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Personal values assessment


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Take a Free Personal Values Assessment and see what is important to you.

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Personal values assessment

  1. 1. Who you are, what you hold dear, what upsets you, and what underlies your decisions are all connected to your personal values. Our values reflect what is important to us. They are a shorthand way of describing our individual motivations. Together with our beliefs, they are the causal factors that drive our decision-making. Understanding our values helps us to understand why we may act or react the way we do. Living your values can make you feel in balance. In contrast, going against your values may make you feel as though you are not being true to yourself.
  2. 2.     Take the 5 minute Survey Receive a comprehensive report in 10 minutes Take the 2 Exercises in the Report Gain an insight of your comfort or discomfort at work Aligning values at work
  3. 3. Click here to take your free assessment