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Nutty scientists Events and Campaigns


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Nutty scientists Events and Campaigns

  1. 1. EVENTS AND CAMPAIGNS The leader in “Edutainment“
  2. 2. Since  1996,  Nu-y  Scien/sts®  has  been  developing  and  designing   great  events  and  campaigns  that  arrive  to  kids  and  families  through   fun  and  other  innova/ve  methodologies  so  that  children  assimilate   informa/on  of  great  educa/onal  value.     •  We  are  the  global   leader  in  Science   Enrichment  Programs   with  offices  in  more   than  40  countries!   •  We  encourage  kids  to   par/cipate  in  our   “edutainment”  shows     all  over  the  world       Who are we?1  
  3. 3. When we say we have a global perspective, we mean it! Nutty Scientists® was first launched in Europe and has continued to grow through programs in Asia, Latin America, the U.S. and Canada. Our programs benefit from the input and expertise of scientists from all over the world, exposing students to a global perspective on the amazing world of science. We are the global leader in Science Enrichment Programs with offices in more than 40 countries and counting! NEXTPREVIOUS Nu-y  Scien/sts®    was  first  launched  in  Europe    and  has  con/nued  to  grow  through  programs  in  Asia,  La/n  America,  the  U.S.  and   Canada.    Our  programs  benefit  from  the  input  and  exper/se  of  scien/sts  from  all  over  the  world,  exposing    students  to  a  global   perspec/ve  on  the  amazing  world  of  science.       We  are  the  global  leader  in  Science  Enrichment  Programs  with  offices  in  more  than  40  countries  and  coun/ng!            
  4. 4. Our Events and Campaigns2   •  Christmas  Par/es.   •  Family  Days   •  Special  celebra/ons   •  Fairs   Special     Events   Social   Responsibility   Campaigns   •  Environment   •  Health   •  Nutri/on   •  Road  Safety   •  Encourage  Reading   •  …   Educa/onal   Marke/ng     Strategies   •  Product  Launch   •  Brand  Ac/va/ons   •  Educa/onal  Campaigns  at  Schools  
  5. 5. Our Campaign Objectives3   Kids    4  to  17   years  old     •  Learn  while  enjoying     •  Internalize  the  contents  through   playing   •  Get  involved  in  ac/vi/es   •  Know  the  project   by  their  kids   •  Value  the  quality   of  the   educa/onal  work   •  Learn  through   their  children   Parents     and     families  
  6. 6. Nutri;on  and   Hygiene:     Healthy  breakfast   Valuable  toothpaste   Road  Safety:     Let´s  be  safe!   Take  care  of  the   earth:     Sustainable  Mo9on   Climate  Change   Sustainable   Development   Encourage  Reading:     20.000  leagues  of  fun   reading.   An;  Bullying:   Wise  people  comitee   Recycling:   Fun  Recycling   Saving  Energy   Saving  Energy  with   Professor  Sparks   Saving  water   Water  Planet   Cellphone   addic;on   Risk     Preven;on   Themes  and  workshops   Virus   Preven;on  
  7. 7. How we manage it?4   1   ACTION  OBJECTIVE’S  ANALYSIS   2   DESIGN  OF  THE  ACTIVITY   •  Script  &  Format   •  Scenery  and  atmosphere   •  Organiza/on  &  Opera/onal   3   PRODUCTION  &  FOLLOW  UP   4   MEMORY  -­‐  CAMPAIGN  DOSSIER  
  9. 9. •  Convey  the  importance  of  preven/on  to  oral  diseases  and  the  need   to  regularly  go  to  the  den/st.   •  It  was  developed  in  a  corporate  space  created  exclusively  for  this   program,  it  included  anima/on  with  "The  Nu-y  Professor"  and  "Dr.   rabbit"   pets,   a   workshop   on   oral   hygiene,   songs   and   entertaining   games,  and  at  the  end  the  children  received  a  promo/onal  kit  from   Client.   •  26  shopping  malls  in  Santo  Domingo  (Dominican  Republic),  reaching   more  than  2,000  children  and  their  families  and  with  large  coverage   by  the  media   COLGATE: DENTAL HYGENE RENAULT: ROAD SAFETY •  Obtain   Loyalty   and   enhance   visits   through   an   a-rac/ve   menu   of   ac/vi/es.   •  Amusing   set   of   ac/vi/es   and   experiments   about   the   basic   knowledge  of  road  safety  and  essen/al  preven/ve  measures   •  Our  Nu-y  scien/sts  carried  out  ac/vi/es  at  the  facili/es  of  dealers   on   non-­‐school   days   (mainly   Saturdays)   during   the   year   of   2009   throughout  the  French  and  Italian  territory.     BRAND   ACTIVATION   BRAND   ACTIVATION  
