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Second edition of Tijuana Innovadora, an event created by a group of businesswo/men and citizens strongly comitted to make their city better know for their contributions in science, education, art and techology...

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Tijuana Innovadora 2012 English

  1. 1. INDEX 01 Introduction 4 09 Innovative Vocation 94 02 Building Citizens 6 10 Mega Events 98 03 • Inauguration Generation of Richness and Social Capital • Cultural Program • National Lottery • Postal Stamp • Guiness Caesar • Meditation for Peace • Binational Region • Fighting Breast • The Agora • Biking to Greatness • Innovamoda • Culinary Battle 8 • Satellite Launching • Public Art • Mosaico Tijuana • Closing Ceremony Cancer 04 Volunteers 05 General Vision 21 06 From Tijuana to the World and From the World to Tijuana 22 • Business Forum 14 • Speakers Some Numbers 124 12 A National Model 126 13 Communication 128 • Humanism • I’m from Tijuana born in... • SD/TJ Stronger 07 Sponsors. Socially Responsible Investment • Pavilions and • Press Conferences • Distrito Federal • Media • Web and Social Nets • Tijuana • San Diego • Tijuana Innovadora 14 • Gala Dinners Formation, Education and Leadership Together 82 Sponsors 08 • Strategic Design Pavillion 11 • Industrial • Creativity • Pa’ Bailar Tijuana Colectivo Tijuana Innovadora 140 • Art in Industrial Facilities • Donated Public Art 92 • Managers • Tijuanizando México • Recycling • Staff/Volunteers • Casa de las Ideas • Time Capsule • Credits/2012 Memoir 3
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION T he period 2007-2010 was very difficult valve to be implanted in his heart, like all because of the aggressions that others around the world, are designed and shocked our city. Tijuana’s image was manufactured in Tijuana. seriously damaged with the sudden large amount of information about this While having dinner with friends he shared insecurity. Benefits, opportunities and how proud he was to know that Tijuana strengths were little known worldwide, was “in the heart” of so many people. At even for people from Tijuana. dinner that night were Jack Winer (architect and sculptor of El Histrión, a sculpture Upon this climate of social depression, a businessman of the region by the name of known as CECUT), Alejandro Bustamante José Galicot (creator of the projects: Imagen (Director of Plantronics), and Tomás Perrín de Tijuana and Por Amor a Tijuana), had to (a marketing consultant), and they shared undergo an urgent heart valve replacement. information about other products that were While discussing the details of the surgery designed, manufactured, assembled and with his physician he learned that the 4 located in the fountain of the museum exported from Tijuana to the world.
  3. 3. It was then that Mr. Galicot decided it was the perfect time to showcase achievements of our City to the nation and the world. We had to show that in the heart of our City the hardworking and innovative energy of its citizens was very much still flowing and leading the city to achieve the first places fields such as science, art, education and technology. We had to show that in the heart of our City the hardworking and innovative energy of its citizens was very much still flowing. 5
  4. 4. BUILDING CITIZENS What makes Tijuana Innovadora different from any seminar, symposium, festival, or fair? Why is it said that Tijuana Innovadora is a national model to be followed? hat makes Tijuana Innovadora dif- W aged to include the harmonious and com- ferent from any conference, seminar prehensive participation of: private sector, fed- or symposium? Why is it said that Tijuana eral, state and county governments, regional Innovadora has become a national model? and national media, professionals in diverse areas and disciplines, non profit organiza- Tijuana Innovadora is an innovative and phil- tions, as well as students and residents in the anthropic movement created by the business city and its surroundings, the only objective of sector that manages to integrate an active which was: Tijuana. and committed community. With the motto “The only protagonist is Tijuana”, people born in, and adopted by the Together, we reclaimed our dignity, deepened our sense of belonging and created active and engaged citizens. city have reclaimed and demonstrated at a local and national level the reality of the city’s During this process, Tijuana Innovadora becomes economic, creative and innovative status – a movement stimulated by the radical change challenging the media message of devasta- in the collective state of mind of hundreds tion and defenselessness of our city-. of participant and volunteers, redefining their objectives in a dynamic relating to the city and In its first edition Tijuana Innovadora man6 its residents.
  5. 5. We were able to attract the attention beyond the border, making them curious to precisely investigate what is happening in Tijuana. Upon learning of the movement, several organizations, projects and collective groups seeking to build a better community began to focus on social relations, economic investment, promotion of values, regional careers, taking over public spaces, collaborative work, as well as the search of innovative proposals in fields such as science, art and culture. These projects were not only created or strengthened, they were furthered by the people of the city and in some cases, the State of Baja California took part in them. In the second edition we were looking to complete and enrich the original idea. The volunteering managers made their proposals and Tijuana Innovadora was planned with three general objectives: strengthen the binational relationship; stimulate the creation of new and innovative careers; and continue sharing at a national level the experience and methodology acquired by Tijuana Innovadora. All this under the same precept: Bound for greatness. 7
  6. 6. GENERATION OF RICHNESS AND SOCIAL CAPITAL Why do we say that Tijuana Innovadora stopped being an event and became a movement? Comité Binacional (Bi-national Committee), the community have met Innovación y Juventud (Innovation and Youth) every Wednesdaymorning – the main purpose of which was to give new from 8:00 to 9:00 to share life and keep these new social, economic, updates in our tasks, as well as the educational, environmental and cultural achievements of different organizations, forum dynamic for our citizens. collective projects, institutions and individuals that pursue goals common with Tijuana Innovadora: to further the sense of cooperative, joint and volunteer work D belonging, generate economical growth, uring the intermediate period between resulted in a series of proactive attitudes cause positive and sustainable effects in the the first (October 2012) and second and conducts. Under the precept “Yes we environment, facilitate access to knowledge, (October 2012) editions of Tijuana Innovadora, can!”, Tijuana’s citizens looked to generate abilities and skills; as well as strengthen the organization worked through committees economic and social development. For our capabilities to live in solidarity, – De Voluntarios a Lideres (From Volunteers two years, with our founder Jose Galicot as with respect and among friends. This to Leaders), Tijuana Verde (A Greener Tijuana), 8 This empowering process through constant, host, Tijuana Innovadora and people from is the result of that effort.
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  8. 8. THE AGORA 10
  9. 9. 11
  10. 10. Discipline is the spirit of any army, it makes small numbers formidable, procures success to the weak, and esteem to all. - George Washington. 12
  11. 11. Every Wednesday from 8:00 – 9:00 am at CANACO, in the Zona Rio area in Tijuana, Tijuana Innovadora invites everyone from the city to hear about the committees’ up-dates and the organization’s agenda, as well as to exchange information about the achievements of different innovators. In the Agora, as we lovingly refer to it, the doors are always open to any curious or interested person that wants to join the Tijuana Innovadora Movement, if and when they shout with us: Yes we can! 13
  12. 12. VOLUNTEERS 14
  13. 13. 15
  14. 14. T he greatest effort, example and pride of Tijuana Innovadora has been the volunteer work of business men, academics and students: hundreds of women and men of all economic, educational, social and cultural levels responded willingly and consciously to a crisis situation in our city was living, helping it to recuperate the spirit of our region and enriching the meaning of the word community. 16
  15. 15. What is Tijuana Innovadora’s greatest example and what it is most proud of? It is the hard work of each of its volunteer what has kept Tijuana Innovadora strong and has allowed its progress. The crises is now behind us, but there are still many challenges our city has to face, it’s necessary that we actively and in an organized fashion transcend our daily routine, with the conviction that our contribution is not only useful but indispensible, that it reflects our humanitarian spirit, that we receive much more than what we give; it is a stimulating task, undertaken by many friends, that is also highly rewarding. 17
  16. 16. 18
  17. 17. Leyva photography 19
  18. 18. 20 Find the differences GENDER Men Women Industrial Chemistry Preschool Teacher Technical High School- Accounting Nutrition Medicine Cyber-Electronic Engineering Electronic Engineering Computer Science Engineering Logistics Management Processing Gastronomy Philosophy Sports International Commerce Arts and Communication – Telemedia Educational Psychology Optometry Nanotechnology Industrial Maintenance Hispanic Literature/Literature Chemical Engineer Digital Graphic Design Computer Science Engineering Industrial Electro-mechanics Electro-mechanics Elementary and Middle Education Computer Programming Pedagogy Accounting Commerce and Foreign Commerce Administration and Political Science Customs Processing Computer Science Mechatronic Engineering Biochemistry Computer Science Electronics Public Administration Tourism and Marketing Design Mechanical Engineering Chemistry Sciences and Engineering Information Technologies Architecture Engineering International Relations Psychology Humanism Industrial Engineering Economics and International Relations Public Administration and Accounting Marketing Languages High School or similar Systems Economy Generals, without defining Business Administration and others Law Communication UNIDEP UNEA Instituto México Instituto Cuauhtémoc Inst. Tecn de Monterrey Colegio Anglo Español COBACH CESUN UTT UNID UDC Normal Fronteriza de Tijuana CIPCOM CETIS Southwestern College CBTIS CONALEP No estudia Xochicalco Preparatoria Federal Lázaro Cárdenas CECYTE IBERO CETYS CUT ITT UABC SOME DATA SCHOOLS CAREERS
  19. 19. GENERAL VISION Creativity • Tijuana Verde • Education • Cinematography • Medical Excellence • Citizen Participation • Media • Strategic Design • Culinary Art Industrial • Electronics • Automotive • Energy • Organizational Excellence • Medical Industry • Aerospace • Science and Technology Humanism • Leaders and Entrepreneurs • Humanism • Economy • Digital City • Philanthropy • Innovation Greatness • Metropolitan Development Planning 21
  20. 20. , ora ad shed ov pli Inn e na ccom ss th ce, a a ro cien iju ,T ac s ted ion , invi from itics, he d rs r e e s ol an nt v p ie rd st Bo nalit s of wake uana y of fir ent t d Tij oa rso ali y” iel ts ig pe the f ure t rom ly re n i ntell I lit i t f I us o in e ul da r “rea The fam erts nd c eopl the be er Al p p a d m m an d, ex , art f the fro e so winn nd n – rl o h wo catio e – e, a rld ht ize wo t wit e Pr Ston es; u nc ed scie al ac the tras iz t n Pe of rB n yW an en co rest co obel witte m sm zem t , in N e f T a Jim ines a a o th rity dia. i er am d gre us e cu ed a se e m ound ikip nd b nce, s. f yh e W th ga es e cit enge s, he of of g Kin ir pr er h e; t ll t r d a din dia Go foun Larry the wed d ch un e th o t o i n ing lm the nalis urr ,w , sh ies a r im ces s s tiona peak it u it Sl s jo a s en rtun and t ity, rlo nfer irs dn po a Ca an our c the f co s, op juan al r d ion h to an ngth , fo f Ti s o e reg roac uana e str dent p th Tij si as eir ap our Re f e. ell h o tim s w hed t ood a g ric lon eg en ut th very o ab na ei tim TO A OM R F 22 T AN IJU HE T O W LD R
