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Soweto gardens


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This is a crowd sourcing campain to fund travel for community activists in South Africa to participate in a program in Eugene Oregon.

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Soweto gardens

  1. 1. Communities collaborate to seed food deserts 20,600 miles round trip. $3500 air fare for two. Help us make it happen!
  2. 2. SOWETO, outside of Johannesburg, South Africa, is a massive food desert
  3. 3. Residents of hostels (now mostly replaced by public housing on the left) farm in fallow fields between projects.
  4. 4. Many Sowetans are from rural areas and “plow” in the township
  5. 5. Fruits, vegies and corn meal can be bought on the street.
  6. 6. Texts from Whisky: Our communities are planting vegetables inside our library yards. At Pimville, Phiri and Tshiawelo. I now think more library grounds can accommodate this initiative. An Answer to hunger. Yesterday I was at Phiri library and my lunch was boiled corn from their garden. We share maize not more hunger. I hope more families can start sharing seeds.
  7. 7. Text from Whisky: Aha! hardy squash! Grow them in one small plot with beans and maize and you have complete protein. System invented by American Indians.
  8. 8. Whisky Monama educates international visitors about life and culture in South Africa
  9. 9. • Permaculture and organic gardening • Whole foods preparation and preservation • Eco-building and green architecture • Community service and outreach • Online media and e-portfolios • Liberation philosophy and social movements • Systems thinking and sustainability • Spiritual philosophy • Progressive Utilization Theory Community Transformations Program Eugene, Oregon Whisky’s daughter, Khumo, will join young people from Denmark and the US to learn: Ms. Monama will serve as a volunteer to facilitate international understanding of community development on the basis of her work in Soweto. Her participation will result in ongoing international friendships and support, as well as knowledge and skills that will be beneficial to community gardens in Soweto.
  10. 10. Contribute to building global community!. With a minimum $40 donation you will be invited to an informal social and educational event with Whisky in either Eugene or Portland Donations can be tax deductible through the PROUT institute.