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Simpson-Marketing & Promotion Plan


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Simpson-Marketing & Promotion Plan

  1. 1. 1 Luxurious Vegetation Andrew Kauervane-Singer, Bassist,Guitarist and Synthesizer Keith Dast-Voice, Drums, Percussion Psychedelic Folk band providing a vibe that is easy to embody for any listeners willing to lose themselves in music. Their illusion of the world is entailed by their music that is free flowing with soft voices and ambient instruments.
  2. 2. 2 The Luxurious Experience Luxurious Vegetation is always connecting with the audience by getting to know their avid listeners and supplying them with in-depth information about themselves. The look of the band always includes a tie-dye shirt, making it their branding identity. Their music consists that of emotional connections that are being sought out by any audience member. The fan will be able to sway to the ambient sounds and immediately fall in love with the soft tones, relaxing vibes, and the peaceful enlightenment that is of Luxurious Vegetation. By the end of the set, the fan will feel the need to tell friends and family of the experience felt at the concert. By attending shows, the fan is always able to make merchandise purchases, get signed products and talk to the members, creating a perfect match between the band and the audience.
  3. 3. 3 Target Demographics and Psychographics of Audience Demographics: • Between the ages of 18 and 24 • White • Makes less than 50,000 a year as their salary • Student • Holds jobs in the arts department Hang Outs: • At the park to listen to music or just to be one with nature • Coffee shops – Strange Matter Coffee, Red Cedar Café, Coffee Jam, Espresso Royale • Food markets – Lansing City Market, South Lansing Farmers Market, Fresh Thyme Farmers Market • Music festivals – Common Ground, Great Lakes Folk Festival, Mason Sun Dried Music Fest • Local beer festivals - Lansing Beer Week, Oktoberfest, America On Tap Craft Beer Festival, Beer Fest at the Ballpark Food Interests: • Eats vegetarian or vegan food and is an activist for saving animals in terms of food • Shops at whole foods and farmers markets to stay healthy food
  4. 4. 4 Politics and Beliefs: • Their beliefs tend to stray away from Christianity and believe more of the Buddhist ways • Family and friend oriented • Believes in conspiracy theories • Open to change and optimistic about movements such as gay rights • Interested in making the world a safer and happier place to live in by being ecofriendly • Donates time and money to causes • The listener is into drugs and psychedelics with the main drug of the listener being marijuana • Loves burning incense and candles • Free spirited Appearance: • They wear bohemian clothes that are lose and baggy with many designs that are catchy to the eye • The girls tend to wear their hair wavy or unattended with dyed abstract colors such as pastel colors • Shops at hole in the wall clothing places to find retro and hippie designs that fit their personality and sometimes shops at places such as Forever 21 that are a bit more mainstream but has recently started selling the same outfits and looks they are interested in • Do it yourself people that are able to make things for themselves such as blankets, scarves, hats, house items and decorations • Buys huge wall hangings for their room and/or apartment
  5. 5. 5 Music: • Listens to relax or study • Embraces the music and the beats and dances to the music without the thought of what others are thinking about them • Into all different kinds of art including music, photography, sculptures, pottery and painting • Interested in going to music festivals including lollapalooza and electric forest • Listens to other bands such as Modest Mouse, MGMT, Passion Pit and Grouplove
  6. 6. 6 Geographic Market – Lansing, Michigan Lansing is an ideal market that is reachable. Because the band is not a mainstream act, Lansing has more venues that are willing to include the psychedelic/indie folk bands. Lansing is a growing and thriving music scene with the perfect demographic for the band. The array options in venues are beneficial as well as the atmosphere that Lansing gives off in the community. Noted in the above description of the ideal audience of Luxurious Vegetation, it is obvious that the fan will be easily found at the Lansing Food Markets and coffee shops as well as many festivals. These are the local businesses and events within the city of Lansing that have a small business character, which attracts the listener of Luxurious Vegetation. What Luxurious Vegetation brings to Lansing: As indie folk music starts to get their feet back onto the scene, especially for the younger audience, more venues are looking for that style of music. Luxurious Vegetation is a rare bread solely because what they can bring to the market of Lansing, Michigan. They bring a sense of spirit, attitude and soul brought forth from their music that provides a chill and relaxing vibe to the audience. What Lansing brings to Luxurious Vegetation: Lansing provides a wealthy amount of consumers between the ages of 18 and 24, which is the demographic for Luxurious Vegetation. The opportunities that arise from this age group is extraordinary because they talk a lot about their music habits and share their experiences with friends. Word of mouth helps promote the band in an efficient way, to get the band up on their feet and start obtaining a solid fan base.
