Go For The Grommets


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No Sew Grommet Draperies are so easy to make, even my grand daughter can make them.

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Go For The Grommets

  1. 1. Grommet Drapery Designs •Banding on Leading Edge •Fabric on bottom of drapery
  2. 2. Grommet Drapery Designs •Puddle or Just Too Long? •How do you determine the length?
  3. 3. Grommet Drapery Designs
  4. 4. Grommet Drapery Designs
  5. 5. Grommet Drapery Designs Grommet Valance with Stationary Panels
  6. 6. Grommet Drapery Designs Draperies With Sheer Fabrics
  7. 7. Grommet Drapery Designs Two Finger Pleated Grommet Draperies
  8. 8. Grommet Drapery Designs Sunbrella Outdoor Draperies
  9. 9. Grommet Drapery Designs
  10. 10. Can You Create Grommet Draperies ?
  11. 11. Measuring the Window Measure the width of your window treatments, taking into account if you want to mount hardware on the wall or directly on the window trim. Allow 1 1/2quot; - 3quot; on each side of the window for when the drapes are completely open. Be sure to consider extra wall space needed for decorative finials, as the rod dimensions do not include additional width added by each finial. To make the windows appear larger, mount the curtain rod 6quot; above the trim and allow the rod width to extend 3quot; beyond the window's actual width.
  12. 12. How to Determine Drapery Length Rod Height Grommets are placed ½” to 1” from the top of the drapery. Measure from top of rod to floor to determine the length + ½” to 1” allowed at the top. Deduct the ½ inch from the bottom unless drapery is going to touch the floor. Floor
  13. 13. Installing Hardware Bottom of drapery rod should be 4” to 6” above the top of the window. You can hang the rod as high as you would like. Grommets are 1 5/8” inside diameter and the rod should be small enough to allow movement of the drapery.
  14. 14. Selecting & Calculating Yardage •Vertical Repeat 22” •Horizontal Repeat 13.5” •54” Wide Fabric •Fullness of drapery fabric should be 1.75 to 2.25 times the finish width of the drapery
  15. 15. Formula for Calculating Yardage 1. Example - Finished Length 100” - Finished Width 90” 2. Length – add 6” for hem and 2” to fold down at top of drapery 3. Cut length would be 108” 4. Fullness – Finished width 90” x 2.25 = 202.5” Plus side hems of 6” = 208.5” 5. Divide by fabric width of 54” = 3.86 width or 4 widths of fabric 6. 4 Widths x 108” = 432” divided by 36” (1 yard) = 12 yards 7. Repeat is 22.5” which requires 4.8 repeats for finish length – I would order 13 yard for matching
  16. 16. SEW OR NO SEW Sew grommet tape to drapery or use Sealah Tape (Machine Washable) We recommend sewing for all out door draperies because of the environment.
  17. 17. Grommet Supplies Grommet Tape $6.99 a yard
  18. 18. Grommet Supplies
  19. 19. Grommet Tools
  20. 20. NO SEW Grommet Draperies •Use ½” to ¾” Sealah Tape or a Iron- on Adhesive Tape •Place adhesive tape on both sides of the Grommet tape.
  21. 21. NO SEW Grommet Draperies 1. Tape lining and fabric together at top edge of fabric 2. Fold top edge over ¾”
  22. 22. NO SEW Grommet Draperies Lay Grommet tape on to fabric with adhesive side on fabric Pin in place before removing adhesive tape
  23. 23. NO SEW Grommet Draperies Slowly remove adhesive tape on each edge of the grommet tape
  24. 24. NO SEW Grommet Draperies Leave grommet tape in place while peeling the adhesive from the bottom
  25. 25. NO SEW Grommet Draperies 1. Important tip! Make sure ring connector is at the out side end of each side hem of your drapery 2. Now it’s time for fold your side hems – fold 1 ½” twice for the side hem ( I recommend cutting the selvage off the Fabric)
  26. 26. NO SEW Grommet Draperies You may sew the grommet tape to the top of the drapery
  27. 27. NO SEW Grommet Draperies Now it is time to start cutting the fabric from the grommet wholes
  28. 28. NO SEW Grommet Draperies Use an 18mm olfa rotary cutter to cut around the inside of the grommet circle.
  29. 29. NO SEW Grommet Draperies With a rubber mallet, tap the grommet into the drapery
  30. 30. NO SEW Grommet Draperies Using grommet tape holds the folds in place; there will be no need for continuously dressing your draperies.
  31. 31. Sew in the Sun! 623-878-7350 Peoria, AZ www.HomeFashionsU.com homefashionsu@gmail.com