  21. 21. ND A OM R HE T LD R TO NA UA IJ T O W F e a , th an ess s. iju tn ,T iou , a bit s on gre m ock iti or t ed d f e a , bl gh or cs ou is nd un s m pi o s ec , bo en to we aly nts n e s ora s ev the ties e a th a d vi m irem of In ova e w n cti oru l u o a g n f na eq cti In en te nd e r egio all sele s a eba r e t th ch he nc e d bou new ural ” n t fere o th I a , ult t sh rs ls f the on ing d c reha age of sa c o o n r s “ a p s b an ro is nd to ial m ittee e d p ema soc In th eer m n th , . t an d d mic ces lun com d o the ng n an no vo nd gi ide en y, o sta a ec gth elon ing ec um e cit ers d c en ra f b port h b cir ut t em ado : str e o s up s o ; v ab rd m nno ritie sen nd s tors ge I a oa na rio and ec an g b s a g p de ch e tin ent u , x s r Tij owin pri ca d e rovid tific fe ll n al road dif t an p fo ion ie b of en l as , sc g ing gh ities re m new , tm wel ical s ou tiv m r s h t s a ve th op ogr bou ncie ,a ac e in t es ilos e pr s, a he o t ss h d t nd om ine al, p te the an ep pr al t ic onc c us i t b ha on ich m he d c in ati enr ns t no , est n o rn o r te ec stic ea nd ati thei t dg d in te a ner ti s r g le an a fir ndly a e in s, ow al ) g uild pd o t kn ion ion ec o u rren eb t rt tat nd s nd r u c d na rde pe , a tal a d c an o ex ens in vi (an ing d z n w i ic, ld ne bui on a s cit am n a ti e ar cep em a dy s er th a t p . ou na city ab ijua ve i T of ovat n in 23
  22. 22. CONFERENCES 24
  23. 23. Paola Antonelli Steve Berlin Johnson Richard A. Boucher Maurizio Corbi Phillipe P. Cousteau Wolfgang Flur Richard Florida Arturo Elías Ayub Sebastian Denise Dresser Katherine Grigsby Charlie Iturriaga Eduardo Verástegui Carlos Kasuga Natalie Jeremijenko Martin Krammer Anand Mahindra Blake Mycoskie Richard Stallman Ada Yonath Steve Wozniak Alejandro Ramírez Enrique Norten Silvia Torres-Peimbert Claudio X. González Carlo Ratti Richard Yelland Andrés Madrigal 25
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  28. 28. 30
  29. 29. Tijuana Verde Education Cinematography Medical Excellence Citizen Participation Media Strategic Design Culinary Art CREATIVITY 31
  30. 30. GREEN TIJUANA The CESPT has taken action to reuse water and to create a culture of conservancy like the “Arturo Herrera” plant, the InnovaCespt theme park, La Morita plant with an experimental vineyard, the infiltration project at Valle de las Palmas, systematization studies and a lower ecological cost among others. - Hernando Durán, CESPT. Whoever solves the water problem wins two Noble Baja California is the Prizes: one for science and the other for peace. aquarium of the world. - Kevin McGovern, McGovern Capital LLC, quoting Kennedy. - Phillipe Cousteau quoting his grandfather Jacques Cousteau. ...the production of the marine algae Aonori is a success because it’s comprised of 25% protein, 24% soluble fiber, and 27% minerals … in our farm in San Quintin, Baja California, the production cost is lower, because it requires sea water, and we have it just a couple of kilometers away. - Armando Leon Valladolid, Aonori Aquafarms. Urban administration of water: examples and challenges. Innovation to solve world problems concerning contaminated waters. Iván Carrillo Kevin McGovern General editor of Quo magazine Hernando Durán General director of CESPT Bruce Moore Specialist in matters concerning water Halla Razak Director of programs for the Colorado River 32 Recovery of the Tijuana River: reconnecting the urban with the natural. Premier of the video “Tijuana Río Conecta” (Tijuana River Connects) President of The Water Initiative Martín Gutiérrez Lacayo Director of PRONATURA Hernando Durán CESPT Virgilio Muñoz Director of the Centro Cultural Tijuana
  31. 31. With the project: Restoration of the Tijuana River, it is expected to obtain various species of trees like willows, aspens, and oaks, as well as flowers and birds in a variety of over 100 species that for a while now have not been seen along the Tijuana River and that will return to their original site. - Gutierrez Lacayo, Pronatura. …1200 million people in the world do not have access to water … due to the lack of access to the precious resource 7 thousand children die … half of the hospital beds in the world are occupied by cases related to lack of water. - Kevin McGovern, McGovern Capital LLC. We have published several articles in collaboration with the region, Tijuana-San Diego...Oasis Marino, its our emblematic film. - Doretta Winkelman, SDNHM. What changes the planet is conscience, and what changes conscience is education. - Margarita Díaz, Proyecto Fronterizo de Educación Ambiental A.C. We have been relying on one single source of water, and that is the big problem. - Halla Razak, SDCWA. We are all connected to the Colorado River. - Bruce Moore, SNWA. Environmental education without borders Aonori Aquafarms, a sustainable company on the brink of conquering global markets Margarita Díaz López Director of Proyecto Fronterizo de Educación Ambiental A.C. Carlos de la Parra Forging a sustainable world for the XXI century Philippe Cousteau Armando A. León President and General Director of Aonori Aquafarms Environmentalist, Explorer, Social Entrepreneur, and Defender of the Environment Environmental specialists, COLEF Doretta Winkelman Director of Binational Education, San Diego Natural History Museum Managers: Carlos de la Parra. Hernando Durán. Gastón Luken. Patricia Saharagui Ruiz. 33
  32. 32. EDUCATION Good grades do not guarantee a good employment. Critical thinking and collaboration is what we need our youth to learn. - Javier Firpo, Khan Academy. Latin America is generating, participating and contributing 3.5% of the world’s knowledge, the United States contributes 25%, and China collaborates with 17%, these numbers are proportional to the development of those regions and show the close relation between knowledge and the evolution of societies. - Enrique Villa, Conacyt. That all programs are free, so that all users are free … Free software is a matter of Human Rights. - Richard Stallman, Fundación Software Libre. Memory is part of our existence and the societies of knowledge find themselves upon the challenge of recovering it notwithstanding the incessant production of digital documents. - Katherine Grigsby, UNESCO. Education and Innovation All knowledge, all people Germán Escorcia Saldarriaga Felipe Cuamea Velázquez Nancy A. Marlin Katherine Grigsby Ezra Shabot Tonatiuh Guillén López Enrique Villa President, International Academy of Science and Technology-AiTyC Moritz Bilagher Regional UNESCO Office for Latin America and the Caribbean Javier Firpo Director of Education for Latin America, INTEL Richard Yelland Chief of Division in the Education and Infrastructure Department of the Organization for Cooperation and Economic Development 34 Dean of the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California 2011-2015 Director and representative of UNESCO México President of COLEF Dean, San Diego State University Newspaper, MVS Radio Director of CONACyT
  33. 33. The challenge of institutions like ours...is to keep generating quality knowledge and making it available to everyone. And that the access be universal.” - Tonatiuh Guillén, COLEF. ...during three decades of educational investment it has not been possible to place the knowledge of students at the speed with which it is generated...the role of a teacher is fundamental. - Nancy A. Marlín, SDSU. Children are in school but they are not learning, this is erosion. - Moritz Bilagher, UNESCO. ...there is a paradox because those most educated, represent a majority in the unemployed rate. - Dinorah Miller. ...high performance teachers, produce high performance students...school leadership, the classroom climate, the classroom strategy, and the parents are four fundamental areas for quality. - Richard Yelland, OCDE. Education system has focused in developing the cognitive aspect of the students, nevertheless, the moral aspect, artistic, civic, and physical aspects, have been set aside, and abandoned by teachers, thus the provisions of article 3 of the Constitution are not being complied with. - Gilberto Guevara, CIEYAPA, AC. ...3.5% of knowledge at a worldwide level in contributed by countries that conform Latin America, which leaves them at a disadvantage, since as of 2020 knowledge will be renewed every 27 days, as oppose to today, when it is renewed every five years. The priority of national education has to be educating the poor - Roger Díaz de Cossío, UNAM. - Felipe Cuamea Velázquez, UABC. Educate, a verb in al tenses Free software and your liberty Roger Díaz de Cossío Richard Stallman Systems Engineering Coordinator, Engineering Institute, UNAM President of the Free Software Foundation Gilberto Guevara Specialist in Education Gastón Melo President of Espacio de Vinculación A.C. Dinorah Miller Academic and Researcher Manager: Márgara de León. 35
  34. 34. CINEMATOGRAPHY Mexico is becoming an economy based on efficient production... nevertheless, we register a patent for every five million people, and this depends of the quality of the education. - Alejandro Ramírez, Cinépolis. Every time the film entrepreneurs have decided to set aside their fear and resistance to innovation, the film industry has grown. - Scott Kirsner, researcher. ...there is a very powerful weapon to further creativity, and it is the Internet...we must search for new things and not cease to learn. - Erika Gomez, Twitter. There is a very strong interest to make films in Baja California, and that has it all to achieve it. - Maria Estela Fernandez, custom designer. ...I came to Tijuana to write the movie ‘Norteando’...the city hugged me and I was able to show an image of Tijuana to the world...now, the people form Tijuana identify allot with the movie. - Edgar San Juan, moviemaker. Mexico needs personnel crossing the border to generate and train production staff...I am not worried about investing money in someone that is going to remain with us for a very long time. - Kelly Koskella, Hollywood Rentals. Technology in film, a story of mistrust Creativity and cinema art of Baja California Scott Kirsner René Castillo Writer, journalist and Movie Critic. Film and television promoter María Estela Fernández Innovation and the future of the experience of the audience in movie theatres Alejandro Ramírez Magaña President of Cinepolis. 36 Custom Designer Erika Gómez Graphic Designer Marco Niro Art Director and Production Designer Josué Palos Graphic Designer Edgar San Juan Producer and Director
  35. 35. We have to watch films that increases human dignity. - Eduardo Verástegui, Metanoia Films. ...the simpler the mechanism for the return of the incentive, the more likely they will return to the country for a new production. - Doug Jones. ...we have to educate professionals for the film industry in Baja California. - Hugo Villa, IMCINE. This sate awaits important investment projects in cinematography and a television series that will film for one year, 150 million dollars will be invested in these projects and cause a great economical spill. - Kurt Honold, Baja Estudios. ...we must incentivize producers to come to Baja California, not only from the United States, but also from the center of the country. - José Larroque, Baker & McKenzie. México: competitiveness and foreign productions “Little Boy” – Made in Baja California Eduardo Verástegui Kurt Honold Actor and Producer Director, Baja Estudios Doug Jones Film Producer Kelly Koskella President Hollywood Rentals José Larroque Attorney, Partner at Baker & McKenzie Hugo Villa Smythe Mexican Institute of Cinematography Managers: Carlos Carrillo. René Castillo. 37
  36. 36. MEDICAL EXCELLENCE At the UABC there are research projects in diabetes and hypertension. Drug and HIV problems are being addressed bi-nationally. Likewise, treatments for ulcers and diabetes with silver nano-particles are being undertaken. Genomic, through sciences like molecular biology, biochemistry or computer science, among many other fields of investigation, allows us to foresee the conduct and forms of treatment of various illnesses … Baja California is the ideal place for the development of biotechnology. - Alfredo Renán, UABC. - Albert Zlotnik, UC Irvine. ...this border is also the home to the courses in ATLS and ACLS for graduates –or about to graduate- and physicians, and it’s practiced in the best local hospitals; this causes Tijuana to have the best hospitals, with physicians licensed and relicensed for up to four times, thus the quality of the service is the most adequate.” - Rigoberto Pallares Aceves, Hospital Ángeles Tijuana. If we join robotic, the diagnosis capability, bionic, genome medicine, progenitor cells, and we align them effectively, we are talking about reaching the one hundred years of life expectancy within the next ten years. - Salomon Chertorivski, Ministry of Health. In the city there exist only two duly Uncontrolled diabetics and people with high certified hospitals. blood pressure affect the world’s health. - Carlos Zavala Ruiz, Ángeles Health International. - José Antonio Hurtado, Universidad Xochicalco. 65% of infants that receive medical attention at Shriners Hospitals have no type of medical insurance...10% are from Mexico...of the children of Baja California, 50% are from Tijuana... - Kit M. Song, Shriners Hospitals for Children. Training of education of professionals in the field of health Certification process in patient health and security services Values of Tijuana residents Lourdes Botello Pablo Barragán Research and Teaching Director at the National Institute of Geriatrics Miguel Ángel Cadena Rigoberto Pallares Aceves Director of the Training Center of Minimum Invasive Surgery in Tijuana Alfredo Renán González Rodrigo Robledo Silva José Antonio Hurtado Carlos Zavala Ruiz Flor Ma. Guadalupe Ávila Fematt General Editor of the magazine Balance Chief of the Health Science Center of the UABC, Valle de la Palmas Campus Director of the School of Medicine and Psychology of the UABC Tijuana Director of the School of Medicine of the Centro de Estudios Universitarios Xochicalco 38 TV Azteca and Milenio Internal medicine, member of the Investigation Committee of Hospital Ángeles Tijuana Head of the Medical Arbitration Committee of B.C. Business Development Director of Angeles Health International Juan Antonio López Corvalá Juan José Parcero Valdés Cardiac Surgeon, Principal Researcher of the Regenerative Medicine Research Institute Sergio René Salgado Peraza Chief of President Barack Obama’s Office for the control of Malaria in Africa