  7. 7. 7 SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses • Played together for 5+ years • Experience in playing live • Bandcamp and Tumblr pages • Array of music with single worthy tracks • New merchandise • Relationship with other bands • No solid fan base • Have not marketed the band • No sponsors • No capitalization on social media and blog • Profitable song distribution Opportunities Threats • Growth in Social Media • Creative merchandise • Non-traditional venues • Local business support • Email list • Local press • Network with other bands • Students in Lansing are ever changing • Other bands in area with same target audience • Colleges that produce other bands
  8. 8. 8 Goals of Luxurious Vegetation By performing a SWOT analysis of the band, brought forth goals that need to be focused on. Three goals are in the mind of Luxurious Vegetation while carrying out the Marketing and Promotion Plans. These goals include, (1) make profits from song distribution, (2) obtain a solid fan base, and (3) gain local business support in the Lansing area. Below is how the goals will be fulfilled throughout the plan. Goal #1 – Profits from Song Distribution 1. Having CD’s made is the first step to profiting from the fans and without the CD’s, there would be no song distribution possible for the band. CD’s will be made through Disc and will cost approximately $400.00. Selling these CD’s at $5.00 each will bring in revenue to the band of $100.00. Sales are a small component to the accomplishment of the band because without sales they would not be able to afford other goals that would be needed for success. 2. By creating a target audience for Luxurious Vegetation, the band will be able to narrow down whom to promote and market towards. Once the specific fan base is developed, it is then possible to sell the CD’s and other merchandise to those who are interested in the content. It is always easier to sell the product when you known specifically who you want to sell to. 3. Any venue that Luxurious Vegetation is attending or playing at is an opportunity of sales of the merchandise and CD’s. This is an easy way to connect to the audience as well as profit from those interested.
  9. 9. 9 Goal #2 – Obtain Solid Fan Base 1. Learning about the target audience of the fans will create an idea of where these fans are going to hang out and what events they will be attending. By simply attending these places and talking about the band will lead to connections between the people and the band. This makes the public aware of the band and creates an interest to discover more about them and how they can get involved. 2. By making the raffle as in marketing strategy #3 it will provide the band with in depth demographics about their fans. Obtaining the audience members email and other specifics, the band will be able to create an email list, providing the fans with upcoming events, press releases and even a short email wishing the fan a happy birthday when the day comes. Creating a connection through providing information of the band will keep the audience interested and up to date. 3. Luxurious Vegetation will add meet and greets to their plans as specified in marketing strategy #2 will spark interest in the audience. Having conversations with these fans will make it easier for them to connect to the band. With a solid fan base in mind, the band will use the meet and greet to sign merchandise and give the fans a feeling that they are friends with the band members.
  10. 10. 10 Goal #3 – Gain Local Business Support 1. Using the MSU men’s basketball team as the first song promotion idea will create a relationship between the MSU team and the band. By creating this relationship could lead to other support from the university and other teams that are interested in the single. The members of the team that are constantly being looked up to can talk about the single and the relationship between themselves and the band. The team as a whole can create awareness and promotion that the band is in need of. 2. By creating a list of media sources in the market gives a thorough run through of some of the important officials that need to be contacted to publicize the different events and press releases that need to be done to promote the band. By having the support of the media and connections to these people, makes it easier to get the word out to the fans and the public about the future of Luxurious Vegetation. Businesses such as newspapers, TV and radio stations have a way of persuading their audience to learn more about a band and give away merchandise including tickets to a show. Relationships of media sources is crucial to being known in the Lansing are. 3. Relationships with the specific venues that are being played at are significant in gaining business support. Venues are willing to let you have an event if you are going to bring people into their establishment. By creating relationships with them and gaining their support, they are more prone to schedule you in a lineup and reach out to you when in need of entertainment.
