Connections of Soul-Mind-Body- Illusion or Hope for Brain Diseases? Pineal gland[C1] (the one Descartes speculated portal ...
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INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY FIVE YEARS LATERChris Ngo, Broadcaster for the Radio Free Asia, 1999, at the dawn of knowledge manag...
YOU WISH YOU COULD DESIGN AN UTOPIA WITH A STROKE OF A SCRIPT PROGRAMMING                                                ...
CDSS Clinical Decision Support System Tools                            context and graph excerpt from HIM text book       ...
FORCEFIELD ANALYSIS ON CONSUMERISM IN HEALTH CARE                       does consumerism impacts on physician work flow?  ...
DATA CURRENCY - QUALITY FACTORSDuring the Data Sets readings coincides the bible: ..."until heaven and earth pass away, no...
Understanding MnemonicMnemonic plays a main part of data interchange standard, for the convenient and practical use of alp...
Kate & William: “Oh, Wow!” When a kiss is not just a kiss, the anthropic principleEven if the constants of nature were sli...
LIFE, A STRANGE DREAM     .                                                   •    Life, a wild dream…•        Trong con m...
HISTORY OF COMPUTER in a snap shot--CN                                                    B.C. Albacus                    ...
Self Portrait
Holy Mother and Child 2011
COUNT YOUR BLESSINGSNowadays access to wealth and power centered the criteria of hiring. The current job    place remains ...
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  • Even if the constants of nature were slightly uneven, it would not have been life created. Full symmetry is recreated when two or three broken symmetries are combined (Hodgson, Peter.” Beauty In Science”, Science and Belief in the Nuclear Age p. 126) My hobby sculpture. Here is Nido D’Amore, a search for geometric (and soul) balance. The idea is, old habits and beliefs must go, give room for new hope.
  •,2817,1130606,00.asp# Future Tech: 20 Hot Technologies to Watch Materials: Carbon Nanotubes Health Care: Biosensors Microprocessors: Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography Warfare: E-Bombs Warfare: Infrared Countermeasures Mobile: Self-Driving Cars Energy: Fuel Cells Materials: Plastic Transistors Materials: OLED Displays Broadband: Silicon Photonics Networking: Microsoft SPOT Wireless: Mesh Networks Networking: Grid Computing Security: Quantum Cryptography Wireless: Radio-Frequency ID Tags Components: Magnetic Memory Entertainment: Social Gaming Software: Text Mining Recycling: Reverse Engineering Robotics: Cognitive Machines Prototype Playground R&D Watch
  • A Robot exhibition at the World Bank Main Building 2007
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    1. 1. Connections of Soul-Mind-Body- Illusion or Hope for Brain Diseases? Pineal gland[C1] (the one Descartes speculated portal of the soul) receives light/darkness from the eye sensory factory before its chemical release. How this function performed is still in incognito. What are the other five sensory factors connections and reflection to other organs? And what if they connected somehow to the six (some say seven or nine) chakra[C2] ? My religious belief focus on the Holy Spirit and tend to overlook Nature mysteries, due to its nature inclination. Be it as it may, my suggestion is build abstract knowledge to achieve concrete results, hence hope for brain diseases. What are the (in)visible links between eyes and pineal gland? Would it be any (in)visible links between pineal gland and hypothalamus-pituitary? nerve damage, axons swelling, ephasy, endocrine system, adrenal glands, nerves impulses. Schizophrenia, how far its manufacture patterns of neurotransmitters chemicals has been discovered? In order to study this matter, one has to step in and out different realms. Only acupuncture can explore the physical dots of chakras. My hypothesis is, if connect all the dots along stump, dorsal root ganglia, spinal cord and brain, trace an (in)visible communication system related to the sensory factory mirrors across the fields medical, yoga chakra and acupuncture. Would there be an answer for brain diseases? [C1]Pineal gland, also called epiphysis cerebri, pineal body. Cone-shaped structure in the brain. No one knows exactly what it does. It releases ahormone (melatonin), which appears to stop the release of another (luteinizing) sex hormone. Descartes in his Meditation on First Philosophy,elaborates thoroughly on the deceptive nature of senses, memory, and understanding, in which passions distort all. He believes pineal gland isthe connecting place of body and mind (not soul), based on the fact that pineal gland release melatonin as eyes perceive darkness. [C2]A chakra is believed to be a center of activity that receives, assimilates, and expresses life force energy. The word chakra literally translatesas wheel or disk and refers to a spinning sphere of bioenergetic activity emanating from the major nerve ganglia branching forward from thespinal column. Generally, six of these wheels are described, stacked in a column of energy that spans from the base of the spine to the middle ofthe forehead, the seventh lying beyond the physical world. It is the six major chakras that correlate with basic states of consciousness...