  37. 37. When a life is saved, Humanity is saved. - Sergio Rene Salgado Peraza, Office of President Barack Obama. With the transplant of stem cells, it is possible to regenerate areas in the heart that are damaged and to have it recover 100% of its function. The patient can recuperate his normal life and considerably extend his life expectancy. - Juan Jose Parcero, Institute of Regenerative Medicine. ...we have 500 students distributed in the careers in medicine, odontology, psychology and nursing...Valle de las Palmas is a development area for doctors in Baja California. - Miguel Ángel Cadena, UABC. We are developing mechanical prosthesis of arms and hands controlled by the brain, this technology is already on the market, there sale and maintenance could be less expensive in Mexico and the United States than their manufacturing in Europe and Asia. - Hernando Ortega, UNAM. There is progress in genetic reprogramming for therapeutic purposes, the current bet on innovation for the great laboratories of the world that seek to develop medicines that correct deficiencies in the molecular structure of cancer producing cells or illnesses caused by genetic mutations. - Félix Recillas Targa, UNAM. For 22 years I’ve been teaching surgeons in all the continent the surgical technique known as endoscopy...non aggressive surgery for our body...in the last years I have trained doctors in the United States in the application of the gastric band...a method that fights obesity. - Juan Antonio Lopez Corvalá, Center for the Training of Minimum Invasive Surgery in Tijuana. There exists in our country 10 million elderly people and the number will double. - Flor Maria Avila Fematt, National Institute of Geriatrics. Tijuana occupies the forth place nationwide in offering the best medical practice in the country, which has caused the promotion of medical tourism and thus the arrival of patients and users of Southern California. - Rodrigo Robledo, State of Baja California. Medicine of the future: Towards a greater life expectancy Genomic influence Albert Zlotnik Salomón Chertorivski Mexican politician and economist Gibrán Horemheb Rubio GBV-C/HIV Researcher Professor of physiology and biophysics at UC Irvine Shriners Hospital for Children: the largest philanthropy of the world Hernando Ortega Research Institute in Applied Mathematics and Systems (IIMAS) of the UNAM Félix Recillas Targa Genetic Molecular Researcher Kit M. Song Medical Director, Shriners Hospitals for Children Manager: Javier López. 39
  38. 38. CITIZEN PARTICIPATION ...we want to be with those that do not have a voice, and I dedicate myself to voice or represent those who feel are not being represented, shake some consciences and plant a seed of permanent indignation, because I believe the good citizens are those that live in permanent indignation... - Denise Dresser, ITAM. ...the perspective started changing when three elements occurred: political will in the three levels of government; braking institutional paradigms when the army is involved in the oversight; and, over all, the citizens’ participation… - Carolina Aubanel, Síntesis TV. Citizen participation in México Democracy and media Carolina Aubanel Adrián Michel Orlando Camacho Alberto Nuñez Esteva Rafael Liceága Campos Gabriela Posada Director of Síntesis TV Director of Fundación México SOS Founder of Tijuana Opina Congressman for the Distrito Federal Denise Dresser Political Science expert, writer y professor President of Sociedad en Movimiento Reacciona Tijuana and Director of FGK Publicidad Managers: Rafael Liceaga. Patricia San Román. 40
  39. 39. In 2009 phrases like “After all, Tijuana moves” were born, social activism that involves artists, publicists, environmentalists, have been replicated in cities like Medellin. - Gabriela Posada, Reacciona Tijuana. Citizens’ committees, where neighbors take part and decide on the application of the budgets in their delegations. - Adrian Michel, Congressman. ...from Tijuana, I have two great examples: The Penal Reform that believe me, there is no better place where this law is being applied, and the coordination demonstrated by the citizens of Tijuana to face problems... - Orlando Camacho, S.O.S. México. …what is needed to encourage education and citizen participation, because above government and its politicians, there’s the citizens first. - Alberto Núñez Esteva, Sociedad en Movimiento. Tijuana Innovadora, the celebration of dignity. - Orlando Camacho, S.O.S. México. 41
  40. 40. MEDIA …The sources used by foreign media, are from police officer’s reports, press bulletins and the coverage of Mexican media. An exit could be that local media engross their information more with other realities of life in Tijuana. - Jeff Light, San Diego Union Tribune. In Mexico, media has two challenges: its form and its basis. We must learn from research journalism and rescue journalism genres. We must push ourselves away from the government and get closer to society: return to the beginning of information. - Adela Navarro, ZETA. To undertake an altruistic act, first we must shake off vanity, jealousy and start doing something seriously, I do it on television, because there is where I began working on journalism, and that is my tool. - Jorge Garralda, TV Azteca. ...what and how should not be confused...we can all bear witness to a story...that doesn’t make them all journalists, reporters or informants.... - Salvador Camarena, journalist. The vision of Mexico abroad, as viewed through the media Host and Producer Pedro Calderón Interview “Pablo Vs Pablo” Jorge Garralda Martín Borchardt Social responsibility in the media Pablo Barragán Television journalist How social nets interact Host in Univisión San Diego Jeff Light Editor for the San Diego Union-Tribune Jorge Camarillo Govea Business Thinking TV Azteca and Milenio Pablo Latapi Journalist TV Azteca New challenges in managing information Laura Gómez Twitter Manuel Taméz Chief of Government Affairs and Public Policy for Mexico and Central America, Google Inc. 42 Adela Navarro Co-director of Zeta newspaper
  41. 41. Society has been using another way to access information, the media has suffered a transformation since we have access to social nets, it has learned to transform and we are consuming information like never before, all though I don’t know how willing we are to pay for it. - Gabriela Warketing, communications expert. ...now we will get to see a real competition, as oppose to what we were use to seeing in the past, the media that lacks content will end, and only those that do have content will service. - Carlos Puig, Milenio. Tijuana is no longer the most dangerous ...unfortunately all these [perspectives] border city of the country. It has managed are not new, they are ideas that have been to turn around, become an investment dragged from decades ago. city, infrastructure: a city that calls upon. - Pedro Calderón, Univisión. - Yuriria Sierra, Imagen. Tijuana is like a woman that doesn’t know she’s beautiful, but she’s also not ugly; nevertheless she knows she has many qualities that enchant, she is very flirty and she’s hot. - Pablo Latapí. TV Azteca. REDES SOCIALES Google+ is not called a Facebook is a platform 58% of Facebook users social net; it’s a tool to that lets you know about access it through a mobile socialize and share ones the activities of the people device, in our country 38% work, with all the services we know, while Twitter is of the population uses the this engine has to offer. an open platform. social net. - Manuel Taméz, Google Inc. - Laura Gómez, Twitter. - Jorge Camarillo Govea. Innovation in social and community media Salvador Camarena Journalist Carlos Puig Journalist Yuriria Sierra Journalist for Grupo Imagen Gabriela Warketin Communications expert Managers: Pablo Barragán. Alejandra Santos. 43
  42. 42. STRATEGIC DESIGN to create is not actually a matter of sensibility, but of understanding what moves us to do what we are doing ‘that’ which motivates us... the result must also create an air of respect towards what exists... - Michel Rojkind, Rojkind Arquitectos. to design a car not only do you have to have the ability to draw, but you have to be knowledgeable in aerodynamics, ergometry, mechanics, assembly, disassembly...an automobile, may take up to 6 years in development from when its first drawn and until it’s released to the market... - Carlos Sánchez, Italdesign-Giugiaro. ...scarcity was what lead me to design ‘transformable fashion’. - Ximena Valero, designer. There is allot of environmental contamination...and we blame plastic residues; one of the solutions might be the recycling of polymers to create furniture as well as agro-industrial residues, like the residue of cane, that can be reused for this type of manufacturing, because it contains cellulose, an ideal material for it. - Arturo Zizumbo López, Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana (ITT). Urban Design Tendencies of the XXI Century Successful designers from Tijuana The importance of design in economic development Mary Carmen Flores Alejandro Hernández Journalist Michel Rojkind Automobile designer Architecture critic and curator CEO of Rojkind Arquitectos Carlos Sánchez Ximena Valero Fashion designer 44 Gianfranco Zaccai Industrial designer
  43. 43. The selection of furniture requires practical and esthetic factors, where it is necessary to consider its functionality, based on their size, form, dimension of spaces, distribution conditions. - Yolanda Loria, Muebles Dico. ...the furniture tradition of Baja California starts during the sixties and reaches it’s high point during the nineties, when this type of craftsmanship was in high demand. - Armando Pedrero. Passion gave me the strength to do what ever it was necessary. - Rivelino. my work stands out due to the mathematical rigor in the designs, it goes beyond geometry...I have used this style in all I do: fashion design, industrial design, miniature transforming figures, architecture and, off course, in my sculptures... - Sebastián. Art is the soul of Mexico. - Héctor Tajonar. All persons want to be part of a community, they want to preserve traditions and that their local culture be respected, it is advisable to combine the global with the local. - Gianfranco Zaccai, Design Continuum. Conferences by Sculptors Furniture and home equipment design Rivelino Alma Bejarano María Elena Miranda Pascual Sebastián Matt Hebert Armando Pedrero Héctor Tajonar Yolanda Loria Arturo Zizumbo López Sculptor Sculptor Journalist Manager Designer Regional director of Muebles DICO Researcher and Professor Owner of Authentic Furniture de México Specialist in Polymers Manager: Alma Bejarano. 45
  44. 44. CULINARY ART As restaurant owners in Baja California we are making history.” - Javier Plascencia. Traditional Mexican cuisine: Cultural Patrimony of Humanity. - Gloria Lopez, Mexican Gastronomic Culture Conservatory. We have one of the best cocoa in the world, what’s wrong is we have very little of it. - José Ramón Castillo, ¡Qué Bo!. I like to promote cooking as a cultural legacy for our children... - Ofelia Toledo, restaurant Yu Ne Nisa. The quality of the food is simply an interaction between individuals and food. - Pascual Ibáñez, Escuela de los Sentidos. In Mexico, gastronomic journalism has existed for a long time, nevertheless, it was limited to the review of a restaurant, now there are more gastronomic publications...the Association of Gastronomic Journalists has been founded to review and highlight national culinary art. - Rodolfo Gerschman. Rescuing our gastronomy and history Tijuana for the world Grilled microphone: The kitchen can also make you famous Luis Ricardo Bonilla Cazarín Ofelia Toledo Bacha Oaxaca Chef José Ramón Castillo Chocolate Master Rodolfo Gerschman Specialist in Culinary Arts Javier González Director of Culinary Art School Miguel Ángel Guerrero Chef Culinary editor and critic, wine columnist Jair Téllez Director of The Culinary Art School President of the Mexican Gastronomy Culture Conservatory 46 Sam Zien “Sam, The Cooking Guy” Martín San Román Gloria López Morales Chef, Winner of Iron Chef Javier Plascencia Ana Laura Martínez Marcela Valladolid Chef Chef Chef Manager: Maribel Moreno.
