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20 Online Tools to Learn Chinese


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Chinese is one of the world's oldest and interesting language to learn. Knowledge of Chinese is highly appreciated in various professions businesses and education institutions. Learning Chinese can be little tough compared to other languages. This Presentation offers you to know about 20 useful online tools which would make your experience of learning Chinese easier and more interesting.

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20 Online Tools to Learn Chinese

  1. 1. An Introduction to Chinese Language Chinese language has a rich history dates back to 1122 BCE. Today over 1 billion people speak Chinese worldwide Distinguished by its high level of internal diversity. Includes 12 distinct dialects.
  2. 2. 20 Online Tools to Learn Chinese Easily Chinese Flashcards  Chinese Measurement tool Pinyin to Files  Chinese Synonyms Thesaurus Webpage Annotator  Online Chinese Abacus Chinese Text Annotator  Chinese Name tool Chinese Romanization Converter  Currency Converter tool Draw Chinese Characters  Chinese practice Sheet Chinese Characters Dictionary generator Pinyin Dictionary  Chinese Calligraphy tool Chinese Encoding converter  Chinese Text to Speech Western Chinese Calendar  Chinese Family Titles Converter Chinese Numbers tool
  3. 3. Chinese Flashcards Chinese flashcards are available in form of free Java AppletHow to use Select from the set of simplified or traditional cards Select at random from the characters presented in the deck Select the correct Pinyin and English definition If selection is correct card is removed from the deckReference Back to tools
  4. 4. Pinyin To FilesWhat is Chinese Pinyin? Pinyin or formally Hanyu Pinyin is the official system to transcript Chinese language to Latin script.How to add Pinyin to text files With this tool you can view text files, in Chinese Whenever you hover mouse over a Chinese character in the file, an English definition will appearReference Back to tools
  5. 5. Webpage Annotator Chinese text can be read by adding Pinyin to Chinese WebPagesHow to use Type a Chinese web page address in the input field Click on “Annotate” button Displays Pinyin annotation of the webpageReferences otator.htm Back to tools
  6. 6. Chinese Text Annotator Chinese text annotation tool is available to assist you reading Chinese text.How to use Enter Chinese Text into the text box Choose the style of conversion Click convert Chinese is converted to Chinese PinyinReference Back to tools
  7. 7. Chinese Romanization Converter Over the years Romanization of Chinese have been devised to represent Chinese Characters Phonetically.How to use Enter some Chinese phrases Select Simplified or Traditional Chinese Click the button “ Get Pinyin Romanized”References Back to tools
  8. 8. Draw Chinese Characters This tool allows you to enter Chinese characters by writing it on screen with the mouse curser.How to use As you draw Chinese characters will appear. Once you see the correct character offered as a choice. Click on it It will be entered into the search box for the online dictionaryReference them-with-your-mouse/ Back to tools
  9. 9. Chinese Characters Dictionary When you learn Chinese you may need to refer to a online Chinese character dictionary.How to use Insert a English character Select option “Simplified Chinese” or Traditional Chinese” Click Search Result is displayed in ChineseReferences Back to tools
  10. 10. Pinyin Dictionary An Online Chinese Pinyin dictionary displays pinyin for the English word searchedHow to use Insert a word in Chinese or English Click on go Pinyin form is displayedReferences st=0&wdqb=hello Back to tools
  11. 11. Chinese Encoding Converter Chinese Encoding Converter converts Chinese text from it’s Unicode version to the character version. The tool automatically detects the encoding of the source directory filesHow to use Enter the text or file to the source This will be converted to target encodingReferences Back to tools
  12. 12. Western Chinese Calendar Converter Western Chinese Calendar Converter converts English month and year to Chinese month and yearHow to use Enter Month, Year Click “OK” Displays Chinese Calendar for the given month and yearReferences chinese-calendar.html Back to tools
  13. 13. Chinese Numbers Tool Chinese equivalent for English numbers can be found using this toolHow to use Simply enter English numbers and get the Chinese equivalent symbol for itReferences Back to tools
  14. 14. Chinese Measurement tool These tools convert English measurements to Chinese measurementsHow to use Enter the value Choose from Units Click on “Convert”References Back to tools
  15. 15. Chinese Synonyms Thesaurus This tool allows to search for Chinese Synonyms and AntonymsHow to use Enter a Chinese expression in the given field Click on “OK” Synonyms and Antonyms are displayedReference Back to tools
  16. 16. Online Chinese Abacus The Chinese abacus is an instrument used for calculating numbers. Online Chinese Abacus is a tool to calculate Chinese numbers onlineHow to use Enter a number in the in the given field Click the update button To reset the abacus to “0”click “Reset”References Back to tools
  17. 17. Chinese Name Tool Chinese name tool translates your name in ChineseHow to use Enter your name in the field provided Click “Get my name” It writes your name in Chinese characters with pronunciation, calligraphy and meaningReference
  18. 18. Currency Converter Tool The Chinese Yuan is the currency in China (CN, CHN). The Chinese Yuan is also known as Yuan, RMB, and Renminbi.How to use Select the currency Click on “Convert” Currency converter converts currency exchange rates.References m Back to tools
  19. 19. Chinese Practice Sheets generator This tool generates Chinese practice sheets to learn and practice ChineseHow to use Enter Characters Enter number of boxes Click “ Get practice sheet”Reference Back to tools
  20. 20. Chinese Calligraphy Tool Using this tool you can create your own Chinese calligraphyHow to use Enter the Chinese Character, word, sentence Select size, orientation, direction Click on “Calligraphy”Reference Back to tools
  21. 21. Chinese Text to Speech This tool translates a simplified Chinese text to audio speech to listen pronunciationHow to use Enter the text in the box Click “Speech in Chinese”Reference Back to tools
  22. 22. Chinese Family Titles Chinese family titles are divided by generation and gender. This tool helps to find Chinese relationship terms.How to use Enter the options in the tool Click on “Get Chinese Title”Reference Back to tools
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