  11. 11. 11 Song Distribution • Visit • Disc packages and vinyl option • Click on jackets option (first row all the way to the right) • CD type, click next • CD w/content, click next • Choose jackets and mailers, click next • Standard jacket, click next • No shrink wrap, click next • I have my design, click next • 1 song, click next • Standard distribution, click next • On the right side of page switch the quantity number to “100”, the shipping option to “Economy”, and the production time to “Economy” • Save project • Download artwork for album cover, click next • Upload content (single track), click next • Answer all questions on questionnaire including track name and band name • Checkout by clicking “Buy Now” • Quantity=100, Production Time=Economy, Shipping Option=Economy • Sold at venues and upon request Cost - $400.00 for 100 CD’s including tax and shipping Sales – Selling price = $5.00 Profit - $100 if every 100 CD’s are sold CD Cover
  12. 12. 12 Song Promotion For promotion of the single “My Slow Love Don’t Love Me,” Luxurious Vegetation will contact the MSU men’s basketball team department to get airplay through their warm up CD. This relationship can provide other song promotion opportunities to other sports teams within the MSU University and possible venue openings. How to: • Contact Men’s Basketball Secretary or Sports Operations Assistant o Lori Soderberg – 355-1643 o Kristin Porter – 355-1643 o Emails available at under Men’s Basketball link • Ask for event play during the warm up of the Spartans Men’s Basketball game including name of band • Send CD single to the Mailing Address for Men’s Basketball o Berkowitz Complex, Suite 150, 534 Birch Rd., East Lansing, MI 48824
  13. 13. 13 Publicity Materials and Press Kit
  14. 14. 14 Luxurious Vegetation Announces New Venue to Energize Crowd On Saturday, January 30, 2016 the uplifting band Luxurious Vegetation is to play a set at the Lansing City Market. Between the hours of 10 am and 12 am, the band will excite the shoppers and bring many of their fans to participate in the community event. The tranquility of the band Luxurious Vegetation will bring a new atmosphere to the Lansing City Market on January 30, 2016. There, you will be able to hear various songs from their newest album “Upstairs Mixdown” and many other singles. Join the community in some elevating vibes, fresh foods, free WiFi and discounts for seniors and students. Don’t miss out on the most talked about public event in Lansing, and join Luxurious Vegetation as they show Lansing their side of music. Luxurious Vegetation, a band that is truly dedicated to the psychedelic folk music scene and every bit of façade that goes with it. The band, consisting of Andrew Kauervane and Keith Dast, produces more than just a song or an album, they provide a vibe that is easy to embody for any listeners willing to lose themselves in music. Their illusion of the world is entailed by their music that is free flowing with soft voices and ambient instruments. Contact Claire for more information about Luxurious Vegetation at (734) 478- 3989 or To listen or learn more about Luxurious Vegetation visit:
  15. 15. 15 Luxurious Vegetation Hypes Up MSU Basketball The band Luxurious Vegetation will be the newest addition to the MSU men’s basketball team’s warm-up CD. The single “My Slow Love Don’t Love Me,” will make its debut to the Breslin Center mid season on January 14, 2016 before the game against Iowa. The game, starting at 7:00 pm, will have TV and radio coverage through ESPN and Spartans Sports Network. . If you are a fan of the ranked Spartan team, listen closely next time you attend a game. The single will bring a new kind of warm up that lets the MSU team focus on the game to be played. Unlike past singles used for the warm-up, Luxurious Vegetation provides an atmospheric tone of concentration to the players, providing them with inspiration and motivation to get the job done and come out with a solid “W.” Luxurious Vegetation, a band that is truly dedicated to the psychedelic folk music scene and every bit of façade that goes with it. The band, consisting of Andrew Kauervane and Keith Dast, produces more than just a song or an album, they provide a vibe that is easy to embody for any listeners willing to lose themselves in music. Their illusion of the world is entailed by their music that is free flowing with soft voices and ambient instruments Contact Claire for more information about Luxurious Vegetation at (734) 478- 3989 or To listen or learn more about Luxurious Vegetation visit:
  16. 16. 16 Artist Biography Luxurious Vegetation, a band that is truly dedicated to the psychedelic folk music scene and every bit of façade that goes with it. The band, consisting of Andrew Kauervane and Keith Dast, produces more than just a song or an album, they provide a vibe that is easy to embody for any listeners willing to lose themselves in music. Their illusion of the world is entailed by their music that is free flowing with soft voices and ambient instruments. As the bassist, guitarist, synthesizer and voice of Luxurious Vegetation, Andrew Kauervane is truly a gifted musician. Andrew doesn’t always need lyrics and voice for the songs, being able to connect with the music and just relax to it is something that he strives for with every single and album that is released. Andrew is a Mount Pleasant native that enjoys hanging out wherever there is some great 70’s and 80’s music and some worthy, fresh and vegan food. When Andrew is away from the music scene, he enjoys fashion, cooking, and getting ahold of the best comic books. Kauervane is also a brilliant designer that likes to mess around with multimedia art for the band. Drums, percussion and voice of Keith Dast is not a force to reckon with. Dast is one that will pursue music because he loves every aspect of it. He isn’t just some newbie trying to make his way into the music scene, but is a talented artist that has been creating music for some time now. This, also, Mount Pleasant native enjoys hanging out with his dudes trying to come up with the next beat and rhythms for their next single. When not highly involved with music, Dast is often found at the local bars playing a game of pool or watching the Detroit Red Wings win a game. Keith’s favorite past time is being outside with nature where he can grill and camp.
