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About nexus rv


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About Ne

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About nexus rv

  1. 1. Factory Direct Motorhomes toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  2. 2. About Us toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  3. 3. The first Class C Motorhome built by NeXus RV! toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  4. 4. Nexus RV was formed by lifelong friendsClaude Donati and David Middleton,experts in the recreational vehicle field,with the pioneering concept of buildingand selling motor homes on the samecampus – one that includes 86,000 squarefeet of manufacturing space and a 25,000square foot climate-controlled indoorshowroom. toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  5. 5. It also offers perimeter outdoorhookups so customers can “test-drive”their new Viper Class B+ motorhome orPhantom Class C motorhome for a 24-hour period or longer before they driveaway, ensuring complete satisfactionfrom the start. toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  6. 6. “We build your dream” by revolutionizingthe way Class B + Motorhomes and Class CMotorhomes are sold. Located in the heartof RV country in Elkhart, Indiana, it is theintent of Nexus to eliminate all areas ofwaste in the selling process and deliver thehighest quality exclusively built motorizedproduct directly to you, the retail customer. toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  7. 7. Whether you take advantage of NexusFly & Drive program or On-Demandvideo studio, our mission is to providecustomers with the best RV experiencepossible through value, quality, andservice AND save you thousands ofdollars in the process. toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  8. 8. We also have a Nexus Certified pre-ownedinventory that has passed our 100-point factoryperformed stringent test. This means that unlikeany other dealer in the country, our used motorhomes meet the highest standards becausethey are inspected and tested in ourmanufacturing facility on the same line wherewe build the Viper Class B+ Motorhome andPhantom Class C Motorhome. toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  9. 9. Company’sCoreValues toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  10. 10. Customers are #1:We will deliver products thatare recognized as thestandard in quality andvalue. toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  11. 11. Company Success:We are committed togrowth and financialsuccess of the business . toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  12. 12. Respect:We treat everyonewith dignity toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  13. 13. Teamwork:We believe our successwill be built on theplatform of teamwork. toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  14. 14. Learning:We will educate ouremployees to enhance ourquality through leanprinciples. toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  15. 15. Integrity:We commit toexcellence and standby our word. toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  16. 16. Leadership:We will lead theindustry with a newbusiness model forselling RV’s. toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  17. 17. Community:We are leaders andwe are active in thecommunity. toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  18. 18. Spirit:We will fight for everydeal and we will not besatisfied unless we earnit. toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  19. 19. Production Facility toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  20. 20. Indoor Showroom toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  21. 21. Sales Office toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  22. 22. On- Demand Studio toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  23. 23. Family Room toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  24. 24. Thank you for viewing this “About Us”presentation about NeXus RV.For more information, visit:http://www.nexusrv.comor call toll-free: 1.855.786.3987 toll-free: 1.855.786.3987
  25. 25. Factory Direct Motorhomes toll-free: 1.855.786.3987