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  1. 1. FOR OFFICE USE ONLY: PATHWAYS ACADEMY Discounted Tuition Paid: Regular Tuition Paid : 2010-11 SEP received: F A MI LY U P DA TE F O RM This form should only be used by families currently enrolled in Pathways Academy who are seeking to re-enroll with Pathways Academy for a new, consecutive school year. Please read this form and fill it out carefully. Return this form to the Pathways Resource Center or mail to PO Box 5273, Glencoe, AL 35905 on or before August 18, 2011 to avoid paying a $25 late fee. (Note: August 18, 2011 is the date that the form must be received in our office; this is not a postmarked by date.) Re-enrolling families may be eligible for a $10 discount if enrollment is renewed on or before Thursday, July 28, 2011. To be eligible for this discount, the 2011-12 paperwork MUST BE PICKED UP from the Resource Center during office hours, or PRINTED from the school website, If your paperwork must be mailed, your family is not be eligible for the discount. Parent/Guardian’s Name Birthdate Home Address: City: Zip: Phone : Cell or Alt. #: Email: Profession (present or former): Employer: Spouse’s Name Birthdate Profession: Employer: Primary Instructor (If not a parent or guardian): Phone: Fax: Email: School District that your family currently resides in: Church your family attends: Student Information (Please note that you cannot enroll new students simply by adding them to this form. A Church School Enrollment Form is required for enrollment.) Full Name of Homeschooling Student(s) Enrolled Age Grade Entering New Student?Have there been any changes in the following areas since enrolling or updating last year?1. Change in your contact information, address, phone, etc.? ___________________________________________1. Change in your marital status or living arrangements?_______________________________________________2. Change in custody arrangements?_______________________________________________________________3. Change in primary instructor’s work schedule?_____________________________________________________4. Any legal action (accused of, arrested for, or convicted of a crime) other than speeding in the last year? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________5. Anyone residing in the home who was not there last year? (please list name and relationship) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________6. Any other changes that you should tell us about?___________________________________________________Please note: A new Church School Enrollment Form (CSEF) is required for re-enrollment.PLEASE READ AND COMPLETE BEFORE RETURNING UPDATE FORM TO SCHOOL OFFICE:You must notify Pathways Academy of any changes in address and phone number in a timely manner. Pathways Academy cannot assume the burden for trackingdown new information. It is the responsibility of the enrolled family to ensure that correct information is supplied for the receipt of school correspondencethroughout the year. If your mail is returned, every effort will be made to contact you. However, if you cannot be reached, your file will be closed and the Board ofEducation will be notified that you are no longer enrolled with Pathways Academy. Please supply the school office with your new address within 5 days ofmoving. Please make an appointment to update your CSEF(s). Updated CSEF(s) must be filed with your local BOE to avoid truancy issues.Please sign form, enclose tuition fees, and return or mail to Pathways Academy Resource Center before the August 18, 2011 deadline. After August 18, 2011, wewill begin processing non-enrollments with the public school boards as required by the law. If enrollment is not updated and 2011-2012 tuition is not paid by thisdate, your file is subject to being closed and the Board of Education will be notified. Please be aware that if your file is closed, a NEW tuition rate of $125 alongwith a $50 registration fee will be required to re-enroll with Pathways Academy. The Pathways Academy Administration Board also reserves the right to refusere-enrollment.By my signature, I acknowledge that I have read this form in its entirety, understand its content, and agree by the policies stated herein.Parent’s Signature:________________________________________________ Date: ________________________ Pathways Academy is a Homeschooling Ministry of Pathways Family Fellowship