U-reka! Big Idea Contest 2012-2013: Back to School Safety


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U-reka! Big Idea Contest 2012-2013: Back to School Safety

  1. 1. The Back to School Safety Initiative A plan for a safer campus, with unlimited opportunities for all. By Rebecca Raphaelson
  2. 2. (Things that keep me up at night.)
  3. 3. What it is- • A new work-study program that adds officers to the University Police Force. • Honorably discharged US Veterans psychologically screened to University and local Police Standards, and with a written work release from a Veteran’s Administration Psychiatrist. • A guaranteed sum of at least $25,000 per Veteran, per year from the GI Bill.
  4. 4. How It Works-• Veterans apply to Clark as a regular student, with an additionalsupplemental application for this program.• Clark provides a small amount of tuition, a meal plan and splits asmall monthly wage payment between a stipend and a savings plan.(Veterans are awarded their savings only upon graduation. If theydrop out, the savings goes back into the program.)• Adds equal job, pay and advancement opportunities for women andveterans.• Enables us to have members of the most highly trained securityforce in the world. Thus, exponentially increasing campus securityand neighborhood safety at a fraction of the current price of aUniversity Police Officer.
  5. 5. ..
  6. 6. In the next 5 years, over 1,000,000 troops will be separatingfrom the US Military. That means, the VA will have jobsavailable for every single major, minor and concentration atClark. Implementing this program will give us first moveradvantage. First to move means first to interview, whichbecomes first on the short list of people to hire. We have the potential to exponentially increase our number of students with jobs upon graduation, and soar through the college rankings.
  7. 7. We can start now! .