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SharePoint for Newbies - A starter guide - SharePoint 2013


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This presentation for SharePoint newbies provides a high level overview of SharePoint. It explains terms like sites and site collections, lists, libraries, and web parts in an easy digestable form. It also covers the basic concepts of the roles and permissions scheme and gives you an idea how the SharePoint architecture may look like.

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SharePoint for Newbies - A starter guide - SharePoint 2013

  1. 1. SHAREPOINT Claudia Frank, 9 January 2016 NEWBIES
  2. 2. AGENDA
  4. 4. WHAT IS SHAREPOINT? Creation and centralization of information Collaboration and sharing of information Communication Open development SharePoint Designer Visual Studio Others (since 2013) MS Office applications Non MS Office applications Collaboration
  5. 5. WHAT IS SHAREPOINT? Sites Communities Content Composites Insights Search Easy Site Creation and Customization Cross Browser Support MS Office Ribbon UI Mobile Access Social Connection • MySites • Wikis, Blogs, Discussion Groups • News Feeds and Alerts Informal knowledge • Metadata and Tagging • Social Authoring Enterprise Content Types Taxonomies Metadata and Navigation Document Sets Audio and Video Content Types FAST Integration Social Relevance Phonetic Search Navigation Data Interaction • Excel Services • Visio Services • Rich Data Visualization Organizational Effectiveness • Scorecards • Reporting • Dashboards Data Connectivity • Business Connectivity Services • Import Data without Code User driven solutions with: • SharePoint Designer • Visual Studio • … SharePoint
  6. 6. WHAT IS SHAREPOINT? ©. SharePoint Foundation SharePoint Server Standard SharePoint Server Enterprise Further Functionalities  Business Intelligence  eDiscovery etc. Additional Functionalities  Social Features  Additional Workflows  Excel Services etc.  Term Store Core Functionalities  Sites  Lists and Libraries  Web Parts  Document Management (partially)  Simple Workflows  MS Office Connections + + SharePoint Online
  8. 8. SHAREPOINT BUILDING BLOCKS Libraries1 ListsDiscussions Calendar Typical components in a SharePoint Site 1 Libaries are specialized lists for holding documents
  9. 9. SHAREPOINT BUILDING BLOCKS List Library Same Content
  10. 10. SHAREPOINT BUILDING BLOCKS List in SharePoint: here Task List Library in SharePoint View Filter View Filter
  11. 11. SHAREPOINT BUILDING BLOCKS Lists Libraries Lists are editable, web based tables and look similar to Excel or Access spreadsheets SharePoint provides several predefined and customizable lists Lists can be sorted and filtered using the column headings Deleted list items can be restored by the Recycle bin Libaries are lists with the focus on holding documents and assets in it. Behaviour very much like lists. SharePoint provides several predefined and customizable libraries Libraries can be sorted and filtered using the column headings Upload of documents via the browser or Windows Explorer Provides document management features like check in and check out and versioning etc. Deleted items can be restored by the recycle bin
  12. 12. Web Part Pane
  15. 15. SOCIAL FEATURES Mention Hashtag Like Share Site Follow Site
  16. 16. SOCIAL FEATURES Blogging Tools for Site Owner
  18. 18. ROLES AND PERMISSIONS Site owner Full control Contains all permissions Site members Contribute Can view, add, edit, update and delete items in existing lists and document libraries Readers Read Can view pages and list items and download documents Designer Design Can view, add, update, delelete, approve, and customize
  19. 19. ROLES AND PERMISSIONS Site List or library Folder Document or item Inheritance Don’t break inheritance, unless it is really necessary. The SharePoint roles and permission scheme is not suitable for handling complex permission plans. PLEASE NOTE:
  20. 20. ROLES AND PERMISSIONS Portal Divisions Departments Teams Project Groups Internal Blogs My Sites (Bios, Blogs, Social) Increasingrigidityofgovernance Few authors/many readers Many authors Corporate Communication Central Taxonomy Central Navigation Enterprise Search Division News Business Processes Resources Personal
  22. 22. SITES AND SITE COLLECTIONS A Site can have Multiple Sub Sites Top Level Site Sub Sites Sub Sub Sites
  23. 23. SITES AND SITE COLLECTIONS Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Field 1 Field 2 Field 3 Top Level site Sub Sites Sub Sub Site Site Collection Site Collection 2 1 3 Lists Fields List Items 4 5 Site Architecture and Object Model Overview
  24. 24. !
  25. 25. SERVICE OFFERING IN GERMANY Information Design Facilitation Training Business analyses, sub project management or project collaboration for the set up of your knowledge management with SharePoint Facilitation of workshops with the key topics taxonomy and meta data, SharePoint governance and change management Development of company specific training – also as blended learning and specific video training Need Help with SharePoint?
  26. 26. XING/ClaudiaFrank Google+/Frank Slideshare/ClaudiaFrank Youtube/ClaudiaFrank FURTHER QUESTIONS?