Assistive Technology And Math


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Assistive Technology And Math

  1. 1. Assistive Technology for Use with Mathematics Mark Smith – EDSE517 Adapted from work by Jeff Sisk
  2. 2. Math Skills Math skills are essential for many daily life activities, not just for work and school. Calculating Finances Understanding Spatial Relations Measuring Memorization
  3. 3. Characteristics of Students with Mathematic Learning Disabilities • difficulty learning the meaning of numbers (number sense), • trouble with tasks like sorting objects by shape, size or color • recognizing groups and patterns • comparing and contrasting using concepts like smaller/bigger or taller/shorter • learning to count, recognizing numbers and matching numbers with amounts • difficulty solving basic math problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division • they struggle to remember and retain basic math facts (i.e. times tables) • trouble figuring out how to apply their knowledge and skills to solve math problems
  4. 4. Characteristics of Students with Mathematic Learning Disabilities • difficulties in visual-spatial skills • difficulty putting math facts down on paper in an organized way • Language processing disabilities can make it hard for a person to get a grasp of the vocabulary of math • it may be hard to visualize patterns, different parts of a math problem or identify critical information needed to solve equations and more complex problems
  5. 5. Handheld Devices Calculators & Graphing Calculators • Perform basic and advanced math calculations • Integrated data entry for spreadsheets and other computer documents • Information can be shared among calculators
  6. 6. Drill & Practice Software Mighty Math Number Heroes • Four exciting activities that encourage students to learn and master skills in fractions, multiplication, division, 2D geometry, and more. • Develops investigation and experimentation abilities. Price: $29.95
  7. 7. Drill & Practice Software Wild West Math • Helps students in grades 2 - 6 develop and refine fundamental math skills. • Memorization of basic math facts to the process of long division. • Program activities can be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of learning needs. • Tutorial help screens provide carefully structured assistance. Price: $41.94
  8. 8. Simulations Math Heads • Help students develop pre-algebra skills; solve word problems • Make mental calculations • Compute fractions, decimals, percentages, and equivalences • Build estimation skills • Use logical thinking skills. Price: $79.95
  9. 9. Simulations Astro Algebra • Develops familiarity with whole and rational numbers, decimals, fractions, ratios, proportions, and percents • Introduces expressions, equations, functions, inequalities, and graphs • Covers points, functions, equations, and inequalities with number lines and coordinate planes Price: $69.95
  10. 10. Simulations Cosmic Geometry • Virtual Manipulatives help students make the connection between concrete and abstract concepts • Grow Slides automatically present more advanced topics and problems Price: $69.95
  11. 11. Simulations SMARTBoard • Virtual Manipulatives help students make the connection between concrete and abstract concepts
  12. 12. Simulations Internet Resources • Virtual Manipulatives help students make the connection between concrete and abstract concepts Clairvoy Delicious
  13. 13. Math Word Processor Math Type • Provides added toolbar in Microsoft Word • Allows common math symbols to be placed in a document as picture characters Price: $49.95
  14. 14. High Tech Manipulatives Intellimathics • Tool for manipulating onscreen attribute blocks, tangrams, base ten blocks, geoboards, or fraction pieces • Environment for manipulating any type of graphic, from bugs to balloons • Add sorting bins, counting boxes, and Venn Hoops to your activities • Gives verbal and written feedback to students as they make their selections
  15. 15. High Tech Manipulatives Intellimathics Price: $139.95
  16. 16. Low Tech Manipulatives • Buckets of pattern blocks • Trays of tiles and cubes • Collections of geoboards • Tangrams • Counters • Spinners
  17. 17. Other Low Tech for Math • Graph Paper • Number Stamps • Raised Number Rulers • Math Line • Color coding for maintaining columns • Big number buttons and large keypads
  18. 18. Software on T221 Laptops • IntelliTools/Math • Money Skills • Premier/Talking Calculator • SMARTBoard • MathType