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Secret Vault Vol 3, Issue II – May|
Svastik Trilogy: Conspiracy Files
Secret Vault Vol 3, Issue II – May|
Svastik Trilogy: Conspiracy Files
Shaksgam Valley (Kashmir) Back i...
Secret Vault Vol 3, Issue II – May|
Svastik Trilogy: Conspiracy Files
Mass Illusion & link to Shaksgam...
Secret Vault Vol 3, Issue II – May|
Svastik Trilogy: Conspiracy Files
Whatever these stories or report...
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Secret Vault: Conspiracy Files, Shakgham Valley Incident


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The secret news which the mainstream media is hiding from all of us. Secret societies are controlling information, and we are all slaves for them!
Secret Vault magazine will bring more hidden news like this in the future (if i am alive or not compromised by these powers). By 2015, we will know why Kashmir, Palestine and Tibet issues are issues which certain power do not want resolve and why peace may never come.
Disclaimer: This article/document is a work of fiction. Any details if similar is purely co-incidental.
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Secret Vault: Conspiracy Files, Shakgham Valley Incident

  1. 1. Secret Vault Vol 3, Issue II – May| Svastik Trilogy: Conspiracy Files
  2. 2. Secret Vault Vol 3, Issue II – May| Svastik Trilogy: Conspiracy Files Shaksgam Valley (Kashmir) Back in the News with Tunguska-like Event By Our Correspondent Lyon Picard Paris: An earthquake occurred in the northern part of Kashmir (C.O.C.K – Chinese Occupied and Controlled Kashmir) at around 7:17am local time, May 7. The quake was measured at 3.4 on the Richter scale, with the epicentre located around the Shaksgam Valley (area ceded to China by Pakistan) in the Kashmir region. What has confused the various Meteorological Offices is the jarring of all seismographs in the region. The area is now closed to visitors, and cordoned off by the Chinese Army. There are reports of a group of Norwegian mountaineers, Nordic Rockers, en route to Mount K2 from Shaksgam Valley getting stranded in the area. Chinese and Pakistan armies are coordinating the rescue effort. Satellite pictures from NASA’s ‘Lincoln Near Earth Object Observation Programme’ have shown large tracts of trees flattened over a hundred square km, near Shaksgam River. An asteroid hit is ruled out by Canadian satellite NEOSSat. Shaksgam Valley had been also in the news a month back, with Roscosmos (Russian Federal Space Agency) satellites monitoring the area for Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) reported by certain amateur astronomers, and spiral shaped sky phenomena similar to that which hit Norway’s sky in 2009, a day before US President Obama was going to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. A similar mysterious flattening of trees was seen over 2,000 square km (800 square miles) near the Tunguska River back on June, 1908, in Czarist Russia. More details from Shaksgam Valley are awaited. es Mainstream Media: ISI second in command General Pervez Musa Hussein refuted all allegations that Pakistan establishment is trying to cover up a military experiment conducted in Shaksgam Valley Secret Vault View: Oh Yeah! Just like Building 7 in New York fell at the rate of gravity without anything hitting them in Sep 2001
  3. 3. Secret Vault Vol 3, Issue II – May| Svastik Trilogy: Conspiracy Files Mass Illusion & link to Shaksgam Valley UFO’s what your government is not telling you Various governments around the world are hiding one fact from you – the presence of UFO and aliens amongst us. A growing community of people across multiple countries is questioning the presence of UFO’s in the sky, and also the existence of aliens living amongst us. Even in a recent UN report it is reported that there are claims over 100 million sighting since 1947 with 20,000 plus documented landing. This begs us to question that – Is there any UFO landing, or at-least visitation in India? India is no stranger to the UFO phenomenon historically. In ancient text’s like the Vedas and Mahabharata there was mentions about Vimanas (flying machines). So if ancient Indians had a word for flying machine there is a strong likelihood that such machines existed. Even Alexandra the Great, (in 326 BC) mentioned about flying discs or silvery shields, with fire coming out when he reached India. And little known fact to the people