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Enable e-professionalism-and-leaderful-learning-e-pedagogy-melsig-university-of-sussex-9-september-2014


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Using ENABLE to developing e-Professionalism and embedding Social Media and Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) in Higher Education Curricula

Presentation at MELSIG at University of Sussex
on 9 September 2014

Published in: Education
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Enable e-professionalism-and-leaderful-learning-e-pedagogy-melsig-university-of-sussex-9-september-2014

  1. 1. Claudia Megele Senior Lecturer & CPD/PQ Programme Leaders & Digital Lead Middlesex University Head of Practice Learning (Royal Borough of Enfield)
  2. 2.  Overlap of Personal, Professional, and Organisational  Increasing overlap of Private and Public  Information shared by users of services with the Local Authority and NHS operates based on the paradigm of confidentiality While  Social media is built on an information sharing paradigm
  3. 3.  MSc. programme offering career change opportunity for professionals with previous qualification  Employer-led  Front loaded  First few weeks in university followed by 100 day placement in local authority)then on  Diverse student population & background  From Geography and English to Law to PhD. Student)  Fast-paced and intensive nature of the programme
  4. 4.  Meet students & bring learning to where they were;  Ensure students stay connected;  Create an open culture of continuous learning & improvement;  Develop students’ personal and professional learning networks;  Help students take responsibility for their own learning and development;  Create a positive social learning environment;  Raise students digital awareness & literacy;  Establish & cultivate e-Professionalism;  Cultivate collaboration and coproduction rather than competition. #CultureofGenerosity.
  5. 5.  Enquiry Based Learning  Networked Learning  Active and Action Based Learning  Blended Learning Pedagogy  Leaderful Leadership  Educational, Ubiquitous & Continuous Learning Ecology
  6. 6.  Personal  Professional  Organizational