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Tarea de ingles


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Tarea de ingles

  1. 1. English evaluation of practical workSchoolgirl : Rocio Niria Segundo 3ro 2da
  2. 2. Destruction of planet
  3. 3. In 80 years, according to scientific studies, our earth will be destroyed by humans generate causes, such as pollution of sea, air and land. This will bring different procedures such as:
  4. 4. melting icecaps ending the life of the animal, as the Polar Bear Drowned dying ...before now after
  5. 5. Other problems: Also not only are melting glaciers and poles, but that because of our attitude to shed debris and trash in nature where we live ..They are destroying thousands of habitat ... as forests, seas, etc..Because of this the ozone layer is being destroyed more and more,this means that UV rays are strongest ever, as the most important layer prevents UV rays from entering the planet with so manyforces, is being destroyed by ourselves, thats what generates the melting poles, diseases such as skin cancer, and that the temperatures are higher and higher Cáncer de piel
  6. 6. Contaminations:
  7. 7. How can we do to slow global warming?
  8. 8. We drive smaller vehicles. heat and cool our buildings moremoderate.The carbon dioxide emissions can bereduced if consumers buy a higherproportion of appliances that use energymore efficiently, such as newrefrigerators. Compact fluorescent lights save atremendous amount of fuel.In the long term, we must extract energyfrom fossil fuels more efficiently anddevelop alternative energy sources thatdo not produce greenhouse gases.Doubling the atmospheric CO2concentration by assuming a level of riskthat we can not assume planet.
  9. 9. Reflection:Through these councils, hope you all take Awareness and put ourtwo cents ... We must take care ofour home, to have a better present for us and a better future for our children ...