  45. 45. Cuisine in Baja California...does not dominate... it accompanies. - Javier González Vizcaíno, Culinary Art School. The Baja Med concept developed because there did not exist a cuisine from Baja California, I defend it and live it, I believe it goes beyond than just contributing a cuisine to the region. - Miguel Angel Guerrero, Chef. We are focused on rescuing local cuisine, the one preserved by the kiliwas, cucapah and kumiai, we have allot to learn from them, work to...make them visible, to have fishing be returned to them, to remove fences so they can gather, put them back on the map. - Ana Laura Martinez, The Culinary Art School. ...this place grew because of the demand that existed of the products from Baja California in the United States, and it was because of the demand, that producers started to plant what local gastronomy required, and the great chefs started using these products. - Martin San Roman, Chef. To be universal you have to be local. - Jair Tellez, Chef. The pride people from Tijuana feel for their city has not come free. - Sam Zien, The Cooking Guy. I find an ‘Innovative Tijuana’ that has known how to bet on its roots...it has started and adventure, it has taken that path to its land. - Andrés Madrigal. Waking up the senses, multisensory gastronomy Pascual Ibáñez Director of Escuela de los Sentidos A kitchen with senses, wittiness to the XXI century Andrés Madrigal Chef 47
  46. 46. 48
  47. 47. Electronics Automotive Energy Organizational Excellence Medical Industry Aerospace Science and Technology INDUSTRIAL 49
  48. 48. ELECTRONICS What we do, we do it openly so that anybody uses it in their products, whether for commercial purposes or not, we don’t care. - David Cuartielles, Arduino. Our remote control drones from a Google map return to the field to obtain data about matters such as reforestation, fauna and climate conditions. - Jason Short, Smart Design. The bi-national map system is a useful tool for companies, it is easier to locate potential clients or necessary data to develop their infrastructure and location. - David Hesterm Kyocera International. Tijuana has the potential to create its own identity with the exploitation of the animated film industry, further to its privileged geographical condition near Los Angeles and Hollywood, where they are made. - Raúl García, animadtor. Global competitiveness Open hardware madness Bi-National Map Mark Baydarian David Cuartielles Eric Frost Adriana Eguía Mark Hatch Dave Hester Juan Manuel Hernández Jason Short Christina Luhn President of Leviton Manufacturing Co. Representative of Endeavor Businessman, Ex-President of Coparmex Luis Aguirre Lang President of CNIMME-INDEX Eric Pilaud President of Custom Sensors and Technologies (CST) 50 Co-Founder of Arduino President of TechShop Director of Design and Image at Smart Design Director of Viz Center, SDSU Kyocera International Director of Mega-Region Initiative David Mayagoitia Co-founder of in3 and DEITAC
  49. 49. One of Tijuana Innovadora’s matters of interest, is bi-national collaboration,...not only what this region possesses to offer the world, but the benefit that can result from this effort for the megaregion, how San Diego, Imperial Valley, Tijuana, Ensenada, Tecate and Mexicali can work together. - Christina Luhn, Mega-Region Initiative. It is a plant open to all the world, there are engineers, artists, fathers, mothers, working in the same space. - Mark Hatch, TechShop. The city is being forged by various creative projects...the animated film industry and the content industry, that will be in a position to compete with foreign projects. - Andrés Reyes Botello, Boxel Interactive. We are strategically positioned in the Pacific, we have complementary capabilities and we are not competitors. - David Mayagoitia, Deitac. The ascent of manufacturers: Rethinking innovation and education The future of Baja California in the production of CGI content Silicon Valley: innovation culture and risks Dale Dougherty Raúl García Rocío Galván Andrés Reyes Botello Laura Gómez Founder of “Make” magazine Boxel Interactive Founder and General Director of Boxel Interactive Journalist Twitter Manager: Guillermo Romero. 51
  50. 50. AUTOMOTIVE ...we must think not only of the United States as our main buyer... Mexico is the fourth largest exporter of light automobiles in the world – even more than the United States – this gives us a great responsibility...as leaders. - Luis Olive Hawley, PROMEXICO. ...the ‘thinking’ work, the design work, was done in the United States, now it has to be done here, develop talent. This is the tendency. - Steven Willing, Delphi. My industry has gotten close with universities when everyone else is thinking of materials...the people that graduate from universities have to have abilities required to develop local suppliers. - Jorge Loyo, Autoliv. Tijuana has the possibility of becoming a logistic enclave...in a fundamental point of influence with the United States – to the east and to the west -; with the Asia - Pacific traffics, and it’s closeness to Europe – through the Panama Canal-... - Eduardo Aspero, Pacer México. Requirements and benefits of a supply chain in the region Alfonso Carrillo Sub Secretary of SEDECO Jorge Carrillo Researcher at COLEF Luis Olive Hawley Chief of the International Businesses Promotion Unit of PROMEXICO Jorge Loyo General Director of Autoliv Steven Wiling General Manager of Delphi 52
  51. 51. There is great richness in the human capital that Baja California has, formed in a bi-national culture … Mexican engineers are training their colleagues abroad. - Alfonso Carrillo, Sedeco. The migration of the old school to the contemporary one has been a gradual process, where I have given space for learning and understanding new tendencies and thus be able to apply a artistic world expression in my work. - Maurizio Corbi, Pininfarina. 80% of our exportations consist in manufacturing, more than half of this is high technology. - Carlos Guzmán Bofill, Proméxico. That our state becomes the best option in the country in design and automobile manufacturing, this is my dream... - Joe Da Rosa, Toyota. Technology and Tendencies in Automobile Design Regional Challenges in Infrastructure and Logistics Maurizio Corbi Eduardo Aspero Pininfarina, Senior Designer General Director at Pacer México Carlos Guzmán Bofill General Director at PROMEXICO Joe Da Rosa President of Toyota, B.C. Manager: Emmanuel Campillo. 53
  52. 52. ENERGY PEMEX Exploracion has 31,256 wells that have been perforated in the country, 6,000 of them in production; 65 kilometers of ducts that run throughout the country; and 15 maritime terminals. - Francisco Fernández Lagos, PEMEX. Logistic and distribution of PEMEX and refining Energy panorama: challenges and opportunities Francisco Fernández Lagos Miguel Ángel Alonso Rubio Sub Director of Distribution, Pemex Refinación General Director of Acciona México Eduardo Andrade Corporate Director of Iberdrola México Claudio Bartolini Geophysics, Repsol USA Holdings Corporation Felipe Bayón Head of special projects, BP 54
  53. 53. ...the main challenge that we face will be to supply secure, trustworthy and sufficient energy to a growing population. - Eduardo Andrade, Iberdrota Mexico; Claudio Bartolini, Repsol USA Holdings Corporation; Felipe Bayon, from BP; and Miguel Angel Alonso Rubio, Acciona Mexico. This invention has the capacity to provide food and water to the population, create an oasis in the middle of the dessert, fight and revert solar warming and provide dignified and well paid jobs to the residents of this region, and it’s about innovation made in Tijuana. - Eduardo Oviedo González, INOV Energía LEDSS. Energy Sustainability Eduardo Oviedo González Founder of INOV Energía and Co-founder of LEDSS La Era del Sexto Sol Manager: Jaye Galicot. 55
  54. 54. ORGANIZATIONAL EXCELLENCE ...we have been here during the good times and the bad times. - Ignacio Fimbres, Calimax. ...to achieve success we must be clear on the goal we want to reach, have a strong foundation to be able to grow, consolidate a great creative team, and learn, learn and learn... - María Eugenia Acevedo Márquez, Certus Laboratorio Clínico. The key to success is based on the philosophy of a single mind, focus on one single objective... - Jae Cul Nam, Skyworks Solution de México. Something very good about the city is that talent is overflowing, and we’re exporting it. - Aarón H. Vázquez, Turbotec. Companies in B.C. that standout The future of pensions in México María Eugenia Acevedo Márquez Dario Luna Jae Chul Nam Pedro Vázquez Colmenares General Director of Certus Laboratorio Clínico General Manager of Skyworks Solution de México Economist Director of Economic, Social and Cultural benefits of the ISSSTE Ignacio Fimbres Sánchez President of Grupo Calimax Juan Manuel Hernández Tijuana: Perception kills reality Businessman, Ex-President of Coparmex Aaron H. Vázquez Specialist in the Industrial Sector 56 Carlos Alazraki Publicist
