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Motivations for college


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Published in: Education
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Motivations for college

  1. 1. Where are you going? Why?
  2. 2. “If you don’t know the self you’re looking for, how will you know when you’ve found it?” » Henry Holt (1840 – 1926) » American Author and Publisher
  3. 3. Why do you want to attend college?
  4. 4. Motive Checklist• 1. To prepare for a personally satisfying, well paying career.• 2. Because my family wants me to go.• 3. To gain information and learn more about the world.• 4. To have the same status as friends who attend college• 5. To meet the personal challenges that college provides.• 6. To avoid getting a job at this time in my life.• 7. To learn to know myself better.• 8. To gain respect from people I know.• 9. To develop my intellectual and social skills.• 10. To meet other people.• 11. To satisfy my curiosity about things.• 12. To meet my future spouse• 13. To learn how to plan and manage my future.• 14. I really don’t know why I want to go to college.• Other motive:______________
  5. 5. Why do you want to attend college?• Motive Checklist – If you checked more even numbered than odd-numbered items, you may be extrinsically motivated. – If you checked more odd-numbered than even-numbered, you may be intrinsically motivated.
  6. 6. MOTIVATIONAL MATURITY CONTINUUMGrowth proceedsFrom ToExtrinsic IntrinsicWhat others want What I wantDependence IndependenceLess Mature More Mature
  7. 7. Locus of Control• Refers to an individuals perception about the underlying main causes of events in his/her life. Do you believe that your destiny is controlled by yourself or by external forces (such as fate, god, or powerful others)?
  8. 8. “But what if I’m not Motivated?” • You have little or no motivation to be in college, at least not at this time in your life. • You may feel somewhat motivated, but you are unclear or confused about your motives and goals. • You may want to be motivated but you aren’t.
  9. 9. Review your Options• Get a job Now. Attend college later.• Try college now. “Stop Out” if it doesn’t work.• Attend college full time and grow as you go.• Attend college part time and work
  10. 10. Motivation Influences 1. Choice 2. Desire for Learning 3. Value for Learning
  11. 11. References• Heltich, P. (1998) Learning skills for College and Career (second edition)• Holschuh, J and Nist S.L. (2000). Active Learning Strategies for College Success.