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Wikipedia in Medical Education: A subterfuge



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A presentation for the OER 2019 conference in Galway, Ireland on 10th April, outlining work on a module based around editing Wikipedia for digital and information literacies gain.

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Wikipedia in Medical Education: A subterfuge

  1. 1. Wikipedia in Medical Education: A subterfuge Clare Thomson and Richard Fallis @slowtech2000 and @RDFallis
  2. 2. Welcome to this ‘alternative’ talk Where I try to walk the walk It may fall horribly flat But at least will make for chat I’ll distract you with my frock
  3. 3. Even though we are in Galway I’m going to use the Limerick today Cos I can’t dance, improvise or sing Words on the page are more my thing Let’s get underway …
  4. 4. There was once a learning technologist Always informed by an appropriate theorist She worked in meded Through content she sped Always a misunderstood educationalist
  5. 5. Learning in the open, a vast network All experts, sharing their work She teamed up with an expert from the library In the face of things new and scary Made a Wikipedia module after the groundwork
  6. 6. We learned from the best, Edinburgh’s Euan McAndrew His time and resources, nothing but value In addition, WikimediaUK sent resources our way A connection with WikimediaIE made our day From there the module design organically grew
  7. 7. The timetable to fill was three weeks full time One run in autumn, a second in springtime Face to face workshops scheduled With time to become settled Getting used to Wikipedia in their own time
  8. 8. By now you are probably at sea Don’t worry it is both you and me The story is slowly unfolding The details not withholding We will get there in time for tea
  9. 9. Microsoft Teams met all our needs; Resources, private diaries, communication feeds Open learning sources embedded with ease This new space for students was a total breeze Open/closed meeting our safe needs
  10. 10. The aim of the game was to fill a skills gap Digital and info literacy not on the curriculum map A lot is assumed Even more presumed So workshops were designed around these gaps
  11. 11. Wikipedia, design, photography and copyright, Referencing, reference managers, and finding info alright Each matched an assessment requirement Almost perfect constructive alignment Learning about open and global plight
  12. 12. Whilst all for practical skills gain We needed an assessment vein Oral presentation, reflective diaries And of course, Wikipedia entries Across the course to cover all domains
  13. 13. Came Rebecca from Dublin to inspire and direct For Wikipedia the students gained new respect Many were fearful of the editing process By the end of the session were relieved of their stress The WYSIWYG editor was the perfect connect
  14. 14. They learned of the high level of accuracy The speed that corrections were made unilaterally The lack of diversity hit a spot with many Discovering the existence of languages aplenty Inspired but yet daunted they began admirably
  15. 15. For assessment, TurnItIn was entirely unnecessary The Wiki community were swift and disciplinary When articles went to review Most ended up making their debut A non-disposable assignment, out of the ordinary
  16. 16. Student feedback and reflection Spoke of their gain in direction Creative, unique and autonomy of choice They each had a voice Resulting in real world contributions
  17. 17. I hope you found this fun We are on the home run There are many as yet unthanked For all the goodwill we banked We learned more than the students from whence it begun
  18. 18. Hannah Evans, Wikimedia UK Rebecca O’Neill, Wikimedia Community Ireland Euan McAndrews, Wikimedian in Residence at the University of Edinburgh Daria Casement, Queen’s University Belfast Amy Burvall and Dan Ryder for the Intention book
  19. 19.  Neurogenic Bowel Dysfunction  Alice in Wonderland Syndrome  Forster Green Hospital  Psychobiotic  Psychological Stress and Sleep  Tertiary Peritonitis  Red Pulp List of published works: new articles and edited
  20. 20. “Publishing a Wikipedia article has taught me a lot. It enhanced many skills involved with writing” “I learnt for the first time how to properly reference and find materials. This module or information should definitely be taught much earlier in our course.”
  21. 21. Additional references Lydia Dawe, Ainslie Robinson, (2017) "Wikipedia editing and information literacy: a case study", Information and Learning Science, Vol. 118 Issue: 1/2, pp.5- 16, McKenzie, B., Brown, J., Casey, D., Cooney, A., Darcy, E., Giblin, S. and Ní Mhórdha, M. (2018). From Poetry to Palmerstown: Using Wikipedia to Teach Critical Skills and Information Literacy in A First-Year Seminar. College Teaching, pp.1-8. 63504