    2. 2. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Trackback URL: IPLa Brouette ou Les Grands Inventions—Jacques PrévertLe paon fait la roue Le Vieux Sage et La Paix Eternelle--CNLe Hazard fait le reste Le vieux sage s’assoit au ventDieu s’assoit dedans Turbulant feuilles mortes tourbillonentEt l’homme le pousse! Un par un revient au néant d’or.The intellectual property (IP) system is a diverse and diffuse array of laws, standards, practices and policies – it could even be Le vieux attend la vendange sagement misleading to conceive of it as one system. consider whether the IP system does, can or should support the vision for the information society, the working answer could be – it depends, in part, on how it is used, on who is using it and for what purpose, and what legal rules and social and economic incentives determine how it is used. Questions to Consider• What are the underlying principles of IP law and policy?• What social needs and community interests were addressed when the IP system were formulated and developed?• Have society’s needs changed, vis-à-vis the IP system, in the digital society? If so, do changes require adaptation of the IP?• How can the IP system best support the Information Society?• How can we determine if the IP system really contributes to innovation and creativity?• How can the IP system be actively used to disseminate knowledge, promote creative collaboration, strengthen cultural diversity?Below are blogs inputs in 2005Intellectual property laws need to balance the interests of creators with different motivations, not just the interests of those creators seeking economic benefits with the public interest. For some, economics are the reason for creative expression. ..with no expectation of monetary reward. Academics write research articles for impact, not for money. A great many people do volunteer work of many forms; creative works sometimes arise from these efforts. Intellectual property laws and procedures designed primarily to protect economic interests may impede the goals of creators in this sense. For example, if the work of an author who freely shares work, hoping that as many as possible will read it, is placed behind an anti-circumvention barrier, then this particular IP protection is thwarting, not helping, the goals of this creator. The internet facilitates many kinds of free sharing of information, essential to democracies as well as healthy cultures. Lets make sure that any measures we put in place to protect economic interests do not become barriers to these other very important non-economic goals. It seems to me that the approach most likely to accommodate these varying needs of creators is one based on the Creative Commons approach, rather than traditional copyright law. Posted by Heather Morrison on June 02, 2005 at 04:08 PM CEST # hi Heather,how are you? wish you can read this!Realism vs. idealism, emphasize the intentions of policies making and those who want to break it. Putting in the shoes of the creator, creation is a miracle of life, from metamorphose to the realization of the new idea, that could only happen to a few people in a life time-And of course, the lucky ones would jealously want to protect the invention, make it rare and precious so that they can make a good fortune out of it. Rules are made to be broken". In the majority people who cannot impregnate an invention, some would not accept the inferiority complex, but rather to exercise their wit and skills to take away the original invention, embellish it, and create a new version of product, sold it cheaper and in big volume, so that they can make a good fortune out of it. Sometimes, the thief outwit the creator, gave out the product at the same time with the original. Most of the time, the copy product is cheaper and come out abundantly, making it affordable to common people who survive paycheck by paycheck, especially products that correspond to human basic needs. That is how IP is needed. Normally IP systems functions in a way that slow down common access to knowledge, screening, tagging, just to prevent thefts. Security tags reveal traces of users, even able to destroy hardware of illegal users. Nevertheless, thefts nowadays perform with high tech and under networks hard to detect. Meanwhile, common legitimate users find at odds between the needs of inspiration, creativity and freedom of speech, versus the cold and hostile system machine. Cooperating the voice of Heather Morrison above, inventions that are worth of stealing must be ranked as a standardized ideas and be rewarded title as such. A farther vision of a new culture ambiance that milk freedom of expression and creativity to prosper. A deeper consideration of human needs for products that could be manufactured (given that it is) in an affordable volume and price. The writer suggests the Intellectual Property policy makers to