  55. 55. It’s a very delicate matter that we cannot let it pass us by, we have to have a new national comprehensive pension system, financed and that covers the majority of Mexicans. - Pedro Vázquez Colmenares, ISSSTE. Tijuana Innovadora is an effort, a fantastic event that I’ve not seen any where else in Mexico, not even in Mexico City. - Carlos Alazraki, Publicist. It’s not a contest, but a process where the companies are invited to form part of a model of efficiency that allows them to become a better organization, and for that they require ‘quality companies’. - Jonathan Diaz Castro, Baja California Institute for Quality and Competitiveness. In Baja California there exists around 85 thousand companies, of which 99% are micro, small and medium that generate 68% of the employments and distribute 45% of the wealth. - Alejandro Mungaray Lagarda, Ministry of Economic Development of Baja California. The secrets that have allowed us to grow: simple organization structures, austerity measures, to keep in mind the times of ‘fat cows and skinny cows’, productive assets, open mentality, and reinvestment of profits. - Arturo Elías Ayub, TELMEX. XXII B.C. Award to quality and competitiveness Winners Category Large Scale Industry Jonathan Díaz Castro President Institute of Baja California for Quality and Competitiveness Category Alejandro Mungaray Education Secretary of Economic Development for Baja California Category Large Scale Services Innovation: competitiveness against competition Arturo Elías Ayub Board Member of TELMEX and Uno Noticias Category Government Manager: Miguel Gracia. 57
  56. 56. MEDICAL INDUSTRY ...to the young ones that lose patience because they see an immediate triumph, this is weaved little by little, you don’t achieve success immediately, it comes with time, with work, effort, and sacrifice... - Raúl Alcalá. We have several post-graduate programs, thirteen engineer specialties, six master degree programs, four Ph.D.’s, and over 25,000 graduates. - José Guerrero Guerrero, ITT. There are two types of stem cells: the embryo and the adult … they can be obtained from bone marrow, fat, peripheral blood, umbilical cord and others. - Luis Romero Guerra, Progencell. Through the student exchange program, approximately 400 students are in more than 72 universities in 20 different countries. - Luis Enrique Palafox, UABC. We have to become specialized in certain processes, the graduates have to leave the country and come back. - Martín G. Vázquez, Carefusion. I am not telling you my story to impress you, but to leave a mark and invite you to innovate. - Sarah Reinertsen. Innovation in education José Guerrero Guerrero Luis E. Palafox Jaime González Luna Eduardo Salcedo Juan Manuel Hernández Miguel Salinas Yáñez Salvador Lozano Luquín Martín G. Vázquez Dean of the Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana Bucher Industries Businessman, Ex-President of Coparmex Director of Information Systems, Universidad Iberoamericana Tijuana 58 Director of the School of Chemistry, UABC. Senior Vice President of DJO Global LLC Director of the School of Engineering of the Cetys Vice President of Manufacturing Managment, Carefusion
  57. 57. This procedure was first researched in Russia...there are In our institution we have two over 35,000 stem cell tests and 8,700 lab tests that are principle goals: remain focused currently ongoing in the west hemisphere. on the industry and constantly - Jackie R. See. analyze our programs that aim international practices. - Miguel Salinas Yñez, Engineering at CETYS. Bariatric surgery consists in modifying the stomach or intestines so the patient eats less and losses weight...a third part of the population is overweight, this is 1.6 billion people in the world. Graduate students must have global knowledge, but also local experience. - Ariel Ortiz, OCC. - Salvador Lozano Luquin, Universidad Iberoamericana de Tijuana. We need entrepreneurial talent. - Jaime González Luna, Bucher Industries. There has to be a better prosthesis, I looked for it and I couldn’t find it, so I decided to create it. - Sarah Reinersten, quoting Van Phillips, creator of The Cheetah Leg. It’s no longer enough to manufacture in bulk the ideas of a third party. - Eduardo Salcedo, DJ Ortho. Vanguard medicine: Stem cells in ophthalmology When the medical industry encounters the untamable human spirit Patricia Aubanel Renowned clinical cardiologist Luis Gonzaga Romero Guerra Tijuana, the crib of information for bariatric surgery Ariel Ortiz Lagardere Sarah Reinertsen Director of the Obesity Control Center Athlete and motivational speaker Orthopedics, Medical Director at Progencell Jackie R. See Cardiologist, Pioneer in Stem Cell Research Norma Niño Sulkowska Pioneer in Stem Cells in Ophthalmology Biking from within: The tour of life Raul Alcala Biking champion Managers: Cynthya Rodríguez. Eduardo Salcedo. 59
  58. 58. AEROSPACE During the next 20 years, flights will increase from 30 million to 60 million; from 3 to 6 thousand million passengers...and an investment of 120 thousand million dollars is foreseen... education centers and students must set their sights on aeronautics: it is a great development and investment opportunity for Tijuana and the rest of the world. - Roberto Kobeh González, OACI. The certification the companies must obtain to be on the world market is AS9100...as of 2010 certifications of Mexican companies have increased by 32%. - Eduardo Solís, Eaton. Mexico has many engineers...I am inviting young ones to study mathematics and sciences, because this is what Mexico needs. - Roberto Corral, Volare Engineering. ...there is an important task at hand because the world is setting its sight on Mexico, we are number one in receiving investment ...we represent 0.6% in the airspace industry at a world-wide level, so there is a very large market to take advantage of. - Tomás Silbaja, Clúster Aeroespacial B.C. In the airspace industry we have a total of 266 companies, that produce 33,000 direct employments throughout the country. - Flavio Díaz, Bombardier. The added value of Mexico in the future of the aerospace industry in the world Future challenges in civil aviation Roberto Kobeh González Roberto Corral President of the International Organization of Civil Aviation Director of Sales and Marketing at Volare Engineering Flavio Díaz Mirón Manuel Sandoval Ríos Virgin Galactic and the Space Company: Opening up space for everyone Tomás Sibaja George Whitesides Representative of the company Bombardier Executive Director of Prospective Analysis and Innovation of ProMexico President of the Aerospace Cluster of Baja California Eduardo Solís Sales Manager at Eaton 60 President and CEO of Virgin Galactic
  59. 59. The creation of the forums ‘Diy Drones’ has served to inspire young talents to manufacture small air crafts, an activity that in some cases has served as a basis to create companies that manufacture this devices on a larger scale, as well as their parts and components. - Chris Anderson, Wired. ...we are hiring allot of pilots to pilot space vehicles, and even though the capsules do not require allot of piloting, these types of vehicles have to be controlled manually...we need some of the best pilots in the world to fly safely into space. - George Whitesides, Virgin Galactic. The exploitation of space in Mexico is just starting to bloom in comparison with the aerial –it only covers 2% - but the future looks bright because we’ve done good work in telecommunications, satellite, talent, investigation, coordination and cooperation with space agencies such as NASA, RKA, JAXA. We have the science but not the technology. - Francisco Javier Mendienta, AEM. Projects and international cooperation DIY Drones: How do open sources in innovation affect the aerospace industry Francisco Javier Mendienta General Director of the Mexican Space Agency Chris Anderson Wired Magazine Manager: Gilberto Macías. 61
  60. 60. SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY ...our research consists in isolating a ...anticoagulant agents, proteins that are the marine protein with biological activity to basis for vaccines, as well as antioxidants fight cancer, tuberculosis and diabetes. that can be useful in the prevention of illnesses have been discovered in the ocean. - Alexei Licea Navarro, CICESE. -Graciela Guerra, UABC. Mexico faces several obstacles to free itself from competition: it has too many governing procedures ...The government and banking institutions have financing programs but they are destined for strong established markets and not for those required to incentivize it. - Richard A. Boucher, OCDE. ...98% of bacteria is beneficial to plants, animals, humans, in search of this quality we work on isolating various proteins with potential in the treatment of breast cancer...we have been working with bacteria for the last 15 years, we are going to look for metabolites to kill cancer cells and have bacteria produce them. - Jorge Olmos Soto, UABC. ...over 65,070 foot amputations to diabetic patients are recorded, mostly due to bacterial infections, which would justify the application of silver nano particles after the necrotic tissue has been disposed off. - Horacio Almanza. The role of innovation as a source for growth Mexican scientists Horacio Almanza Richard A. Boucher Adjoined Secretary of the OCDE Tracing the future: The impact of science, technology and media in modern life. Steven Berlin Johnson Best selling author of books about the interaction of science, technology and personal experience. 62 Jorge Olmos José Cordeiro Silvia Torres-Peimbert Research Professor Director of the Venezuelan Node of the Millennium Project and Professor at the Universidad Singularidad Graciela Guerra Researcher and Professor at the UABC Alexei Licea Director of the Biotechnology Division of the CICESE. (Research: Diabetes, HIV, Tuberculosis) Scientific, Biotechnology Innovator. (Research: Cancer) First Mexican Astronomer, Women of science UNESCO. (Research: Chemical composition of nebulas).
