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New Year Inspiration: The Best of 2015 for Your Best 2016


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Hundreds of fundraising campaigns were hosted on the Classy platform in 2015, but there were a few that stood out in terms of creativity and engagement with donors.

To share the successes of these campaigns with you, Classy’s Account Managers did some digging to uncover how three nonprofits approach fundraising and why their strategies work.

- How buildOn structures their time based peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns
- How Nuru International's recurring giving program supports their work in different communities in Ethiopia
- How the Texas Mamma Jamma Ride learned registration + fundraising is a more cost effective approach than a fundraise for entry model

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Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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New Year Inspiration: The Best of 2015 for Your Best 2016

  1. 1. New Year Inspiration: The Best of 2015 for Your Best 2016 Join the conversation 
 on Twitter. Tweet @classy, @buildOn, @IAmNuru, @MammaJammaRide
  2. 2. Join the conversation on Twitter. Live Tweet @classy, @buildOn, @IAmNuru, @MammaJammaRide #Classyedu
  3. 3. Tom Silverman 
 Vice President Global Chapters Abby Caschetta 
 Account Manager Meet your hosts Billy Williams 
 Strategic Partnerships Director Hope Smith 
 Executive Director
  5. 5. buildOn’s Peer-to-Peer 
 Fundraising Machine
  6. 6. OVERVIEW: • Mission: To break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations through service and education • Campaign: Spread Our Movement, peer-to-peer fundraising • Campaign Goal: 1. Spread buildOn's movement by reaching new stakeholders 2. Recruit new donors to buildOn • Total Amount Raised: $120,000 Get to Know buildOn Image attached to Asana task — build:On_1 BUILDON
  7. 7. A QUICK BREAKDOWN: • Student Chapter Networks fundraise as teams • Each team member commits to raising $2,000 • buildOn provides fundraising resources and guidance • Fundraisers receive consistent communications throughout the campaign Campaign Structure BUILDON
  8. 8. • Provides students with an opportunity to sponsor the construction of primary schools in the developing world • Gives student chapter networks an easy way to collectively fundraise • Empowers participants to personalize their fundraising pages Why peer-to-peer fundraising? Image attached to Asana task — build:On_2 BUILDON
  9. 9. Key Communications • Kicks off the campaign promotion at the annual Global Chapter Conference • Continues communication with chapter members to encourage participation • Sends emails and speaks with team members in person to provide tips on how to run a successful fundraising campaign BUILDON
  10. 10. BEST PRACTICES: • Provides support to fundraisers to help them hit their goals • Sends customized emails unique to a fundraisers progress • Sends emails designed to celebrate a chapter’s fundraising success when goals are met • Promotes incentives to encourage students to fundraise BUILDON Fundraising Engagement Strategy
  11. 11. LESSONS LEARNED: • Peer-to-peer fundraising is an effective way to recruit new donors • Take the time to provide fundraisers with resources and guidance • Create a sense of urgency among fundraisers to help them hit their goals • Use major gifts as fundraising incentives in peer-to-peer campaigns BUILDON Key Takeaways
  12. 12. Nuru International’s Secret 
 to Recurring Giving
  13. 13. Get to Know Nuru International OVERVIEW: • Mission: Social venture on a mission to end extreme poverty in remote rural areas • Campaign: Catalyst, recurring giving program launched in fall of 2014 • Campaign Goal: 1. Rebrand pre-existing recurring giving campaign 2. Give supporters an opportunity to be stakeholders in Nuru’s mission • Total Amount Raised: $650,000 Image from Nuru - attached to asana task NURU INTERNATIONAL
  14. 14. A FEW REASONS: • Offers donors another way to give back and focuses on stewardship • Creates donor connectivity and streamlines donation requests • Provides steady revenue and more reliable financial projections Screenshot of this checkout page — https:// checkout/donation? eid=31486 NURU INTERNATIONAL Why recurring giving?
  15. 15. A QUICK BREAKDOWN: • Donors choose a community to support • Donors select a monthly donation value, which corresponds with different levels of impact • Receive ongoing communications detailing the impact of their monthly gift Campaign Structure NURU INTERNATIONAL
  16. 16. • Cultivate the mindset that donors are stakeholders in your mission • Invite one core group of supporters to join first • Communicate the impact of a monthly donation right off the bat Community of Monthly Donors We have cultivated a mindset that our donors are stakeholders in our mission. In turn, this allows our supporters to have a tangible vision into what Nuru is accomplishing on the ground.” 
 Billy Williams, Nuru International NURU INTERNATIONAL “
  17. 17. BEST PRACTICES: • Invite existing recurring donors to join, if you have them! • Ask one-time donors to get involved in a more tangible way • Reconnect with donors who have disengaged with your mission and invite them to join Engagement Strategy NURU INTERNATIONAL
  18. 18. LESSONS LEARNED: • Donors want an opportunity to give back in a more tangible and consistent way • Invite recurring donors to participate in other annual campaigns • Send donors updates on the impact of their monthly gifts Can we take a screenshot of this page — http:// donate/catalyst/hambisa- ethiopia/ NURU INTERNATIONAL Key Takeaways
  19. 19. Texas Mamma Jamma Ride’s 
 Fundraise for Entry Model
  20. 20. Get to Know Texas Mamma Jamma Ride OVERVIEW: • Mission: Dedicated to raising funds to help families in their local community facing breast cancer. • Campaign: Texas Mamma Jamma Ride, fundraise for entry to event • Campaign Goal: 1. Support nine local organizations who help Central Texas families facing breast cancer by providing a range of services for diagnosis, treatment, and care after treatment • Total Amount Raised: $301,275 Place image Mamma Jamma - 074 here. Image attached to asana task TEXAS MAMMA JAMMA RIDE
  21. 21. A QUICK BREAKDOWN: • Fundraise for entry model • No event registration fee • Individual riders required to raise a minimum amount to participate in the event • Decreased the fundraising requirement from years prior
 — $500 to $300 Campaign Structure TEXAS MAMMA JAMMA RIDE
  22. 22. • The registration + fundraising model presented challenges (i.e., 100% participation around fundraising requirements) • Fundraise for entry requires all individual riders to raise a minimum amount Why fundraise for entry? TEXAS MAMMA JAMMA RIDE
  23. 23. • Early push for registrations via email and social media at least 5 months in advanced • Publish 2-3 blog posts per week to reinforce the importance of fundraising • Send fundraisers weekly recaps linking out to recent blog posts Key Communications TEXAS MAMMA JAMMA RIDE
  24. 24. Fundraising Engagement Strategy BEST PRACTICES: • Provide fundraisers with resources and creative ideas to help them achieve their goals • Segment communications based on a person’s fundraising progress • Send emails announcing fundraising incentives for those who have yet to hit their goal • Target the use of matching pledges based on a person’s fundraising progress TEXAS MAMMA JAMMA RIDE
  25. 25. LESSONS LEARNED: • Fewer people signed up for the event, but those who did were engaged and active fundraisers • Focus first on the people who can bring the most value to your event • Set a challenging fundraising minimum Key Takeaways Screenshot of this page — https:// fundraisers.mammajamm e69257 TEXAS MAMMA JAMMA RIDE
  26. 26. Questions?
  27. 27. The Fundraising Strategy Proven to 
 Grow an Annual 5K Upcoming Webinar The Y in Central Maryland shares how their fundraising strategy is constantly evolving as they continue to grow their event year-over-year.