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For more information, visit: or call toll-free: 1.855.786.3987

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Customer testimonials presentation_2

  1. 1. Testimonials From Actual NeXus RVCustomers! or toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  2. 2. These guys will go out of their way tomake changes and to do it correctly.~DeJonghe, 29Viper owners, Michigan or toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  3. 3. My wife and I think nexus is one of the most innovative andprogressive manufacturers of Class C’s in the industry today.We are so happy to have made 2 new friends in Claude and David.NeXus truly is a family from the owners to the craftsmen to thecustomers.It was such a pleasure to get the grand tour and for us to order ourNexus RV!!!Thank you so much for your hospitality and we actually had one of thebest times we’ve had. Everything was just perfect and I can’t even begintotell you how excited we are with the placement of our order.Following is a link to my write up of our NeXus visit and what we sawand our overall opinion of the NeXus product. Secor & Melissa Goodwin, New Mexico or toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  4. 4. The Viper 27V is the very best motorhome I haveever owned. The team at Nexus RV is committedto making sure the customer is happy. I wouldhighly recommend buying your motorhomefrom Nexus RV because they not only saved memoney, they built the unit the way that I wantedit!~ Ruevan Lev-tov - Silver Springs, Maryland or toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  5. 5. Dave and Claude "made our day." There is nobetter way to purchase an RV than the businessmodel Nexus RV has set up for their customers.After speaking briefly with several of youremployees, I am confident that they will do agreat job in constructing our 28 footer.~ Tom Long - West Virginia or toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  6. 6. We just returned from the Nexus RV factorywhere we placed our order for the Phantom 23P!David Middleton, Claude Donati, and all thepeople at the factory treated us more like familythan a customer. This is our 4th RV in 40 years.The quality of every part and workmanship is veryimpressive! We are excited about our new motorhome. Thanks for everything.~ Carl & Carla Sessions - Georgia or toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  7. 7. I just wanted to say this. Ive worked in the RV business for16 years, and I have never seen a production facility asclean as NeXus RV.From the production floor to the restrooms, nothing is outof place and everything is spotless. And by the way, yourproduct is top notch.And I love the fact of Dealer Direct, cutting out the middleman, saving the consumer thousands of dollars...Outstanding!~ Andrew O’Connor - Indiana or toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  8. 8. We love our 23P!~ The Grybash Family,Florida or toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  9. 9. or toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  10. 10. NeXus RVwould like tothank all it’scustomers! or toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  11. 11. Thank you forviewing thispresentation! or toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  12. 12. For more information, visit: or call toll-free: 1.855.786.3987 or toll-free: 1.855.786.3987