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October Newsletter

  1. 1. TELACU EDUCATIONFOUNDATIONSPECIALPOINTS OF Classic Upward Bound II O C T O B E R 2 0 1 1INTEREST: Oct. 1st: SAT Personal Statement Workshop 09/17/2011 Test Date Oct. 22nd: ACT Test Date Oct 8 & 9: JP Morgan San Diego Trip On Saturday September 17, applications and essays. on Saturday Nov.19, 2011 2011 twelve senior scholars For the month of October have If you would like to receive as- Oct. 15 &16: Big participated in a Personal State- Bear Trip the following ready: sistance from Erica on your per- ment workshop provided by sonal statement please e-mail Erica and Lisa. Register for the SAT/ACT Oct. 22: Sat. her at the following : Academy on Dec. 2011 During this workshop the schol- ericamrosales@gmail.com (Private School) Have 4 CSU Campuses ars received information on ready (Research if they and please CC me various colleges, application mperez@TELACUtrio.org deadlines, and the importance of have your major) writing an effective personal Also, the TELACU Classic Up- Have 4 UC Campuses statement. Scholars also took ward Bound Staff is here to as- ready (Research if they this opportunity to meet with sist you through your journey have your major) Erica and Lisa and received feed- please contact us if you need back on their personal state- If applying to Private Col- help. ments. leges make sure you re- Seniors please remember that search for deadlines and deadlines for college applications application are coming up in the next two PERSONAL STATE- Seniors working on their Personal months. Make sure that you are MENT 4th draft in order Statement taking time to work on your to meet with Erica and Lisa HAPPY Los Angeles Zoo 09/24/2011BIRTHDAY!! RAYMUNDO R. 10/06 NEFERTARI R. On Saturday September 24, 2011 colleges/universities that offer a 10/08 twenty-five scholars participated degree in Zoology. in the cultural visit to the Los At the zoo the scholars had the CARLOS B. Angeles Zoo, During the week of opportunity to ride the Safari 10/20 Sep.20-22, 2011 the scholars Shuttle in order to see the differ- took part of a Careers at the ent animal enclosures throughout Zoo workshop. During this the Los Angeles Zoo. They also workshop the scholars had the looked at the different animal opportunity to learn more about enclosures in order to learn the different careers at the zoo more about them and their living Scholars at the Los Angeles Zoo in the fields of biology, medicine habits. It was a day full of adven- and public relations, working tures and lots of learning! conditions, and the different
  2. 2. Earn Tickets by: Attending Tutoring Sessions We would like to remind everyone of the tutoring structure for the Participating in Workshops new academic year. To make the most of our time together it is your job to sign in, find a seat, take out your study/hw materials, Attending Saturday Academies and be ready for the weekly workshop to begin. After the work- Receiving Good Grades shop is done, we will take a five minute break and distribute the Perfect Attendance snacks. Workshops will be based on college entrance require- Receiving Honor Roll Awards ments, different colleges, majors, careers, financial assistance, Reading the Newsletter and other topics related to higher education. Be prepared to prac- tice SAT/ACT/CAHSEE problems at every tutoring session. Prizes Candy Bags/BackpacksAt every tutoring session and other CUB II events students will have the opportunity White Outto earn tickets to “purchase” items from our very own CUB II store. Earn points by College Gearvolunteering to answer questions, earning good grades, and attending Saturday UmbrellaAcademies. Tickets may be used to reserve a seat on a field trip withlimited seating or be exchanged for the items (see items at right). School SuppliesPrizes are subject to change. This is an incentive program meant to Flash Drivesstimulate student involvement and reward good behavior and stu-dent accomplishments. Tickets will be redeemable for prizes at theend of Saturday Academies. Brenda Dueñas: Lincoln High School Brenda’s Top Three Universities: Stanford University, UC Berkeley, and UC Irvine Intended Major: Engineering Brenda on the Upward Bound Program: “Being in the program has benefited me by letting me experience the college life, teaching me things like time management, note taking, the four systems of higher education, I was able to visit campuses I probably wouldnt have myself, and I also got to benefit from the SAT prep. Without that preparation I wouldnt have been ready for the SAT at all. I learned a lot of little things that helped me out so much.” Brenda’s Word of Advice: “Underclassmen, dont ever procrastinate! It is the worst thing you can do. Keep up with dead- lines! Keep yourself organized, it is the best thing you can do for yourself, nothing will ever come back and fall apart in front of you if you do keep organized. Always have confidence in yourself, if you believe in yourself nothing anyone else says will ever bring you down.” Favorite Quote: "Be who you want to be, not what others want to see...."
