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AJE pings and people


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AJE commissioned research looking at what social media skills are being used in newsrooms by whom

Published in: News & Politics, Business
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AJE pings and people

  1. 1. Pings and people @cecook
  2. 2. Pings and people• How has social media changed a journalist’s job?• What are the social media tasks being done?• How much of it is just expected?• What entirely new jobs is social media creating in newsrooms?
  3. 3. How has social media changed the way journalists do their job?
  4. 4. What social media tasks do we mean?
  5. 5. EvangelisingSEO and SMO Audience engagement Finding case studies Verification Run live Q&A, feeds, live blogs
  6. 6. How much is social media just an expected part of the job?
  7. 7. What entirely new roles are being created?
  8. 8. To better understand the roles open to J- graduates
  9. 9. To know what to teach
  10. 10. Social Media for Journalists Clare @cecook• Image credits••• Press association••••