  61. 61. The success of people...will depend on the capacity they have to generate and access information...and transform it into knowledge. - Javier Allard, AMITI. ...take those investments in foundations...and transform them into valuable information... - Eduardo Graniello, Intellego. ...the research in the interstellar environment and the formation of starts in the country is very important, we require support and high technology. - José Cordeiro, Proyecto Millennium / Universidad Singularidad ...we work with high technology, we develop allot of instruments and computer techniques to learn more about nature, to understand our solar system, stars, gas between the stars...we want to know it all. - Silvia Torres Peimber, UAI. ...we will have the incorporation of the most relevant institutional buildings of Tijuana into the group of the 40 most important cities that will be linked by internet with a better broadband of between 100 megabytes and 10 gigabytes per second... - Mónica Aspe Bernal, SCT. TIC: Disruptive factor of development Solving humanity’s challenges through innovation Javier Allard Eduardo Graniello Claudio Arriola Armando Talamantes CNN México Director of the Venezuelan Node of the Millennium Project and Professor at Universidad Singularidad Mónica Aspe Manuel Taméz Federico Graef General Director of AMITI Director of the BIT Center Society of Information and Knowledge, SCT Founder of Intellego Mexican Association of Internet José Cordeiro Director of CICESE Juan José Martínez Claudia Calvin CEO of Vydra General Director of the Mexican Board of International Affairs and Founder of Mujeres Construyendo Ismael Plascencia Research coordinator of the School of Accounting and Administration at the UABC. Managers: Andrea Flores. Héctor Uraga. Juan Sarracino President of Sarracino & Sarracino Consulting 63
  62. 62. ...it is in the government’s hands to adopt the technology...like we adopt new computer tools at a larger scale, to find patterns to make predictions, and make decisions that have an impact on the economy of our country and the life of the people. - Manuel Tamez, AMI. ...in accordance with the Global Competitiveness Report, Mexico occupies the 117th position of 139 pertaining the incorporation of women in the working market...behind Croatia, Nepal, Senegal...competitiveness cannot be built if half of the population is not incorporated into productivity... - Claudia Calvin, Mujeres Construyendo. Capitalism worries about generating riches, but it forgets to distribute them. - Ismael Plascencia, UABC. ...CICESE has been granted 9 patents, 10 are currently being processed; copyrights and brands. - Federico Graef, CICESE. ...the observation, permanent questioning, experimentation, formation of nets and association of ideas are the abilities of innovators. - Juan Sarracino, Sarracino & Sarracino Consulting. 64
  63. 63. An innovative team requires an intellectual diversity in its members. - Steven Berlin Johnson. ...that other area we believe has allot of potential: education...the adoption of technology...and this has a double factor, it creates a new market...and they become more productive. the of 5 million people that read their magazines and now 17 million that read their websites... we are upon a different way of being informed... - Claudio Arriola, BIT Center. ...the ...the company has an audience four technologies future are: nano, - Armando Talamantes, CNN México. of bio, cogno, info...Japan may be manufacturing brains by 2018. - José Cordeiro, Proyecto Millennium. Efficiency is the field that offers the most possibilities for innovation, from an energy point of view. - Juan José Martínez, Vydra. 65
  64. 64. 66
  65. 65. Leaders and Entrepreneurs Humanism Economy Digital City Philanthropy Innovation Greatness Metropolitan Development Planning HUMANISM 67
  66. 66. LEADERS AND ENTREPRENEURS ...we must avoid the ABC syndrome of our generation: A corresponds to “Accuse”, accuse everyone else; B for “Blame” blame everyone and C for “Complaining” complain about everyone else. - Roland Kwemain, Junior Chamber International. Break the mental chains of colonization, the thinking that everything good comes from outside. - Anand Mahindra, businessman. Show Mexico and the rest of the world how is it that we ‘tijuaneamos’. - Gaby Roldán, Yo Tijuaneo. ...here in Tijuana, next to California, we do not have any pretexts not to venture into projects. - Jordi Muñoz, 3D Robotics. There is not a story of leadership that does not include work, at any level, allot of hours of sacrifice and organization are needed, but most of all efficiency, intelligence and allot of decision making... - Jorge Ferraez, Líderes. Yo Tijuaneo ¿y tu? (I Tijuaneo,and you?) Innovation in India Young professionals in Silicon Valley Tijuana Youth Anand Mahindra Rodolfo Ham-Zhu One’s impact: The capacity youth has to create a positive change Juan Pablo Kuri Leadership worthy of being trusted Amy Lyman Businessman, philanthropist, New Delhi Specialist in New Technology Viviana Martínez Radio Host Co-Founder of a Great Place to Work Institute and Expert in Leadership Leaders Bioengineering Roland Kwemain President of Junior Chamber International Rodrigo Sánchez Ríos Student of the Master’s Degree in Business and Investor of Private Capital Carlos M. Tamés Jorge Ferraez President Editorial of the magazine Líderes 68 Project Director and Consultant, Project Management Advisors, Inc.
  67. 67. Have a cause. - Fermín García, Sosvia, Inc. Learn to listen...get rid of your ego. - Andres Reyes Botello, Boxel. Our objective is to transform Mexico. - Alejandro Maza, Yo Propongo. ...we are living the ‘humanization’ of pets. - Marco Gallardo, Power Pet. Break paradigms in the construction industry. - Rene and Uriel Salgado. ...I eliminate stereotypes. To look for Mexican talent... - Derrik Chinn, Turista Libre. - Ricardo Arnaiz, Animex. ...we are looking to use energies that don’t damage the environment. - Eduardo Durazo Watanabe. To do with passion what we really love becomes a calling. - David Abeles, TaylorMade Golf Adidas. Entrepreneurs, there is capital, dust off your ideas and lets get to work... - Hernán Fernández, Ángel Ventures México. ...in our company we have created the technology we require and that we have not found on the market... - Charlie Iturriaga, OLLIN VFX. There is no leadership without trust. - Amy Lyman, Great Place to Work Institute. Innovative youth transcends borders Entrepreneurs transforming the region The strange case of the Mexican behind the Oscar Ricardo Arnaiz Charlie Iturriaga Hernán Fernández The global game of golf: Economical and social impact José Manuel Aguilar Biologist with a Master’s Degree and Ph.D. in Biotechnology Jordi Muñoz Bardales President of 3D Robotics Enrique Betancourt Head of the National Center for Prevention of Crime and Citizen Participation Edoardo Chavarín Creator of the clothing line NaCo and Brand developer Derrik Chinn Creator of Turista Libre Christopher Yanov Founder of Reality Changers Founder of ANIMEX Founder of Angel Ventures México Producer of special effects Fermín García President of Sosvia, Inc Marco Gallardo David Abeles Operations Chief of Taylor Made Golf Adidas and Ashworth Golf General Director of Power Pet Andrés Reyes Botello Founder and General Director of Boxel Interactive Managers: Laura Araujo. Miguel Marshall. Gabriela Roldán. 69
  68. 68. HUMANISM To be on time, to be honest, to study, and be respectful. - Carlos Kasuga, Yakult. ...there do not exist universities, schools, research centers or government instances that tend and study the dehumanization phenomenon. - David Livingstone Smith. What happens here in Tijuana and San Diego, is going to happen to the people on both countries along the border, from here to Matamoros and Brownsville. - Alan Bersin, Department of National Security of the United States. ...the best practices in the border regions, in any part of the world, usually do not start in the capital cities. They are the communities in sito, society and authorities, those that can really learn and capture the dynamic of the problems and the way to solve them. - Luis Herrera-Lasso, Grupo Coppan. Quality and productivity in a Japanese style applied to the small and medium companies Less than humans, understanding of the psychological roots of war, genocide and atrocity Carlos Kasuga David Livingstone Smith Tijuana, the border between development and knowledge Alan Bersin President of Yakult Philosopher and author Sub Secretary for International Matters of the Department of National Security of the United States Luis Herrera-Lasso Mexican Diplomat Manager: Magnolia Pineda. 70
  69. 69. ECONOMY Economical ...the banking system in Mexico has remained solid due to the strong regulations and monitoring of financial institutions. policy in Mexico has been well managed, and the mistakes committed in the past have been overcome. - Pedro Aspe Armella. - Jose Luis Ochoa, Institute for the Protection of Savings in Banks. ...integrity cannot be explained; it is seen, it is felt, it is noticeable. - José Carlos González, McDonald’s. Leadership...talent. Acquired or developed? Perspectives of the economical situation of México José Carlos González Pedro Aspe SVP-Global CSR, Sustainability and Philanthropy, McDonald’s Corporation Economist and Mexican Politician The role of innovation as a source of growth José Luis Ochoa Executive Secretary of the Institute for the Protection of Savings in Banks Manager: Jaye Galicot. 71
  70. 70. DIGITAL CITY ...we have faith in you, our youth from the border, the bilingual, the bicultural... - Claudio Arriola, BIT Center. When the objectives come back to us, they can tell us unexpected stories. - Carlo Ratti, MIT SENSEable City Lab. There is a deficit of 5,000 computer engineers in San Diego. - Bob Slapin. Executive Director of the Board of Software Industry of San Diego. ...it is the responsibility of the Federal Government to establish public policies that further knowledge, access to digital information...from 6,000 public sites to internet connection, we’ve gone to 36,000... - Mónica Aspe, SCT. We have the idea that it’s difficult to go and sell in the United States, and I’m not going to tell you it’s not; but it’s also difficult for them to sell here, it is an enormous work opportunity. - Jorge Zavala, TecBa. Carlo Ratti Director at MIT SENSEable City Lab Bi-national Digital Agenda Digital Education in Latin America Mónica Aspe Tijuana, the path to a sensible and digital city Rodrigo Arboleda Halaby Information and Knowledge Society, SCT Claudio Arriola Director at BIT Center Jorge Arroyo Founder and CEO of Arkus Nexus Software Nearshoring Services Flavio Olivieri President of Tijuana EDC Bob Slapin Executive Director of the Board of Software Industry of San Diego Jorge Zavala CDO of TechBA 72 “Una laptop por niño” foundation
  71. 71. The Montessori philosophy that considers that children learn better by playing should be reformed, it has been proven that students learn better by doing. - Rodrigo Arboleda OLPC. If you want to work with the best, you have to have the best. - Miguel Mejía, TRESS International. ...as a result from our participation in Tijuana Innovadora 2010, we were invited to undertake pilot tests in schools in Silicon Valley. - Lourdes Ibáñez, Club LIA. We are the second strongest country in social applications. Tijuana has 1 million people interacting every day. - Claudio Cossio, Maestros web. If you do not develop your people, you are not going to achieve the growth of your company. The engine always has to be innovation. - Ángel Sánchez, Arkus Nexus. Creativity does not know races, genders, orientation, nor does it distinguish people, it surges from the environment. - Richard Florida . ...it is necessary to use more to our advantage our relationship with our neighbor the United States, there should be “Ambassadors”...that go and promote on the other side the capabilities that exist in Tijuana. - Jorge Arroyo, Arkus . Success cases in digital development Creative Economy, a new career for Baja California Claudio Cossio Editor Europa de Maestros del Web Tanya Escamilla Richard Florida Expert in Creative Economy Journalist Lourdes Ibáñez Co-founder and General Director of Club LIA Miguel Mejía Director of Grupo Tress Internacional Ángel Sánchez Arkus Nexus Manager: Enrique Jiménez “Ejival”. 73