  3. 3. The CampusPitzer College is a private residential liberal arts college locatedin Claremont, California, a college town approximately 30 miles (48 km) eastof downtown Los Angeles. Pitzer College is one of the Claremont Colleges.Pitzer College has a curricular emphasis on the social sciences, behavioralsciences, international programs, and media studies. As one of the Clare-mont Colleges, consortium resources (libraries, dining halls, etc.) are sharedand students from the school are encouraged to take classes at the otherfour undergraduate Claremont Colleges as well as at Pitzer. Likewise, stu-dents from the other Claremont Colleges are permitted to take classes atPitzer. For More Info Visit: www.pitzer.edu Admissions ProcessQuick Facts (2011) Pitzer will exempt students graduating in the top 10% of their class, or 1,080 Undergrads those who have an unweighted cumulative grade-point average of 62% Women, 38% Men 3.50 or higher in academic subjects (i.e., courses in the humanities, 274 First Time Freshman mathematics, sciences and social sciences) from having to submit any 11:1 Student-to-Faculty Ratio standardized tests (i.e., ACT or SAT). Applicants not falling into either 3,743 Applicants one of those categories will be required to submit at least one of the 26% Admission Rate following options: Avg. Financial Aid Package: $38,832 ACT with Writing $12 million in Scholarships SAT Scores Semester System Two or more AP test scores of at least 4 (One in English the other in Application Deadline: Jan. 1st, Math or a Natural Science. 2 Tickets for each correct answer!
  4. 4. October 2011 (CSU Month) Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 SAT TEST DATE2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Tutoring at WHS Tutoring at SGHS Tutoring at BHS Tutoring at LHS Registration JP Morgan San Rm. 313 Rm. B-1 Rm. 132 Rm. 128 Diego Trip deadline for 3:00pm– 4:30pm 3:00pm– 4:30pm 3:20pm– 4:30pm 3:00pm– 4:30pm SAT Meet at Academic Advisement (WHS & SGHS) TELACU 6:30am CSU Workshop During Tutoring (ALL Schools)9 10 11 12 PSAT Test 13 14 15JP Morgan San Tutoring at WHS Tutoring at SGHS Tutoring at BHS Tutoring at LHS Big Bear Trip Diego Trip Rm. 313 Rm. B-1 Rm. 132 Rm. 128 Meet at 3:00pm– 4:30pm 1:16pm– 3:00pm 3:20pm– 4:30pm 3:00pm– 4:30pm Return to TELACU TELACU 5:30am 5:00pm CSU Workshop During Tutoring (ALL Schools)16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Big Bear Trip Tutoring at WHS Tutoring at SGHS Tutoring at BHS Tutoring at LHS ACT TEST Return to Rm. 313 Rm. B-1 Rm. 132 Rm. 128 DATE 3:00pm– 4:30pm 3:00pm– 4:30pm 3:20pm– 4:30pm 3:00pm– 4:30pm TELACU Private School 2:30pm Workshop Academic Advisement ( WHS,SGHS,BHS & LHS) (8:30am-1pm) Everyone CSU Workshop During Tutoring (ALL Schools)23 24 25 26 27 28 29 Tutoring at WHS Tutoring at SGHS Tutoring at BHS Tutoring at LHS Rm. 313 Rm. B-1 Rm. 132 Rm. 128 3:00pm– 4:30pm 1:16pm– 3:00pm 3:20pm– 4:30pm 3:00pm– 4:30pm Academic Advisement Senior Only ( All School Sites)30 31 Andrea Solis Program Coordinator Tutoring at WHS asolis@TELACUtrio.org Rm. 313 Mayra A. Perez Academic Counselor 3:00pm– 4:30pm mperez@TELACUtrio.org CSU Priority Noe Mora Academic Advisor Deadline for CSU LOS ANGELES Seniors academicadvisor@TELACUtrio.org Office Number (323)832-5331 Facebook Classic Upward Bound II CSU BAKERFIELD CSU LONG BEACH