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A Very Carroty Stick: Promoting VLE Uptake


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Inspiring academic staff to maximise the potential of the VLE. Taking a creative, people focused approach to promote uptake of the institutional VLE.

Published in: Education
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A Very Carroty Stick: Promoting VLE Uptake

  1. 1. A Very Carroty Stick Inspiring academic staff to maximise the potential of the VLE Clare Thomson @ClareThomsonQUB
  2. 2. Expect a Journey Focus on Innovators and Early Adopters Academics are under pressure from all sides but how about disguising those sticks as carrots? If you turn to technology under pressure, transform it into an advantage – it’s an exciting opportunity for academics and their students.
  3. 3. The VLE as a Base Plate in a NGDLE* Whilst the VLE underpins the delivery of teaching objects the learning is through the building blocks added to it: integrate with other technologies and people. PowerPoint slides are not the VLE The VLE is not the ANSWER The VLE is not the MONSTER The VLE is not the TEACHER * The Next Generation Digital Learning Environment (EDUCAUSE report)
  4. 4. The Process: Engage Flexible approach: online, offline Innovative workshops: let’s get creative Sharing good practice: tell your story Focus on pedagogy: ALWAYS Reward & Recognition: CMALT, HEA/SEDA Fellowship, awards, grants Collaborate: widely Communication and more communication through blogs, social media, flyers … using …
  5. 5. A Packed Toolbox A wide diversity of essential tools - creative inspiration*, coloured pens/paper/sticky notes, frameworks, LEGO®/toys, sweets (just raid your cupboard) together with a range of digital devices Spaces should be: open, welcoming, safe, informal, supportive, encouraging (online and offline) together with … (*Intention: Critical Creativity in the Classroom by Amy Burvall and Dan Ryder)
  6. 6. Champions Passionate enthusiasts at all levels and areas are invaluable Enthusiasm is infectious and can open firmly closed doors Chose formal and informal routes Share their stories widely
  7. 7. Communities of Practice: pedagogy & research Rewards & Recognition Non-digital technology Digital technology: On and offline spaces Coffee, and more coffee People - communication + + ++ + Conclusion: it’s about the people, people …
  8. 8. Good luck folks may the downhill come quickly Image credits Slides 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6: Bryan M Mathers @bryanMMathers Slide 7: photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash This slide: Visual Hunt Source: