NeXus RV FAQ Presentation 1


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For more information, visit: or call toll-free: 1.855.786.3987

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NeXus RV FAQ Presentation 1

  1. 1. or toll-free 1.855.786.3987
  2. 2. Frequently AskedQuestions about NeXus RVand the Factory Directpurchasing process andbusiness model…………… or toll-free 1.855.786.3987
  3. 3. 1. Where do I get my motorhome serviced if I buy from the Nexus RV factory?1A: Nexus RV has established over 120 Nationwide Service Centers to support their customers. The location of these service centers can be found @ . Also most of the major components used by Nexus RV have their own independent service centers. Specifically, Ford Motor Company, Guardian Generator, Norcold Air Conditioners, Colorado Care Free Awning, have hundred of certified technicians throughout North America. or toll-free 1.855.786.3987
  4. 4. 2. Do you take motorhome and towable RV trades?2A: Nexus RV takes all types of trades. They have taken boats, cars, motorcycles, and all types of Class C Motorhome, Class B+ Motorhome, and Class A Motorhomes. In fact, Nexus RV is very open in the sales process. The owners of the company will show anyone who is interested the NADA BOOK used to determine trade in values. No games or hassles in trading your used RV with Nexus RV. or toll-free 1.855.786.3987
  5. 5. 3. Do I have to come to the Nexus RV Factory to pick it up or order your motorhome?3A: No. Nexus RV is excited to have any customer interested in visiting the companys campus in Elkhart, IN., Come at anytime. Nexus also realize that some people cannot or do not want to come to Indiana to buy or pick up their Class C Motorhome or Class B+ Motorhome. In these cases Nexus will deliver your order Motorhome to your driveway. Nexus contracts out the delivery to a selected third party that is very knowledgeable and will orient you to your new Class C Motorhome. Also if you want to order your Class C motorhome in the ease of your home, Nexus RV had produced several product videos that will give you a lot of information about design and functionality. Also, Nexus has a type program and will provide an on-demand walk-a-round feature-benefit presentation over the internet. Nexus RV was developed for the customer, you decide! or toll-free 1.855.786.3987
  6. 6. 4. Can I come to the factory to order my motorhome?4A: Yes. Nexus RV has developed the most comprehensive buying experience in the RV industry. Many customers visit the 10 acre campus in Elkhart, IN. to view how Nexus RV builds the best Class C Motorhome and Class B+ Motorhome. You will see all 17 stations at work and be able to ask any questions about construction techniques or engineering principles that make the product great. Also, you will sit down with the owners of Nexus RV, Dave Middleton or Claude Donati, and they will personally answer all of your questions while you decide on specific options and colors. No other manufacturer offers these VIP treatments. Nexus RV owners personally guarantee your satisfaction with the buyer process. Factory direct will not only save you money will be more satisfied with your new motorhome. or toll-free 1.855.786.3987
  7. 7. 5. What is the process if or when I order a motorhome?5A: When you are ready to finalize the order of your New Nexus Phantom Class C Motorhome or Nexus Viper Class B+ Motorhome it is very easy. First, after finalizing how you would like your motorhome built. Dave or Claude will tabulate the cost of your Class C Motorhome or Class B+ Motorhome. Nexus RV will begin production of your motorhome with a 10% down payment. This 10% down payment is Nonrefundable. In the event, Nexus RV may require your trade be used as down payment to avoid any further depreciation. Production of a unit can take anywhere from 8 weeks to 12 weeks depending on the time of year. or toll-free 1.855.786.3987
  8. 8. 6. Does Nexus RV offer financing on the purchase?6A: Yes. Nexus RV has established a strong relationship with several national lenders, In 2012, Nexus RV expects to double the number of lendors used. The process for applying for financing is easy. If you go to the home page and scroll down the front page to "financing", you will then see a "credit application". If you fill out that application the loan department at Nexus RV will process the information. Just hit "submit". If applying on-line is not your thing, call 1-855-RV-NEXUS toll-free and speak to the owners Dave Middleton or Claude Donati and they will answer all your Class C Motorhomes and Class B+ Motorhomes financing needs. or toll-free 1.855.786.3987
  9. 9. 7. Are you an RV dealer?7A: Yes. Nexus RV is a licensed RV manufacturer as well as a licensed RV dealership in the state of Indiana. The dualistic status allows Nexus RV to give the customer the best of both worlds. Nexus RV eliminates the middleman and improves the entire buying experience to assure the RVer gets the most and best experience for their money. Due to some restrictions, Nexus RV may only be able to show or demonstrate products and, direct the customer back to the internet/website for finalizing the deal. or toll-free 1.855.786.3987
  10. 10. 8. Are you a bonded RV dealer / manufacturer?8A: Yes. As a licensed dealer and manufacturer we are required to be bonded by the State of Indiana. This bond is in place to assure that all our customers are protected and they can order their Class C Motorhome or Class B+ Motorhome with the confidence their money is protected. Although Nexus is well capitalized the bond gives you the added security. or toll-free 1.855.786.3987
  11. 11. 9. Where is your RV dealership / manufacturing company located?9A: Nexus RV has a 10-acre campus in Elkhart, Indiana in the RV capital of the world. Nexus RV has two beautiful facilities on the I80/90 Toll Road about 1-1/2 hours east of Chicago and 12 hours west of New York City. Check out our facility ( Our dealership has a 25,000 square foot Indoor Showroom with electric hookup for the RVer to use. Also, there is a 86,000 SQ. FT. facility for the state of the art production of the Viper Class B+ and Phantom Class C and the future production facility of the Class A. or toll-free 1.855.786.3987
  12. 12. 10. Who owns Nexus RV?10A: Nexus RV LLC is an Indiana Company owned and operated by the companys founders Claude Donati (President) and Dave Middleton (Vice-President). In order to have a strong financial position these founders sold shares in the company to several seasoned and stout business people. These Business Experts includes an RV Manufacturer, a RV Dealer, a Steel Mogul, and several Retired CFO/CEO of Huge Companies. Nexus RV is financially strong. or toll-free 1.855.786.3987
  13. 13. For more information, visit: or call toll-free 1.855.786.3987 or toll-free 1.855.786.3987