<br />AYou are in the Tourist Office, in High Avenue.Ask about facilities: Is there a post-office near here? Are there any banks in the town?....Ask for directions:Where´s the ….?How can I get to ….?Can you tell me the way to …?Your partner answers about facilities and gives you the directions.<br />BImagine you live in the corner of East Road and Times Square. A friend of yours comes to visit you.Write him / her a short letter. Describe her / him how to get to your house from the railway station.<br />Where am I?<br />