    3. 3. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY FIVE YEARS LATERChris Ngo, Broadcaster for the Radio Free Asia, 1999, at the dawn of knowledge management, she cultivates evergreen issues. IP is one of them.Definition of Knowledge (K)-The group linkedin/SfN, Science for Neurology, nurtures a brook of postings on K in various spectrum. Somedeclares K does not exist, mere mimicry, compensation and brain development. Some says K is a perception + emotion = interpretation, addingthe time factor. And yet, some argues K is separated from sound (expression) as a “intra-subjective experience and supernatural”. On the otherhand, “Monkeys have knowledge too”, so does computer memory (artificial intelligence); K store itself in the DNA external stimuli(brain/neurons), the interactions between neighboring distant cells, coiled in the genetic background. I perceive K as inspiration from a friendlystroke of a trottling muse to a big bang Eureka run wild. A common K is the indisputable, unexplicable yet effective traditional indigenous Karound the globe, which international institutions accumulate and incorporate into sciences, patent registered as value added products.WIPO Theme One 2005 question: “Have society’s needs changed, vis-à-vis the IP system, in the digital society? If so, do thesechanges require IP adaptation?” : Clearer struggles over 1/royalty 2/digital crimes “WIPO mission dedicate to increasing global intellectual wealth of humankind with full free access…Currently the Patent system no longer delivers tools to protect creativity, instead, use the cost of litigation as tool for big businesses to intimidate small businesses., wsis-pct.orgThe primary concern is to balance creator’s rights, to protect and nurture creativity, at the same time use K tomultiply essential nourishments for an exponential Earth population, in humble opinion I remain.One significant approach in SfN blog mentions the current technology yet infantile for the timing factor ( topinpoint time as chemical uptake of data by neural cells, that catapults perception, that generates symbolic K).Before learning biking, one must master one’s own belly butterfly. Individual or small business struggle overroyalty hampers the expansion of K, underlines finance power abuse. Be it as it may, human tendency embracesidée fixe over one own creativity, while rigidity characterizes the nature of collossal systems. Now you see theevil axis that no one intend to create nor able to control, except highly self motivated and organized masses.American pragmatic approach adopts dragon dance over dualism. Sadly, in the long run, selfish and hypocritapproaches only pull down the world progress. It might be cliché to repeat, human is an unreasonable being, selfindulged yet easily to condemn others. Those who experienced past atrocities reciprocally getting even toinnocent victims. The world can avoid future clash of civilization (Huntington’ s famous concept), only when allglobal powers in concert with the mass, switch the reverse direction than the strongest the fittest realpolitics. Allow freedom of creativity, respect IP laws, observe ciber laws, excise data compliance and conduct businesswith three levels of economy in harmony and fairness. Cascade governance alone (same with America in regretthe glory past) coupled with rocketed sciences, lead to hardened hearts lately, übermensch style!As the varied SfN definitions indicated, K is like candle light. 1/ Just like slavery abolishment or racial issue,individual spirituality metamorphose liberates creativity in abundance, mind larger than life itself. 2/ if there is asolution to stop digital crimes, identity theft and many other issues would be solved as well! There are issues forsupremacy and royal divinity, there are issues for natural rights. “Fools may not speak wisely, what wise men dofoolishly”(As You Like It)—Shakespeare—Foolish to do what the fools did. There! I say it!