  10. 10. •  Campaign   to   promote   healthy   ea/ng   and   the   awareness  of  the  importance  of  a  balanced  breakfast   in  students.   •  Design   and   development   of   interac/ve   workshop   "Live  posi/vely".   •  Design  and  developement  of  interac/ve  show.   •  Design  and  Scenery  Produc/on.   •  Merchandising  distribu/on.   •  More  than  20.000  students  between  8  to  12  years  old   in  Mexico  2013.   MINUTE MAID. HEALTHY BREAKFAST   •  The  program  started  in  order  to  promote  healthy  lifestyle  habits   in  family  and  educa/onal  areas:   •  Ac/vity:  A  funny  educa/onal  show  made  by  two  Nu-y  Scien/sts’   chefs  in  schools  during  one  hour  of  lesson  /me.  The  show  was   supported  by  audiovisual  media.   •  In  addi/on,  Nu-y  Scien/sts  designed  and  developed  the  scenery   and  the  audiovisual  material.   •  More   than   150,000   students   from   6,   7,   8   and   9   years   from   all   Spain.     •  The  campaign  was  so  successful  that  extended  to  other  countries   in  La/n  America  like:  Brazil,  Panama,  Dominican  Republic…   MAPFRE FOUNDATION: LIVING HEALTHY IN SCHOOL PRODUCT   LAUNCH   CAMPAIGN   AT  SCHOOLS  
  11. 11. •  Recycling,  pollu/on  and  the  measures  to  avoid  it  as   well  as  saving  energy  and  the  benefits  of  natural  gas   are  the  topics  worked  in  this  campaign   •  Workshops:  No  tudis  l’energia  /  Espai  Gesa  Endesa  /   A  Tot  Gas  Amb  Gaspar   •  4.750  par/cipants  during  the  2008  –  2009  school   year.   GESA – ENDESA. ENERGY EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM •  To  promote  the  programs  included  in  the  scope  of  Corporate  Social   responsibility,  Deloi-e  hired  Nu-y  Scien/sts  Brazil  to  develop  in   Sao  Paulo  an  ecological  dissemina/on  event  for  children.  This  event   included,  among  other  issues,  renewable  energy,  global  warming  or   climate  change.   •  They  had  a  whole  day  of  Deloi-e  Eco  Kids  full  of  fun,  which  included   a  show  and  eight  thema/c  sta/ons  aimed  to  children  aged  between   4  and  13  years  old.   DELOITTE. FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE SPECIAL   EVENT   SOC.  RESP.   CAMPAIGN  
  12. 12. •  The  program  started  to  promote  saving  energy  efficiently   in  the  educa/onal  and  family  areas.   •  A   funny   educa/ve   show   played   by   two   scien/sts   in   schools   during   one   hour   of   lesson   /me.   The   show   was   supported   by   audiovisual   media   designed   by   Nu-y   Scien/sts  as  well  as  all  the  show  scenery.     •  Broad  interest  among  media.   •  45.000   Students   between   8,   9,   10   y   11   years   old   from   more  than  10  ci/es  in  Spain.  From  2008  up  to  now.   •  Kids   took   home   a   whole   backpack   with   saving   energy   bulbs.   SPANISH MINISTRY OF ENERGY: SAVING ENERGY CEPSA: ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS •  To   inform   youngest   people   the   inner   workings   of   the   petrochemical,   the   elements   that   compose   it   and   the   commitment  of  industry  to  the  environment.   •  One  hour  educa/onal  workshops  made  in  schools  by  two   Nu-y  Scien/sts  monitors  through  the  school  year.   •  9.500   kids   between   8   to   11   years   old   from   67   schools   of   Gibraltar  field    (Cádiz).     CAMPAIGN   AT  SCHOOLS   CAMPAIGN   AT  SCHOOLS  
  13. 13.                                                                                                 SOME OF OUR CLIENTS AROUND THE WORLD
  14. 14. Thank you!