Beyond technological determinism


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What is a journalist? What is a blogger? We frame journalism identity as a new relationship between source and output, with intent and voice.

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Beyond technological determinism

  1. 1. Beyond technological determinism:a model for understanding the new participatory networked news environment Megan Knight Clare Cook
  2. 2. This is a mapping model to frame and delineate thefactors that we believe determine the media landscape
  3. 3. But within the landscapethe individual journalist can now exist beyond the identity of the organisation too
  4. 4. So macro level: determiners are voice and intent And micro level:determiners are source and outputs
  5. 5. A model to understandthe new participatory networked newsenvironment now the technologicaldeterminants are gone
  6. 6. Clare Cook@cecook Clare Cook @cecook
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