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  1. 1. The following system can be used to create in 180 Days: - First Feature Film On Big Screen (any genre - newbie filmmaker) - 30 minute short with live event/fundraiser - (Entrepreneurs/Published Authors/Public Speakers turning their life to inspire others) - 30 minute short with fundraiser (charities/non-profits turning their cause into a movie - perpetual fundraiser) All events can have live broadcast online build in to increase revenue Filmmakers you can help other groups to make movies for them. Works in any city, any country as long as you have internet access.
  2. 2. Question: Are you frustrated Filmmaker, Producer, Director, Actor, Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Editor, Composer and Crew Member who have tried just about everything from sending pictures, scripts, pitches and demo reels and you still can’t break into film industry? If so, I’ve got great news…
  3. 3. “How To Shoot, Edit and Screen Your First Movie On a Big Screen in 180 Days? No Sex No Drugs Keep Your Dignity This is a step-by-step blueprint without the need for large amounts of capital, years of experience or pre-existing contacts!
  4. 4. Imagine standing on the stage of a movie theatre with your thank you speech in your hand just 180 days from now. The spotlight is on you. You can’t see a single face but you know that all of the people who have helped to bring your idea to the big screen are there: the actors, crew members, sponsors, family members and friends. In a few moments the lights will go down and what was once an idea, a book, an event or even someone’s life will be on the big screen.
  5. 5. This is not a fictional story. I did it and I am a film school dropout who speaks English as a second language, which may explain the mistakes in this video letter. Please, don’t let this distract you from my main message or influence your actions in the next few minutes. Because the actions you take if you follow my system are transformational - once you finish you will never be the same person.
  6. 6. Who The Heck Am I, And Why Should You Listen To Me?19 years - wasted time and money, followingothers, going to film school, reading over 50books and still no feature film.Good things - shooting shorts – starting asteenager in Communist Poland and runningproduction company in Canada.Be honest where are you on this lineIs it months or years wasted with no results?
  7. 7. Who The Heck Am I, And Why Should You Listen To Me? After receiving Finalist Award from North American Corporate Video Competition for my largest Client Bayer Canada for Directing, Shooting and Editing 3 minutes action movie My System is Born. 180 Days To Your First Feature Film On Big Screen Based on making shorts, production company and psychology (no manipulation necessary) 5 months development and preproduction. 60 days - shooting, editing and screening feature film in movie theatre.
  8. 8. Who The Heck Am I, And Why Should You Listen To Me? System tested in Hollywood. Xtreme Filmmaking Challenge – arrived with nothing – no connections, no friends, no story – just my course and access to the internet. Within 40 days I was noticed by president of the studio and got contract to co-produce and direct. Entire process took 67 Days. Film Students – 4 years and up to $100.000 tuition – 95% will never make a movie.
  9. 9. My “little” movie played in 2 film festivals in San Francisco and Italy and led to a contract with movie studio.
  10. 10. Why so many fail in film industry? What is the problem and how to avoid it? The famous scientist, Albert Einstein, defined insanity as: “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” My slightly modified definition is: “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to succeed where others have failed.” And some examples are :
  11. 11. Actors – driving for 30-45 minutes one way to an audition just to be there for 5 lousy minutes and then never hearing back from the production company. Screenwriters – sending letters or scripts which are sent back unopened or just placed directly in the waste basket. Producers and directors – pitching ideas to people who simply don’t care and are not really interested (during networking meetings) Cinematographers, editors and other crew members submitting demo reels which just collect dust with hundreds of other materials.
  12. 12. How long are you going to continue to do these things and when are you going to wake up? Are you ready to take charge of your life? Are you ready to stop living permission based life? You don’t have to ask anybody Do you think I’m good enough Do you think I’m worthy Should I wait for perfect moment ? There is no perfect moment but now. Be honest about Your Results
  13. 13. You must step out of your comfort zone and do“crazy things”To separate yourself from “black mass offailure”Set a deadline - Make your movie in 180 daysno matter what your “friends” will say.Even if you have $500 bucks and no experience(just leave Your EGO outside and join $500 club –do it with others as co-whoever you are or want tobe)Toronto - have book - no crew, no cast and nomoney for screening but deadline was set for movietheatre.Hollywood – nothing – self confidence, system andinternet.Whenever I do 180 degrees opposite of massesgood things happen.
  14. 14. It sucks to say NO to people who want to help you. I had to say no to 60 people, not including actors. These were all crew members and production personnel (I ended up working with 40 volunteers) Additionally I had, without solicitation: 3 cameramen with their own equipment 3 editors with access to editing computer 10 composers and more Custom song with lyrics from scratch
  15. 15. Warning before I reveal what you get Don’t start if you don’t plan to finish Snowball into avalanche Leader (individual or group) – because of fear people are waiting for somebody People come to you No manipulation or lies - based on authenticity If you have money pay If not say it and still people will come and work a volunteers
  16. 16. Power of Deadline – 180 days from now at 7 pm – put on calendar Power of Live event Give me few weeks or weekends of your life and I’ll post on YouTube or other video sharing services Or I’m going to take you to live event in public venue so you can bring your family and friends and we will experience this together. Here is something not obvious to Newbies—for some first and last time. Experienced actors/crew members know that so many will want to be part of live event (social proof – pictures and videos on Facebook, twitter etc.
