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NeXus RV

  1. 1. Nexus RV Factory Direct Motorhome Sales
  2. 2. Where are we now?
  3. 3. At Nexus RV, we have completed our first fullyear in business and we have enjoyed greatsuccess and progress toward building the bestClass C and Class B+ buying experience everseen in the industry.Factory Direct works! Take advantage of it.
  4. 4. Our product at Nexus RV has immediately achievedrecognition as one of the best products in its class. ThePhantom Class C was selected by the focus family for theHGTV RV 2012 show during shooting at the Hershey PA RVShow. Their selection was based on high quality componentsand construction and functional floor plan design as well asthe huge savings verse the competition. The Viper was alsochosen by the focus family for many of the unmatchedupgrades offered in the unique design of the Nexus RVproducts.
  5. 5. In our first year we had over 2000 visitors to our beautiful 10 Acresfacility in which we offer an “anytime” plant tour philosophy. If weare there, you are welcome to walk the production line and see yourproduct being built. This intimate view of the construction of theunits has been a big benefit to customers as they are finalizing theirdecision on what product to buy. There is one thing for certain, oncecustomers see our production line, they buy Nexus! Our staff hasdone a great job of maintaining the highest standard of cleanlinessand quality. The quality being built by the seasoned staff at Nexus RVis impressive. We have delivered over 120 units and our product hasreceived big compliments from our owners.
  6. 6. We have established a large service network throughout the USand Canada and look forward to offering the best service supportverse any dealership and manufactures. We believe that the servicerelationship starts with a great orientation. We finalized the installationof 10 hookups on our campus to offer a comprehensive productorientation when you pick up your unit. For those that simply wantto have the unit delivered to your driveway, we have finalizedmany product videos to answer any questions you may have.
  7. 7. We offer 8 models in two categories: Phantom Class C and Viper ClassB+ products. These models are the most popular models sold in theindustry with the added twist of being built on the strongest and mostthought out design. Specifically, the all steel cage construction givingyou 72% stronger protection was a big part of why people choseour product, safety first! Also, our 5” truly seamless fiberglass roofmade huge impressions on all those people that took a plant tour in2011.Nexus RV has designed several other impressive product features thatmake the Phantom and the Viper the best in their class and worthy ofthe attention they have received in the first year in the market.
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  11. 11. For more information on all NeXus RV products, visit:www.nexusrv.comFor new Class C Phantom Motorhomes visit: new Class B+ Viper Motorhomes visit: complete listings including pre-owned Class A, B+, and C Motorhomesas well as travel trailers and complete new inventory listings, visit:NeXus RV’s Inventory PageOr call toll-free with any questions or comments:1-855-786-3987