    4. 4. YOU WISH YOU COULD DESIGN AN UTOPIA WITH A STROKE OF A SCRIPT PROGRAMMING Dbms output.putline ||--Chris Ngo defining future for humanity.txt ‘Democracy Maturity’ = needs more revisions in scaling’||--IT_leading_role_in_the_new_millenium_save_Humanity Fetch ‘laws’, ‘church_decrees’, ‘directives’;From ‘Abortion’;-- One_stone_kills_two_birds=write_blog_while speed_reading _Oracle_assignments Where teen_vision_premarital_sex := Null;-- Poems_have _rhymes, DB_stanza_has _its_own Where %teen_values := sex, consumerism = 0 _constraints. Share_yours :) Exit when target = Not ApplicableSet serveroutput on Dbms output.putline ||Declare ‘Donot_Further_Distort_Teens_Personality_Growth_With_-- This_world_a_decent_world_despite_dwindling_resources Politics’||-- Strong_drive, narrow_path, deep_mining, touch_base = Dbms output.putline||‘Congress_to_build_democracy_ substantial_results based_on_responsibilities_ not _on_consumerism’||Open c_democracy IS || ’Vanity_Key_Issue_of _all_Clashes_In_World_Stage’|| v_IT_leading_role_current := invisible_power || ‘Save_democracy_End_Vanity’ || v_IT_leading_role_values := invincible god |versus| constant gardener ||‘Social_nets_need_deeper_revisions_include_spiritual_factor v_IT_leading_role_vision := intention s’; v_IT_leading_role_methodology:= process v_IT_leading_role_mission := results Insert into defining.txtBegin ‘Fukuyama’ := Freedom.Dignity_Free_to_act Insert case ‘Francis_Prayer’||‘Instrument_ of_peace’; If_We_choose_not_to_act := democracy_unrealistic, where _there _is _hatred, then_sow _love; complacent_and _self_indulgent at_the_ expenses_to_ the_ where _there _is _injury , then-pardon; underrepresented = Last_Man_Standing_Self_Preservation where _there _is _doubt , then_faith; Then where _there _is _despair , then_hope; Call procedureREGEXP_SUBSTR<TRANSLATED_NAME, where _there _is _darkness , then_light; ‘[A-Z]=’, 1, i, I > Select‘Mediocrity_lack_of_dignity_in_mass_undermines_demo and _where _there _is _sadness , then_joy’; cracy’. ’Fukuyama_1999’ Else ‘The_ rise_of_new_technical_elites_and_stratification Dbms output.putline (‘IT.Instrument of war’) ‘Daniel_Bell_1976’ End case; ElseFetch an example_justice ‘Only_misfortunes_look_alike’. ‘Tocqueville’ From democracy; EndIf; Where v_IT_leading_role_vision < = results Scan off Exit when justice = intention < results Dbms output.putline || ‘IT_Reshape_Democracy_Over_World_Finance_Agenda’ || ||‘A_Keystroke_Cannot_Master_Design_Global_Scale|| Be_A_Constant_Gardener’||; /
    5. 5. CDSS Clinical Decision Support System Tools context and graph excerpt from HIM text book - Forwarded by Steven J. Webster/Person/World Bank on 05/21/2008Clinical Guidelines comprise: Guideline 05:10Interchange Format (GLIF) [HL7] 2. Open the document for editing using Ctrl+E.•–Guideline Elements Model (GEM,ASTM) 3. Right-click on the button and select Copy• Disease Management Protocols to copy this button into a new memo.D Infobutton [HL7] 3. Right-click on the button, select "Edit Button".• Evidence-based Care Plans 4. You can change the Label to whatever you want.The implementations are XML or URL to 5. In the Programmers Pane, the editable fieldscreate the HL7 Infobutton as standardlanguages supported include RxNorm, are between the ### fields.LOINC, SNOMED CT and MeSH. The (Note that these symbols are GREEN in color.)Compliant Context Manager then releasesa HTML message. The URL can be Disparate Application / Clinical Context Object Workgroup (CCOW) Standardautomatically generated from the XML free Link Several Applications In Real Time – Toolstext message. Here focus Infobuttons.This is in memory of an IT collegue at theWorld Bank, who show me how to apply itinto presentation messages. The coreartifact of the Infobutton, KnowledgeRequest, is an information model (RefinedMessage Information Model, or simply InfobuttonRMIM) defines the structure and Applied insemantics of a context-aware knowledge Healthrequest. Wish to know the scriptprogramming infobutton applicableanywhere, regardless the context.Here is how to apply Infobutton into message:
    6. 6. FORCEFIELD ANALYSIS ON CONSUMERISM IN HEALTH CARE does consumerism impacts on physician work flow? DRIVERS BARRIERS a. $ Profit ----------- ------------- a. Cost labor and capital (tech) b. Physician/dealer ----------- -------------b. Lack of functional roles (strategic communication/marketing representing c. Incentives ----------- physicians, let them focus on their specialty) The transitional time frame of rapid ------------- c. The ROI, returned investments technology change & telecommunication (lack of payment, turn around profit not render cheaper goods/services since the cover enough education & registration fees 90’s of professionals) Consider also the cost of d. Market niche ----------- education now and then, and the transitional time of tech changes. e. Conditions for PHR Integration ---------- -----------d. Absence of information. Uncertain f. Fair share of information ---------- market demands. Need for public sector Improve Quality, Safety, Efficiency, and Reduce and philanthropic investment to increase the Health Disparities, well, at the expenses of information needed to allow the market to physicians times and efforts for free. There assess the merits of integrated PHRs. are ways for compensation, only when good -----------e. No Mediating Structure, conceptual will of the free world play down the idea, cultural barriers communism/socialism card. ---------f. 2011 Objectives Goal electronically capture in coded format and to report healthWork Cited: information and to use that information toa. AHIMA text book 3rd edition,p. 629 b. my ponders over current social settings track key clinical conditions. Compliance c.Integrated Personal Health Records: Transformative Tools for with HIPAA privacy and security lawsConsumer-Centric Care AMIA Don Detmer, et alld. HIMSS Mapping EMRAM, see also Demonstrating Meaningful UseHealth IT Functionality Measures for Eligible Professionals of AAMC in terms of privacy –HIM materials
    7. 7. DATA CURRENCY - QUALITY FACTORSDuring the Data Sets readings coincides the bible: ..."until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter of the law, not the smallest part of a letter shall be done away until it all comes true --Mt5:18 That morning reading resonates under stream lights through my window (sounds like one AБBA song). Data sets break down three types terminal digit, middle digit and straight numeric. Data values include: Accuracy, Accessibility, Comprehensiveness, Consistency, Timeliness, Definition, Granularity, Precision, Relevancy. In addition to the computer memory capture repetition, facilitate the task of finding right data in haystackFrom receiving data from the source at the patient encounter, data stream flows to the filer, the indexer, the coder, eventually serve secondary , tertiary users via mechanism such as physician index, the DRG groupers determine appropriate diagnosis related groups, the APC groupers helps the payment flow, clinical coding, abstracting data for CDSS - clinical decision support.Below saga tells tale of my real life experience with data quality 1. In the 2000’s technology, Chris Ngo experienced volatile database. When SQL when run it too many times would make the database fields jump to the next field. Nowadays technology allows any database more consistent and user friendly, while diverse competitive software are tailored after specific and diverse needs. Communication between engineers & analysts ideally be frequent and openly honest facilitates data concurrence.• 2. As analyst back in 2000 at the INS DC headquarter, day in day out my database administrator and I, we constantly filtered bad data by checking the exponents, the comma, the numbers after the comma, purged them and replaced them with the exact numbers after concurred with the source local offices (150 total, each send over 1000 data every day). Here highlights the carpe diem (and nadir nightmare) of maintaining data and stabilize the stances despite multiqueries attempts. Data growth began with glossary, data dictionary, then data documentation of the progress of the software deployment.• 3. Data warehousing, a storage integrating data from mega data sources. This sounds primitive to readers, be it as it may, computer memory amazes me. Key stroke after key stroke, the mechanism captures, reading the user’s mind. Nurture and facilitate finding the valuable information in the haystack. The filtered query using SQL, extracted cleaned, translated, finally interpreted into concepts.• 4. In 2005 exposed to IBM SAP, OLAP, Project 2003 while aggregates economic data at the World Bank, drilling through three economic levels of the world using Pivot Excel 2007, plot range name, twist from the vertical database into horizontal Excel table, quite cumbersome comparing to the Pivot Excel 2010