  72. 72. PHILANTHROPY ...there are three parties in a genocide: the perpetrators, who usually are a small group of people; the victims, that are many more; and the indifferent ones, that are the vast majority.” - Mily Cohen, Memoria y Tolerancia museum. Compassion without action has no sense. - Sharon Zaga, Memoria y Tolerancia museum. In philanthropy, it is necessary to plan what one is going to venture into, what will be done, what will be the mission, the objectives, strategies...create grand ideas. - Cole Wilbur. ...mobilization of time, talent and treasure to benefit our fellow ones...are ways to express philanthropy. - Michael Chu, Harvard. We have to find better ways of furthering these ways to work: between the public sector and private social organizations like the ones we have here...in Tijuana. - Alejandro Poire, Secretary of State. We have to review the role of the companies and the people in a world where the wealth is concentrated in only a few... - Rick Goings, Tupperware. Work together to share knowledge. - Robert Kaplan, IAF. What we do with our emotions Mily Cohen Vice President and Co-Founder of the museum Memoria y Tolerancia Conscious capitalism and the future of business The alternative models for businesses for the creation of social value Blake Mycoskie Esra’a Al Shafei TOMS Shoes Sharon Zaga President and Co-Founder of the museum Memoria y Tolerancia Challenges and solutions of education problems Claudio X. González Guajardo Managers: Antonieta Beguerisse. Patricia Hernández. 74 President of Mexicanos Primero A.C. Founder of CrowdVoice.org David del Ser Founder of Frogtek Gabriela Enrigue González Founder of Prospera Javier Lozano Founder of Clínicas de la Azúcar Alejandro Poiré Secretary of State of Mexico
  73. 73. People want to see you are doing well, that you are successful. - Blake Mycoskie, TOMS. For donations, the fiscal regime in the United States is more attractive than in Mexico. - Richard Kiy, ICF. Since its first event in 2012 Tijuana Innovadora made a huge eco, at an influential level, way beyond the state. Its impact is national and international. - Claudio X. González Guajardo, Mexicanos Primero A.C. Something really important is to partner with other entrepreneurs. - Gabriela Enrigue González, Prospera. Investment is reflected in the savings we provide Mexico in investments and healthcare. - Javier Lozano, Clínicas del azúcar. Nothing is more valuable in this world than hope. We chose to concentrate our efforts in a specific type of user. - Esra’a Al Shafei, CrowdVoice.org. - David del Ser, Frogtek. Philanthropy and social investment in Mexico and Latin America: lessons in Tijuana Michael Chu Professor at Harvard Rick Goings President and General Director of Tupperware Brands Robert N. Kaplan President and Executive Chief of Fundación Inter-Americana (IAF) Richard Kiy CEO de International Community Foundation Cole Wilbur Philanthropist 75
  74. 74. INNOVATION GREATNESS The challenge is in the content and in the way to communicate, in that in this new day and age a change in paradigm is presented. - Liébano Sáenz. Past, present and future of technology Stephen Gary Wozniak Co-Founder of Apple 76 Change in paradigm? Liébano Sáenz Political analyst Strategic Communication Cabinet
  75. 75. The spaces as a way to communicate, like a land, a community where the disagreement is shown and uncovers the agreement, even if it is about temporary and precarious agreements. - Enrique Norten. Institutions don’t teach students to be skeptics, to question their teachers. They do not invite us to explore. They call those the trouble makers. - Stephen Wozniak. The people are not cured here. Their health is redefined. We don’t call them patients, but inpatients, because they are anxious to remedy their environment. - Natalie Jeremijenko. The drums are a corporeal task. The synthesizer is mental. - Wolfgang Flur. I was a Robot This will kill that What’s to come in innovation and design Wolfgang Flür Enrique Norten Natalie Jeremijenko Pioneer in electronic music, Kraftwerk Group Founder of TEN Arquitectos Scientist and digital artist New York University Managers: Jaye Galicot. Jorge Izquierdo. 77
  76. 76. METROPOLITAN DESIGN PLAN ...in the past, Rosarito belonged to Tijuana, and now that it is a county, it integrates itself again, but now in this metropolitan and innovative area. The concept of city has been acquiring more ample sense by integrating economical, social and cultural envisions. - Raúl Islas Espinoza, CDR. - Rafael Pérez Fernández, IBERO. ...a metropolis like Tijuana, deserves long term planning. ...we must continue working so as to not put future generations at risk. - Humberto Jaramillo, CDT. - José Manuel Jasso, CCET. In the Strategic Metropolitan Plan: Tijuana, Tecate and Playas de Rosarito, the three cities will cease to be independent, even though they will preserve their own identity. ...of the 56 metropolitan areas that exist in this country, the Tijuana-Plays de Rosarito-Tecate one occupies the 6th place pertaining economical development; 21st in the Latin America roster. - Sergio Montes Montoya, B.C. - Rodolfo Argote, IMPLAN. The strategies...include generating media for the economical growth, follow up and evaluate the project with the promotion teams that are working on the plans, and to respond to the actions to seek financial alternatives. - Daniel Rubio, IMPLAN. Digital opportunities in emerging markets Strategic metropolitan plan: Tijuana, Tecate, and Playas de Rosarito Rodolfo Argote Aarón Bare Global entrepreneur Aaron Bare & CO. Director of Land Planning, Metropolitan Institute of Planning Raúl Islas Espinoza President of the Board of Consultation of Economical Development of Playas de Rosarito Video: Agentes de Cambio José Manuel Jasso José Castillo Humberto Jaramillo Co-Founder Arquitectura 911sc 78 President of the Consultation Board of Economic Development of Tecate Executive President of the Board of Economic Development of Tijuana Sergio Montes Sub Secretary of Infrastructure and Urban Development of the State of Baja California Rafael Pérez Director of the Art and Design Department of the Universidad Iberoamericana in León Guanajuato Daniel Rubio General Executive Director of the Metropolitan Institute of Planning
  77. 77. The new type of design is also old, all those times we want to be constructive and positive towards the future, we also need to turn to the past. - Paola Antonelli, MoMA. ...in creative cities, disciplines such as architecture, design, gastronomy, music, literature are applied. Cities are not only sustained by economy, they are sustained also by creativity. - Martin Krammer. The city dies when its citizens don’t participate. The one who innovates is the one who takes on the street with his body. - José Castillo, Arquitectura 911sc. In this day and age the phenomenon of disruption is arising, meaning, from those technologies and innovations that cause despair in other products in the market. - Aarón Bare. I want to urge all women of the world to dedicate themselves to science, to potentiate their knowledge, if you do not do it, the capacity of the human brain is being wasted because we represent half the population... - Ada Yonath, Noble Prize. Life expectancy: wishes and realities Creative Cities and Cultural Development Ada Yonath Martin Krammer Noble Prize in Chemistry Creative Economy The new borders of design Paola Antonelli Curator of the MoMA Managers: Raúl Cárdenas. Ana Martínez. 79
  78. 78. Germany United States of America Argentina France Australia Honduras Bahrain India Brasil Israel Bulgaria Italy Cameroon Japan Canadá Malta Chile Mexico Colombia England South Korea Venezuela Spain 80
  79. 79. 81
  80. 80. SPONSORS SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE INVESTMENT 1 20 21 24 19 2 22 23 18 3 17 16 15 14 13 27 4 12 5 7 9 6 8 10 11 s we have shared in all forums, Tijuana This event is not to earn money, it is to earn respect. - Alejandro Bustamante. A and Tijuana Innovadora 2012, Bound for Great- Innovadora started in a conversation be- ness, were achieved thanks to the contribution tween friends that gave form to an idea: an of resources, time, talent and collaboration of event that would inform our own people and companies, the government, educational in- the foreign ones, in contrast to the image stitutions, non profit organizations, the media, broadcasted and published by the media, of students and citizens. the innovative facet of our city. With the discipline and leadership of Jose Tijuana Innovadora 2010, the Intelligent Border, 82 Galicot, we have worked so that the Movement
  81. 81. 38 37 25 40 53 39 52 41 51 42 50 36 26 35 34 49 33 43 32 48 44 28 30 29 31 46 45 47 creates human and economical resources efited from the investment that represent an pavilions, channeling of resources, purchase that allows it to grow in a self sustainable way. event that promotes and markets the city’s of tickets for gala dinners, conferences and Currently Tijuana Innovadora is registered as a goodness and potential. panels; as well as their contribution to the non profit organization in Mexico. manager’s initiatives. Tijuana Innovadora 2012, Bound for Great- Likewise, we’ve worked so all organizations, ness, profoundly thanks the collaboration and Together we were able, once again, to re- factories, companies, institutions, organiza- commitment of the companies, the govern- gionally and nationally show that Tijuana tions, collective projects and artists, among ment, non profit organizations and individu- continues to be original and innovative. A many others, are directly and indirectly ben- als through their: investment and exchange in national example. 83
  82. 82. 54 70 67 55 68 71 69 56 66 72 57 75 74 73 65 58 64 59 76 60 61 62 63 77 80 78 79 PAVILIONS AND SPONSORS (PICTURES) (COLOR) 1. ABC Aluminum 11. Capta 23. D’Volada 35. HARMAN 47. Kyomex 2. Aeroméxico 12. Carl Zeiss Vision 24. DJ Orthopedics 36. Heineken 48. L.A. Cetto 3. Agencia Aduanal Jorge Díaz 13. Cecyte 25. El Informador 37. Hermosillo y Asoc. 49. La Estrella de Michoacán 4. AIMO/CST 14. Cervecería Tijuana 26. El Mexicano 38. Ibero 50. Loginam 5. Arte Público. 15. CESPT 27. Endeavor: Indegsa / BTB / 39. IMERK 51. Logística BLS 40. Innovatec Baja CDITBC 52. Macroplaza Cardinal 5. Ciudad Habla. 16. CETYS Motiva / PowerPet 6. Axis 17. Clínica de Ojos de Tijuana 28. Focus 41. Inpade 53. MAR Intl. 7. Baker & McKenzie 18. Coca Cola 29. Foxconn 42. Instituto de Ciencias 54. Mental Tech Abogados, S.C. FIC 19. Conacyt 30. G Tel 8. Calimax 20. CDT / FIDEM 31. Gasmart 43. Interpoint Security Systems 56. Mind Hub 9. Canacintra - Clúster 21. Corrugados de Baja 32. Gobierno del Estado 44. IOS Office 57. Morzan 33. Grupo ATISA 45. IPN / CITEDI 58. Morzan 34. Grupo Tress Internacional 46. Kyocera 59. MVS mueblero 10. CANACO Tijuana 84 California 22. Cotuco Cardiovasculares 55. Milenio Radio
