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Jc cv booklet


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Jc cv booklet

  1. 1. John Clarvis Data Strategy Director Curriculum Vitae July 2013
  2. 2. Opening letter Dear Jacquie and Jamie, This is my CV/portfolio. Since most of my work is visual, or presented it made sense to present my CV in this format. I have also provided a brief analysis of We Are Social, to give you an impression of my work It is also available digitally here. I am very excited to have been invited to interview at We Are Social and believe that a dedicated social agency would be able to draw significant benefit from my skills and experience I have a firm belief that social and digital data has the ability to transform the media industry for the better, from the basics of simply knowing the facts, to real time planning and agile strategy. For the last 2 years at MEC I have endeavoured to bring this vision to life by building new products, speaking, presenting (internally and externally) and most importantly demonstrating the strategic and monetary value of data driven strategy. Bitly Link Double check contents Contents Page 3-5: Key products Page 6-7: WAS analytics Page 8: Pitch Teams Page 9: Awards and Publications Page 10: Skills Page 11: Education Pages 12-17: Work Experience
  3. 3. Key products developed 2012-2013 Geo-social analysis: Automatically plots the locations of social media mentions, weighted on sentiment, frequency or topic Interest Graphs: Analyses social text data to extract themes and topics. Visualises the connections between topics and the flow of conversation
  4. 4. Key products developed 2012-2013 Social TV Optimisation: Identifies TV programs and audiences with a social following. Optimises budget by identifying high reach, low cost programmes for ad purchase SoSearch: combines data sources to provide new angles of insight discovery. Used by DOH to plan flu vaccine distribution and advertising
  5. 5. Key products developed 2012-2013 Project Black : Social media crisis detection, prediction and management tool. Detects changes in the social sphere to alert PR teams to potential crisis. Automatically predicts hourly volumes and locations of mentions. Provides topic mutation and trends to allow for real time crisis management.
  6. 6. What does Social Media tell me about WAS? Key Clients include: Adidas Redbull Jaguar WAS is a top Digital Agency In the last 12 months WAS has capitalised on: Mobile and Visual Media including: Instagram Tumblr Vine Pinterest Social media is native at all levels of the business @RobinGrant Co-founder & Global Managing Director Adidas “Nitrocharge” Redbull “Taking instagram to the streets” Jaguar #yourturnbritain
  7. 7. Despite being an international agency – the large majority of WAS mentions originate from across the UK, particularly in East London
  8. 8. Pitch teams Pitch Teams 2012-2013
  9. 9. Awards Awards and Publications MEC: Thoroughly Deserving. Nominated 8 times in 2 years MEC: Magnificent Manager: Nomination MEC: Rising Talent: Highest Submission score MRS: Best Research Innovation : Finalist MRG: Best Research Innovation Award : Nomination Warc publication AdMap on the importance of visualization in big data analysis (
  10. 10. Skills Skills Product Development Lead role in the development of four key MEC analytical tools Creative approach to problem solving and product development provided MEC with competitive edge in 2012-2013 pitch period Quantitative analysis and reporting Statistical Modeling – up to date knowledge and experience on modern statistical techniques and application to digital and no traditional data sets Social media and digital research Development of new analysis techniques and metrics to provide valuable insights into social media and digital data Development of social media/digital passive monitoring and analysis platforms Managing, integrating and analyzing large multi-source data files into actionable insight driven reports Data mining of data using text analysis and structural equation modeling All major social monitoring tools, Sysomos, Radian6, Brandwatch, Quintly,. Software Skills Advanced usage of R-Statistics HTML 5 and Javascript visualizations Advanced knowledge and extensive experience of using SPSS Python programming
  11. 11. Qualifications Education PhD (partially completed) Psychology. Keele University 2006-2008. Funded wholly by ESRC research award. MSc. Psychological Research Methods (Music Psychology) . Keele University. 2005-2006 Grade: Pass BSc. (Hons) Psychology. Hull University. Grade: 2.1. Assessed via examinations, Coursework and completion of an independent research dissertation.
  12. 12. Work Experience Data Strategy Director : August 2013-present Data Visualisation Consultant: October 2012:July 2013 Social Media Manger – October 2011- October 2012
  13. 13. Interest graph Data Strategy Director: July 2013- present • Lead on new product development • Developing POC analytics technology • Managing product development and developer teams • Communicating new product development to management board and prospective clients • Developing new products in collaboration with teams across MEC, TV, Press, Social and Digital • Key member of New Business team for all pitches, recently including Coca Cola, EDF and Direct Line Group • Internal and external PR/public speaking on technology, analytics and media
  14. 14. Interest graph Data Visualisation Consultant: October 2012 – July 2013 • Product development lead on three key strategy projects • Search and Social based predictive real time planning across all clients • Weather based sales predictor for B&Q • TV buying optimization tools based on real time trends and data • Working closely with strategy team in building informed, data driven strategies • Published article in Warc publication AdMap on the importance of visualization in big data analysis ( • Working on pitch teams for Chanel, Kingfisher Group and Danone • Internal and external role in leading and inspiring the spread and democratization of data as a strategic and planning tool • Leading team to proactively win internal and external business
  15. 15. Interest graph Social Media Manager: October 2011- October 2012 • Product lead on MEC’s Interest Graph and Geo-Social products. From initial idea, technical spec, build, internal and external sales.As a result contributed to pitch wins of SAB Miller, Mulberry, J&J and Butlins • Developed Geo-Social product, a tool which visualizes social data geographically at macro and micro levels of detail • Work nominated for Media Research Group Award and Market ResearchAwards for “Next Generation Social Insight” • Built predictive models of Olympic sponsorship ROI, which predicted social mentions to within 90% accuracy • Development of social media metrics derived from big data. • Wrote and presented paper on the development of a Social Net Promoter Score to researchers from the ICG and MRS • Handled all data and quantitative analysis requirements for MEC’s social media team. Streamlined reporting process in preparation of scaling up reporting to meet client demands • Using R statistics reduced reporting time from 3 hours to 10 minutes .
  16. 16. Interest graph GFK NOP – Business and Technology Digital Analytics Consultant (contract) – March-October 2011 • Developed process, analysis and oversaw operations on international flagship Google project combining offline purchase data and online behavioral data. Project optimized Google’s Ad placement and strategy for FMCG category advertising. • Used expertise to develop GFK’s digital analysis procedures as a centre of excellence to be rolled out across the entire company. • Developed method logy for analysis of customer journeys by integrating clickstream and questionnaire data. Analysis yielded segmented customer journeys to optimize Vodafone’s online marketing and ad placement. Worked closely with graphic designer to present complex data as infographics • Contributed insights from data mining to provide key marketing materials to GFK’s flagship digital project, “Connected Life”.
  17. 17. Interest graph Blauw Research: Social Media Analyst/Research Exec: March 2008 – March 2011 • 2008-2010 - Independently one of the first automated social media analysis tools, "Twitter Insights" which automatically collected and sorted brand/company/thematic conversations. Analysis included . K-means clustering and factor analysis. • Developed statistical models of customer satisfaction for BMI. Model allows for targeted improvements in service levels to improve overall satisfaction and recommendation. Also builds predictive models and analysis on proposed strategies and courses of action. Calculates cost/benefit in terms of customer satisfaction, recommendation revenue and return on investment. • Nov 2009 - Presented paper, "No more Questions! The Heisenberg uncertainty principle and Social Media" at Measurement Camp. This paper explored concepts from physics, such as Observer Effects and uncertainty in the context of measuring social media and large scale quantitative studies.