of India is that, Defense Minister General Kashyapa informed the Rajya Sabha (in response to a question), that there is no presence of UFO’s in the Indo-China border. However locals in Ladakh and Kashmir differ and so do Army Jawans posted in that region. Post reports of presence of UFO’s, this team of scientists from Bengaluru visited the area, and took photos of four feet tall humanoid type object. The result the humanoid type object lifted off. There are also other multiple reports ‘Unidentified Luminous Objects’ in the area. This is again expected to increase after the recent weapon testing by China and Pakistan in Shaksgam valley. What did happen on 7th May, 7:17am? Was UFO’s sighted later, responsible? Or was it a scalar weapon test by China and Pakistan? Do not believe mainstream media on this. Tunguska Impact: The disaster area in Tunguska(30 June, 1908, in Czarist Russia) is still riddled with unexplained phenomenon. There are not only powerful magnetic aberrations but various anomalies like pine-tree mutations and rapid tree growth. The area was damaged by explosion, but no radiation has been recorded. When the blast happened shockwaves knocked people 60km from the epicenter and people in London were able to read and play outdoor at midnight. An artist impression on Tunguska impact
  4. 4. Secret Vault Vol 3, Issue II – May| Svastik Trilogy: Conspiracy Files Whatever these stories or reports are, one fact remains. The mainstream media is not giving coverage to these news reports anywhere in the world. What is serious now, is Shaksgam valley been used a testing ground for some kind of weapon. The weapon is of unknown signature, where initial reports indicate it is scalar in nature. Scalar weapons are a weapon category which uses scalar waves. These scalar waves are one-hundred-millionth of a square centimetre only! This means they are finer than X-rays and gamma rays, and makes them unique. One scientist you earlier worked on such waves was Tesla. But he shut down by the guru of capitalism. There were stories and rumours that the Tunguska devastation in 1908 was a due to experiments from Tesla or someone using his technology. There are also rumours that such a weapon or at least knowledge on how to work out a weapon was designed – some sort of a beam weapon or particle weapon or a directed weapon beam. The best example I can give is something you see in a science fiction cartoon – a death ray. USA already has such a weapon, as per conspiracy theorists. For the common earthlings it is known as the HAARP - High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, in Alaska. Portrayed as an ionospheric research program, conspiracy theorists believe that the 360 of antennas can generated a total of over a billion Watts collectively (compared to a radio station broadcast at 50,000 watts only) – and be used as scalar weapon. It will not be surprising than the Chinese armed forces will try to create such a weapon. This is what the Chinese may be trying with Pakistan intelligence agencies in Shaksgam valley. Why Pakistan? Well, Dr. Nasir Abiad Raja has sets up a laboratory in Shaksgam Valley. And we all know who Dr. Nasir is – student of father of Atom bomb, Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer. Dr. Nasir also won Nobel Prize in Physics in the subject of acoustic physics. The worry is the UFO sighting later in the same area. Were they responsible? I doubt it. So make your connections now – Acoustic Physics, Earthquake, No Radiation, Miles of Destruction in a military area! Something is cooking up, and mainstream media is not covering it. Shaksgam valley, also known as Trans-Karakoram tract is an area covering 5,800 km2 in Kashmir. Originally part of State of Jammu and Kashmir in British India. It is claimed by India as Pakistan occupied the region during the first Indo-Pak war in 1947. However Pakistan ceded the land to China in March 1963, against all international norms. The area is mostly inhospitable and sparsely populated. And reports of regular UFO’s sighting are present. For India armed forces getting back the valley is key as the South Side of Shaksgam valley is Siachen Glacier – highest battle field in the world. And if Shaksgam valley is part of India, then one would not need such a large military presence on the glacier. Shaksgam Valley Disclaimer: This article/document is a work of fiction. Any details if similar is purely co-incidental.