    8. 8. Understanding MnemonicMnemonic plays a main part of data interchange standard, for the convenient and practical use of alphabet as symbol of the whole idea. Here are some techniques that Chris Ngo expanded from Mnemonic Techniques and Specific Memory When did mnemonic science started? How the brain responses to mnemonic stimuli? These were the unanswered questions the time when I was analyst for the INS back in 2000. The biggest part of the job (and of the database administrator as well) is data entry. Key in repeatedly and visual recognition of the sets of data using mnemonic peg system help us to recognize abnormal or bad data sets, identify them and analyze causal relationships (Herman Ebbinghaus concept of memory learning maximizing recall retention method). Coder for the Patent and Trademark in 2003, I interfaced with senseless codes, sound Greek to me until now reading the Messaging Standard of HL7. There was a time when as a temp for the World Wild Life Fund, I assisted the technician in translating semantic language into natural language for the mapping of queries. We babbled complex ideas of scientists abroad and simplified into concepts and symbols. It was quite an interesting line of work. ACRONYMS. The academic explanation sounds scientific, yet in American daily life is embedded with “SNAFFU”, “ASAP”, “WWJD” , usw…• SENTENCES/ACROSTICS Do Not Throw Pizza Away  Data link, Network, Transport, Presentation, Application layers, computer components• METHOD OF LOCI walk the walk, talk the talk. Think of step backward when remembering a lost object. Define and locate “respect” vs. vanity, Tea Party! Would material wealth define a nation third world ranking? No, respect is what granted by the counterpart, one cannot “demand”, but prove. Latest distortion on budget cut: the core truth is to target vulnerable women minorities. The purpose is to soothe ego, class struggle and economic discrimination, is nothing related to national debts!• CHUNKING NUMBERS long series of numbers broken down into triplets make easier to memorize the whole set of data—number crunching• RHYMES & SONGS Finding data in the haystack, i.e.:Twinkle twinkle little star applied to memorize a quadratic formula Asia took 15% HL7 membership. Japan culture contributes to the art of conceptualization, I assume, stem from Basho Haiku, a condensed poetry. Here is one of Basho well known poem in Haiku form: Old pond leap - splash a frog In an old pond, quiet, mossy, where the poet is sitting and meditating, probably for hours. Suddenly a frog leaps, creating a sound, an echo, a mirror, circles of waves. Eventually, sounds, images and activities around go back to normal after times. Double meaning of trouble maker leaves behind a chaos for a moment, then every thing goes back to normal. Behind the scene is probably a warrior in peace time cannot use his sword, ends up sitting duck “jobless” for a long time. Now and then there would be some “revolutionary” but nothing can change easily in a closed traditional hierarchical society. So many ideas sum up into 6 words! Ah, summer grasses!
    9. 9. Kate & William: “Oh, Wow!” When a kiss is not just a kiss, the anthropic principleEven if the constants of nature were slightly uneven, it would not have been life created. Full symmetry is recreated when two or three
    10. 10. LIFE, A STRANGE DREAM . • Life, a wild dream…• Trong con mo tren dong song vang • Stood there by the river drifting,• Dua doi tay vot chiec trang troi • Longed my fingers toward the moon flirting,• Trang oi trang cach ngan khong loi • Sister Moon, dear Moon• Nua in bong nuoc nua soi dong ngan • How heart to heart we are, yet space holds us• Tinh giac toi chot bang hoang hopelessly apart.• Binh minh tro lai da tan con mo • Haft self reflecting, half mirroring the silver galaxy. • The pinky dawn returned, swifted away… • …my long lost dream •Plantée dans un rêve au bord de l’eau • Traumen beim freien Luftschraubenstrahl pensant • Ich hande ein Durchgriff um den •Dans le néant mes doigts explorent la verganglichen Munden zu schweifen lune glissante • Lieblicher Mund, lieber Mund, •Lune, chère lune • wie keineswegs gliederter, schallfreier Raum •Que séparées devenons nous, sans repri habst Du! •.Miroitante dans l’eau, mi éclairante la • Halb selb gedruckt, halb Teil MilchStrasse im Voie Lactée Flussbett wiederspiegel •Du résonance lointain me réveille • Die Wende den Anbruch hat mir plotzlich •L’aube dorée efface mon rêve doux aufgewacht • Morgenrot wiederkommt-auf wiedersehen, mein aufgelost TraumComposed by a centenary Vietnamese lady poet, life long refugee from north to south Vietnam, then to AmericaChris Ngo ubersetzte GedankenBlizt der -Alter – Vietnamesischer - lebenslanglicher - Zuflucht – suchenderThanh.