  83. 83. 93 94 96 98 95 100 97 99 92 101 91 88 90 87 103 89 102 86 104 81 83 84 105 82 85 60. Nihon Robotics Institute 61. Nissan 62. Panasonic 72. Secretaría de Educación Pública 84. Televisa 97. Unifront 85. Televisa 98. Uniradio 73. Secretaría de Gobernación 86. Telnor 99. Uniradio 63. Parque Industrial El Florido 74. Sedesol 87. Telvista 100. UNIVER 64. Periódico Frontera 75. SEICA 88. Teska 101. Univision 65. Periódico Frontera 76. Sempra 89. The Union Tribune 102. Univision 66. Medios PPI 77. Síntesis 90. Tijuana Duty Free 103. Xochicalco 67. Procopio 78. Síntesis 91. Total Logistics 104. Xolos de Tijuana 68. Publimedios 79. Sol de Tijuana 92. Toyota 105. XX Ayuntamiento de Tijuana 69. Radio Latina 80. St Petersburg Vodka 93. Turbotec 70. Santander 81. Tacna 94. Tv Azteca 71. Secretaría de Economía / 82. Techmaster 95. Tv Azteca 83. Telcel 96. UABC ProMéxico / Pymes Managers: Liliana Castellanos. Javier Espinoza. Patricia Hernández. Tomás Perrín. Jack Winer. 85
  84. 84. 86
  85. 85. 87
  86. 86. GALA DINNERS FELIPE CALDERÓN PRESIDENT OF MEXICO The commitment of the people furthering, demanding, giving their opinion, building, proposing, complying with their duties as citizens, is necessary. - Felipe Calderón. Music by the project Red Do Re Mi Comunidad, conducted by Eduardo Barrios, Director of the Baja California Orchestra. Opera de Tijuana: Norma Navarrete, María Vargas, Andrés Olivares, Oscar Angulo, Charlie Chávez, accompanied by Aiko Yamada on the piano. 88
  87. 87. GALA DINNERS ÁNGELES MASTRETTA MEXICAN WRITER AND JOURNALIST This, our country, breaks every day and per almost all information it seems as there is no way to repair it, but philanthropists, believe they can. That is why they are so valuable. - Ángeles Mastretta. Music by the Duo “Arcano” comprised by the brothers Erika and Vick del Real Alvarado. 89
  88. 88. GALA DINNERS ALFONSO ROMO GARZA MEXICAN BUSINESSMAN I’m embarrassed, I come here to speak about a change of attitude, here, where you have attained a Ph.D. in change of attitude. - Alfonso Romo. Music by DJ Chris Ruelas 90
  89. 89. GALA DINNERS ANAND MAHINDRA BUSINESSMAN AND PHILANTHROPIST (INDIA) It is a spectacular night I will not forget. Tijuana Innovadora is a project I would like to replicate in my country, so that the world also knows what we have in India. - Anand Mahindra. CARLOS FALCÓ MARQUEE OF GRIÑON (SPAIN) I hope to come back many times, because everything I have seen, I have enjoyed. - Carlos Falcó, Marquee of Griñon. Music by the Tenor Marco Antonio Labastida 91
  90. 90. FORMATION, EDUCATION AND LEADERSHIP F rom the start of Tijuana Innovadora we cation, that we described before, through the have sought out to be “educators” un- innovative transversality of leadership, solidar- derstanding education as a process that ity and thought. includes: reflection on ideas and prejudices; the possibility of the individual to transform The Volunteer and Leadership Program, the society to improve the quality of life from the Education Committee with the Innovation interaction between corporations, citizens and Awards, the Guided Tours and the Workshops; education institutions; empowering them as as well as Casa de las Ideas and the pro- individuals and as a society. gram Arte en la Industria, have a determinant educating task, with which Tijuana Innovadora The channeling of resources and activities of seeks to enrich formal and non formal educa- the Tijuana Innovadora Movement have been tion, and work in the comprehensive develop- designed to comply with our concept of edu- ment of our region. Upon assigning resources to different initiatives and non profit organizations, the Volunteer and Leadership Program, the Education Committee with the Innovation Awards, the Guided Tours and the Workshops; as well as Casa de las Ideas and the program Arte en la Industria, have a determinant educating task, with which we seek to enrich formal and non formal education, and work in the comprehensive development of our region. 92
  91. 91. 93
  93. 93. SUBJECTS WORKSHOPS 8 Green Tijuana 23 10 Education 10 9 Cinematography 11 7 Media 8 3 Strategic Design 3 6 Culinary Art 56 1 Electronics 4 1 Automotive 13 2 Organizational Excellence 2 1 Aerospace 1 10 Science and Technology 10 9 Leadership and Entrepreneurs 19 1 Humanism 1 2 Digital City 2 6 Philanthropy 6 76 169 TOTAL DE TEMAS TOTAL DE TALLERES 95
  94. 94. WORKSHOPS 96
  95. 95. Life Project Celeste Castillo and Rocío Ibarra Sun Oven Carlos David Castro López Compost Omar Pérez, Montserrat Alarcón and Enrique Soto GREEN TIJUANA Organic Agriculture Green School Ecological Garden Conservation and Reuse of Water in Tijuana Infiltration in the Tijuana River Basin Hydroponic Cultures Use of Wikipedia in the Classroom Memory of the World A Heroic Imagination as an Antidote to Bullying in Schools Educamp Tic for Teachers Brenda Gonzalez Vazquez and Marlene Serrano Rojas Aseret Brito, Danna Priscila García Chavez, Elizabeth Torres and Anahí Sánchez Rosa Angélica Hernández Galán, Alma Leola Guerra Canizalez and Delia Judith Gonzalez Zuñiga Adrian Posadas Ing. Alejandro Caloca Galindo Dialogues about Free Licenses National Sound Library of Mexico, We Preserve the Sound Memory for the Future Collaboration Platform in the Cloud: Office 365 for Education Fundamental Abilities for the Manufacturing of Vehicles Iván Martínez Rosa Ma. Fernández De Zamora Darío Sánchez Access to Resources with a Sensible Cost, as a Platform to Further Entrepreneurs Guadalupe Curiel Defossé and Ricardo J. Jiménez Rivera Richard Stallman, Yuridia Itzel Sierra and Ivan Martinez Tito Ávila Moran Unit of Nanocharacterization and Research Nanotechnology of the XXI Century Learn to Develop Technological Ideas and Projects with Club Digital Workshop on Lighting Contamination MATH2ME: Mathematics for All (Class) José Alejandro Andalón Estrada MATH2ME: Mathematics for All (Mini Conference) José Alejandro Andalón Estrada Gerardo Brizuela Altamirano Israel Mendoza García Carlos Cesar Apodaca and Sharon Jacqueline Villeda Oscar Edel Contreras López SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Synthesis Methods of Nanomaterials and Biomaterials Astronomy for Children Diana Caballero Gabriela Anaya, Juan Guzman AEROSPACE The Key to the Universe Blanca Margarita Parra Mosqueda, Deyanira Castilleja De León and Ana Cristina Bórquez Garcés Raúl Montoya, Jesús Caín, Oscar Nuñez and Guillermo Romero ORGANIZATIONAL EXCELLENCE How to Win the Noble Prize for Quality: Design of a Innovative Business Model Terpsicore Tabares Torres EDUCATION The National Digital Newspaper Library in Mexico ELECTRONIC AUTOMOTIVE Innovation with Drones Solar Energy Revlux, How to Identify a Quality LED Product Gustavo Alonso Hirata Flores Leonel Susano Cota Araiza Eduardo A. Durazo Carlos Roman Fernando Ávila Uri López, Cecilia Aguillon and Hector Uraga Alexei Miridonov and Kuotaro Sanay Robles Introduction to Biotechnology Basic Workshop on Sound Effects Saulo Cisneros Workshop on Visual Effects Rodrigo Álvarez CINEMA TOGRAPHY Aerial Cinematography Exhibit Massive Acting Workshop “Silence, Camera, Action” IMCINE, Support of Film Production Demonstration of Cinematographic Lighting Aerial Cinematography Exhibit Cinematography Lighting Exhibit Cinematography Lighting Workshop Ivor Shier Eduardo Cisneros Hugo Villa Smythe Victor Duran Ivor Shier Victor Duran Victor Duran LEADERS AND ENTRE PRENEURS HUMANISM DIGITAL CITY Constructive Creativity How to do Business in Mexico Women as Key Factors in Business Conscious Leadership Startup Weekend Do you Save or do you Invest? Andrés Araujo Sanz Simon Somohano Rocío Álvarez Miguel Ángel Isla Zavala / Axialent Omar Jacobo Monroy Soltero Wendy Montaño Gómez Corporate Geometry Marco Alfonso Lepe Cisneros Corporate Culture for an Innovative Tijuana Marco Alfonso Lepe Cisneros Looking for Mobile Applications: The Mouth-Ear and Acquisition of Users Claudio Armando Cossio Saucedo MEANS OF COMU NICATION STRATEGIC PHILANTHROPY DESIGN CULINARY ART Marketing Strategies in Social Nets Cross Border Journalism Use of Social Nets Applied to Citizen Participation How to get to the truth? Journalism in the Digital Age Workshop on Television Presentation of the book: “Choir of Monologues” Behind the Cameras with Televisa Tijuana Armando León Valladolid and Jorge Camarillo Govea Laura Castañeda, Carmen Escobosa and José Luis Jiménez Enrique Davis Mazlum Dean Miller Yoga and Emotions Protolab Movil “Interactive Electronics for Children” Guillermo Wilkins Music and its Industry Today and Tomorrow/ Presentation by Reactable Raul Rodriguez Mari Pili Becerra, Patricia Álvarez, Rigoberto García, Félix Guarello, Pablo Martínez e Iván Quezada and Maricarmen Flores Philanthropic Contributions by Foundations for Hispanics-Latinos in the United States and Latin America Citizens, Government and County Democracy Creativity in Fashion Design The creative Process to Design a Collection New Tendencies for Experimental Design Daniela Villa and Emedel García Hector Alejandro Hinojosa Government Transparency, What’s next? “In coordination with the Institute of Transparency and Access to Public Information of Baja California (ITAIPBC)” Today Its Your Turn to Play Roberto Lara Valenzuela Strategies and Tools of Citizen Intelligence Are you and Activist and Live Day-to-Day? The Monologues of the Barrel Preparation of Craft Beer Esteban Camacho Carmen González Pepe Mogt and Ramón Amezcua (Bostich + Fussible) Gracia Goya, Michael Layton, Andy Carey Marcos Reyes Andrés Hofmann Roxana Salcedo and Homero Fuentes Alejandro Maza Ayala Gabriela Enrigue González, Macarena Hernández De Obeso and Sandra Fernández Rodríguez Dionisio Del Valle, Rodolfo Gerschman Roberto Riatiga López and Omar Lopez Toscano Workshop on the Appreciation of Coffee: Extraordinary Coffee, No Sugar, No Milk...Enjoy It! Alberto Song Trujillo Week of Coffee Tasting of Coffees from Across the World at Sospeso Alberto Song Trujillo Culinary League for Special Youth Innovation in Coffee Creating a New Style and Way to Perceive It Chef Luis Castro Alberto Song Trujillo 97
  96. 96. 98
  97. 97. 99
  99. 99. …they have demonstrated, again (...) their profound love for Tijuana, that once again places it at the center of the public’s opinion nationwide and of a considerable amount of international opinion, for good reasons, for the reasons Tijuana should always be on everyone’s mind. - Felipe Calderón. 101
  100. 100. PUBLIC ART Cardinal 5 B ased on the subjects of creativity, in- partment of Homeland Security, generating Booths, we assembled them to form a single a visual and sounding interpretation of the novadora 2012, as well as from the concepts one at the Puente Mexico Bridge, alluding data, that is transformed into a partiture for of establishing roots and giving identity, we the social weave of Tijuana. We also created 24 instruments sequenced by the number created “Cardinal 5”. The people from Tijuana “Textil Cardinal” an iron structure that repeats of individuals and custodians and their agil- completed the sentence: “I would like Ti- 33 times a pattern that represents in lines, ity and will to make way through the San juana to have...”, “What I most like of Tijuana the connection between the referred access Ysidro entrance. is...”, “I am a Tijuanense born in...” and “I work and departure sites. The piece on the inter- at...” on canvases located at access and de- net is an algorithm composition that takes parture sites across the city: the Airport, Bus 102 Station, the Playas de Tijuana Lighthouse, Toll dustry and humanism in Tijuana In- data in real time from the RSS of the US De- Creators Ivan Abreu, Olga Margarita Davila, Luis Garzon, Illya Haro, Eric Morales “Dr. Morbito”, Angeles Moreno, Gabriela Posada, Jhosell Rosell, Catalina Silva.