  17. 17. Module 1 – Bulldog Attitude – Finish What You Start•How you can build a bullet proof mindset thatwill enable you to complete what you havestarted.•You can use this to finish your movie, start abusiness or whatever you wish.•I believe that this is the most important part,which is overlooked by film schools, film booksand other courses.•I want you to join less than 5% of filmmakerswho have actually screened finished movies inpublic.•24 weeks of Kick Ass Yoga For Your BrainExercises
  18. 18. Module 2 – Organize Business For Success •Small city and Big City approach •Automatic or personal contact and follow up
  19. 19. Module 3 – Getting Story To Attract Cast and Crew •How I went from having a 99.9% rejection rate to having people line up with stories or be subject of the movie. This change will eliminate a huge amount of stress from your life. •How I got my 2 first stories for $1 each. I actually produced and directed the first one into a feature film. •Also who you should avoid like the plague.
  20. 20. Module 4 – Actors and Auditions •Which actors are best for your first feature film and where can you find them? •Why you should never hire your friends if you want to actually finish your movie. •How to conduct stress free auditions. •What to prepare for actors to test if they have what you need. •What you should never allow actors to do during an audition.
  21. 21. Module 5 – Crew Members •How to find a crew that will stick with you to the end. •What you need at a minimum to successfully complete your project.
  22. 22. Module 6 – Graphics •How to design a movie poster for the new media. •My mistakes and how to avoid them.
  23. 23. Module 7 – Movie Website •The new way of making movies. Marketing starts once you have a story. •How to build a relationship with your audience. •Which websites to use and which to avoid for Google love. •How to register a proper domain so that people can find you. •Social media marketing: integrating Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube into your marketing efforts. •How to update all networks from one location without losing your sanity. •Shooting with a digital download in mind.
  24. 24. Module 8 – Trailer “Your Super Glue” for success •Why and how shooting a trailer before principal photography is the best way to avoid problems later. •What and who you need to do this. •How a policeman with gun pointed to my head taught me a valuable lesson about locations and getting permits. •What you should never do in your trailer.
  25. 25. Module 9 – Directing and Shooting Without Going Insane part 1•How to scout locations and what to look for.Even million dollar Hollywood productionsmake mistakes.•Why shooting in sequence is good for you,your actors and your editors.•How the director (most likely you) canbreakdown the script so that even if yourcomputer is infested with viruses, stolen orsomebody just walks away with it yourshooting schedule will be uninterrupted andyou move forward.•How using storyboards can save you time,money and editing plus get my favorite panel Iused since 1992.
  26. 26. Module 9 – Directing and Shooting Without Going Insane part 2•Tales of 2 productions and what you can learnfrom them.- Once upon a time a Hollywood star made amovie as the co-producer and succeeded followingNewbie Rules. - Once upon a time a veteran director tookover a 20 million dollar production and in a fewmonths he has lost the script to an insurancecompany – game over.
  27. 27. Directing and Shooting Without Going Insane part 3 •What cameras to use for the best results and the easiest editing. •When shooting in extreme conditions such as +40o C (104o F) or -20o C (-5o F), what you can expect from personnel and equipment. •Learn about the one weather condition will bring your production to a standstill. Your actors and your crew members will be upset and angry. This will show you how to handle it if it occurs or even better, how to avoid it.
  28. 28. Directing and Shooting Without Going Insane part 4•One Thing not to do when using video tapebased cameras.•How to get perfect sound on the first try.•The keys to keeping cast and crew happywhen shooting on location.•The habits that the director must adopt toensure that production continues to go rapidly.•Which actors to shoot first in order to get thebest performance.
  29. 29. Directing and Shooting Without Going Insane part 5• How to dress for outdoor shooting -summer/winter• How to protect camera in freezing conditionsfor under $10• How to protect camera during rain for $2• What do drink and eat so you don’t collapseon the set• Did you know that drinking water only duringproductioncan kill you?
  30. 30. Module 10 – Film Editing •Where to find film editors. •How I trained complete newbies who just walked in to be competent sound cutters. These were people who had never seen editing software before. •Discover the most important element of a movie and the one that is the most underestimated by newbie filmmakers. •Learn how to organize the flow of a film for the best editing and making a coherent, finished movie.
  31. 31. Module 11 – Screening - Finish line (almost) •How I raised the money to rent a movie theatre in seven minutes. •How I lost close to $3,000 in 90 minutes- a very stupid mistake which you will not repeat. •Why you should test footage in a movie theatre before the screening and how to do it properly. •Putting the screening puzzle together. •How to write a speech. •How to use screening to impress your current and future sponsors. •Why I advise against sending a movie to a film festivals even though mine was screened in San Francisco and Italy (business and marketing reasons)
  32. 32. Module 12 – Legal Stuff Which Can Destroy Your Future Deals This covers which legal forms you need to protect yourself. We point you to free and paid recourses that will be helpful.
  33. 33. Absolutely No Risk To You! Guarantee #1 Attend first day of “Virtual Film School Weekend Edition” If my 100% tested system with 19 years of mistakes, successes, blood and tears in real battlefield is no use to You ask for a refund Guarantee #2 If you can’t attend – go through recordings for 30 Days and if you don’t like it ask for a refund. Mike S. Cecotka
  34. 34. Miracle Mile 1954 Three minutes 59.4 seconds Roger Bannister – World Record Over thousand did it. They saw it’s possible.For hundreds Major believeof years and mindsetnobody can 1954 it
  35. 35. You saw video clip at the beginning of this presentation Nothing Special about me Film school Dropout Can’t speak English properly I want You to believe that it’s possible Not only with good feelings and Kumbaya moments but I’m giving you 100% tested system so you can succeed. Go To and choose best option for You
  36. 36. "Your time is limited, so dont waste it living someone elses life. Dont be trapped by dogma -- which is living with the results of other peoples thinking. Dont let the noise of others opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary." -Steve Jobs Go To and choose best option for You