    11. 11. HISTORY OF COMPUTER in a snap shot--CN B.C. Albacus Antikythera Health Technologies: 1865 National Library of Medicine John Shaw Billings- Mechanical computers from 15th The 19th century generation of wars, Index Medicus. 1949, Gustav Wager through the mid 19th . Charles products of coding and anti spy, notably IMIA Babbage’s tabulate polynomials. Ada 1930 Vannevar Bush, Differential Analyzer, International Medical Informatics Association Byron Lovelace, who translated George Stibitz, Konrad Zuse- the Z’s, . 1971 VistA of the Department of Babbages s and Bernoullis Howard Aiken. The first generation Veterans with its application of GUI since includes Collosus, Eniac, Univac. 1971. Second Generation Bell’s transitorsFuture Tech: 20 Hot Technologies to Watch The third generation Robert Noyce andMaterials: Carbon Nanotubes Jack St. Clair Kilby created IntegratedHealth Care: Biosensors Circuits and MinicomputersMicroprocessors: Extreme Ultraviolet LithographyWarfare: E-BombsWarfare: Infrared Countermeasures The fourth generation - MITS ALTAIRMobile: Self-Driving Cars 8800 by Ed Roberts in 1971. Bill GatesEnergy: Fuel Cells and Paul Allen, founders of MicrosoftMaterials: Plastic Transistors today who contribute the graphical userMaterials: OLED Displays interface (GUI)Broadband: Silicon PhotonicsNetworking: Microsoft SPOTWireless: Mesh NetworksNetworking: Grid Computing GUI interface currently mustered twentySecurity: Quantum Cryptography different technologies.Wireless: Radio-Frequency ID TagsComponents: Magnetic MemoryEntertainment: Social GamingSoftware: Text MiningRecycling: Reverse EngineeringRobotics: Cognitive MachinesPrototype Playground,2817,1130606,00.asp#R&D Watch Chris Ngo assembled
    12. 12. Self Portrait
    13. 13. Holy Mother and Child 2011
    14. 14. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGSNowadays access to wealth and power centered the criteria of hiring. The current job place remains hostile vibrantly and silently as ever, challenges ideals such as freedom, democracy, creativity... Can an ideal co-exist with economy, wealth, status? Can democracy survive in such intoxicated social settings? The point is, spiritual strength that catapults project milestones, is the very ignored field.Evils brook through all institutions, sow miseries, create barriers to job access, class struggles demean fundamental rights, certification undermines work experience, right hand ignores left hand, swag the tongue with embellished words overhead the less represented, hysteric free competitions tramp on pearl…The more candles light shared, the further the light spread. I invite you to show your methods, you who remain resilient and vigilant. Excel your sword, sequence your chakras, power point your glance, oracle your vision, communicate across cultures and languages, pipeline cross cutting issues and pivot your edges, be fruitful. Systems constraints cannot hold back the spiritual world because by destroying “IT”, destroy hope, destroy innocence, destroy God, at the end all destroyed, even le raison d’être of the systems themselves. Global systems, America included, all gallop downward the natural course of the survival the fittest. God’s humor pivots: Spiritual and moral strength demand the opposite direction, Einstein and Pasteur proved it.If you don’t believe of “soul” or “spirit”, too bad! If you hold superstitious beliefs in a God for material gain, align your light span level of truth! Sciences explaining existence based on facts, merely scratch the surface of the Void. Sciences bow down to Λ-Ώ, only when the majority stop pettiness, vain competition, abuse of freedom, and so on.This world is a decent world, compass your end goal in this short life. Chris Ngo counting the humble beads waiting for June 12th