How to Negotiate, Part 2


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  • Good end to this series. Having demonstrable proof - photographs, previous work, etc. - is one of the most convincing ways to approach somebody. After all, how can you fake the facts?
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  • It definitely pays to be well rounded!
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  • 'Be you,and share who you are honestly'

    I love this little bit of advice. When looking at it out of context, it really can apply to just about anything, but it totally makes sense when it comes to negotiations. When you know who you are and what you want and are able to express that freely and confidently, you can achieve great things!

    Thank you for the positivity!
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How to Negotiate, Part 2

  2. 2. THE COMMUNICATION GROUPNow that you have your Intention down, and 1. Make sure you really can pay the sum asked peryour transparency antenna up, let’s move into month.discussing how to navigate a more layered 2. If you aren’t a smoker, explain that.negotiation. 3. If you really care about your personal space, then prove it. Show a photograph of yourself in yourAfter college, I remember trying to figure out last apartment along with a reference from your previous landlord to validate your claim ofhow to find places in London to rent – and I ‘tidiness.’wanted to do this without calling my parents. I 4. If you aren’t a big party goer, demonstrate this asrealized quickly that if you offered even a few well. Have a neighbor from your last rental givepounds more you were more than likely to get you a reference to demonstrate that you are athe place. Now, what if you didn’t have those considerate neighbor or member of a community.extra $$? Well, I have always believed money is 5. If you are love to garden, and if there is aonly one slice of the economics pizza. garden, state this and ask if you are allowed toEconomics, after all, is made up of various ‘tend’ to it.elements and not just money. As CQis a guide 6. If you are minimalist, again, demonstrate this by showing a photo of your one pile of boxes. Thisto getting what you want, and at the same time often pleases landlords who are mindful ofhelping others get what they want, in a rental walls/floors etc.negotiation there would be several other 7. If you can afford it, put down three months insteadattributes as important as the rent check. As a of only one month deposit – this also showslandlord, I know the following are just as immediate good faith.important, if not more so, than money:THE COMMUNICATION GROUP – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2012
  3. 3. THE COMMUNICATION GROUPThere are numerous other examples which add 6. Are their references noteworthy people i.e.toyour negotiation package, and can raise your respectedindividuals inbusiness, education, arts, etc.?CQ.They can all take you to the top of the list 7. Did some of their higher education (summerinstead ofthe person who throws down a small classesetc.)show acurious mindset versus abit more thanasked. single mindset? If an individual had a check against each of the sevenIf you take the above principles and apply them points, they would rise to the top of a listto yourjobInterview,for instance, you’d also immediately, even if their skill set wasn’t exactly whatget a morefavorableresponse than the exact the job description required. For I would know this‘mirror’ candidate ofthe posted jobdescription. person was an interesting andinterested individual, and anyone with those two given skill sets(Interviews, after all,areanother kind of can learn anything. They have the right amount ofnegotiation). As a CEO, I look for many‘other’ CQ to impress. Therefore, please highlight aspectsattributes when nterviewing management like the above if they are ones you feel stronglyteams: about, and this way you’re more likely to land up in a work situation that is much more suitable toyou instead of the ‘boss’ who is only looking for one ‘type’1. Do they have a hobby? of individual.2. Have they traveled?3. Have they worked overseas? Be you, and share who you are honestly, and you’ll see…negotiations with a positive outcome for both4. Do they speak another language, even if not parties will become that much easier to achieve.fluently?5. Are they part of an NGO or do they volunteer Be somecommunity? -c THE COMMUNICATION GROUP – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2012
  4. 4. CONTACT THE COMMUNICATION GROUP 131 Greene Street Suite 3b New York City, NY 10012 NY o: 646-873-7664 SF o: 415-864-1431 Twitter: @TCGagency OUR COMPANIES: TCG: SocMe Academy: Social Presence: 7 In Motion: http://7inmotion.comTHE COMMUNICATION GROUP – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2012