  17. 17. 17 Discography and Song Notes Luxurious Vegetation’s most recent album, Upstairs Mixdown (May, 2014) includes nine tracks. Within the album, the band samples from artists such as Glasser, MO, Sohn, James Vincent McMorrow, Trust, and Makeup and Vanity Set. The band’s last track, titled Leadership was a poem written by Allison White. Andrew Kauervance is recognized for the guitar, bass, synthesizer and voice fragments on Luxurious Vegetation. Keith Edwards is acknowledged as the drums, production and some voice work. Production, recording and mastering is done by David Wolters in Mount Pleasant during the early months of 2014. The single titled “My Slow Love Don’t Love Me” is an original from Luxurious Vegetation found here: This particular track is one for the records. Any listener of the psychedelic folk single will immediately fall in love with the soft tones, relaxing vibes, and the peaceful enlightenment that is Luxurious Vegetation. The band’s main inspiration behind this piece produced is that the music stimulates a release, which leads to inspiriting of tranquility to the listeners and the band alike. Tracks within the album “Upstairs Mixdown” include: 1. My Slow Love Don’t Love Me 2. No 3. Warm Lights 4. The Last City on Earth, Pilgrim 5. Save She 6. Always in the Dark 7. Self Conciousness Self 8. Dance With Nobody 9. Leadership (ft. Mama Murder) You can find the music listed above at:
  18. 18. 18 Publicity Plan Within the city of Lansing are multiple media platforms to send the Press Kit to. Below is a list of possible media sources in the market to be contacted. All sources should receive the Press Kit at least (1) month before any event or concert. • Lansing State Journal o Anne Erickson or @AnneErickson • City Pulse o Ty Forquer or 517-999-5068 • The New Citizens Press o Rina Risper • The Lookout o Larry Hook or 517-483-1291 • 97.5 NOW FM o Zoe Burdine-Fly or 517-394-7272 • 92.9 WLMI FM o 517-699-1880 • 99.1 WFMK o Zoe Burdine-Fly or 517-394-7272 • 89 IMPACT o Dom Korzecke • WILX 10 o Kevin Ragan • WLNS o 517-372-1300 • WLAJ o 517-372-8282 or
  19. 19. 19 Live Show Venues
  20. 20. 20 MSU Union How to book the MSU Union Ballroom: • Contact Amy Williams at 517-432-2446 or at • It is $725 to rent • Open dates are upon availability so call to book around 3-6 months in advance • E-mail Amy Williams information about the event including the date, how many people will be attending, how the band wants the stage to be set up and if they would like catering at the event. • Venue sets up event and provides PA system
  21. 21. 21 Lansing City Parks How to book at a Lansing City Park: • Contact Carol Munroe at 517-483-4276 • Gain a citypermit thatcan be found online or atthe city office. This should be turned in before 90 days of the performance. • There is a $200 liability insurance fee. To gain liability insurance youcan contactyour insurance company and have your agent call Carol to figure out the specific details. • Fill outthe noise waiver from the city, which can be obtained through Carol or at the city office. • Fill outcontract from Carol that can be found by contactingCarol. • Submit the application and all other contracts and fees at least six months in advance if one person is doing most of the coordinating. • Electricity forthe event is $657and the park sets upthe stage and electrical set uphow the band would like it including PAsystem. It is an option to setup your own electrical for $90 but the band would need acontractor and bringtheirown generatorto the venue. The contractor would need to contact Carol for more information aboutthe electrical and what exactly is beingdone. • An event can be booked wheneverand there is no limitation as to how many times the band can play at the park.
  22. 22. 22 Lansing City Market How to book at the Lansing City Market: • Contact Audrey at 517- 483-7460 • There are two times that are available to play at (10-2 and 2:30-5) • No information is needed about the band but the day they would like to play • The band may play as often as they would like based on the availability • Contact Audrey 1-2 weeks in advance to get dates and times that are available to play • No charge to play at the
  23. 23. 23 AA Creative Corridor How to book AA Creative Corridor: • Contact Ariniko O’Meara at (517)-484-8789 or at • Get in touch about the booking 5-7 weeks in advance • Provide information in an e- mail of how many will be attending, if anything is being sold, and the specifics of setting up • They provide equipment such as PA and electric • $50/hour for less than 100 attendees • $75/hour for more than 100 attendees • Photographer available for $15/hour
  24. 24. 24 Avenue Cafe How to book at Avenue Café: • Joe Fox at (517)- 492-7403 or booking@avenuecaf • Provide information of what genre, where you are from (if you are local), where are places you usually play and the electronic press kit • No fee • Joe would like to be contacted at least two weeks in advance
  25. 25. 25 Common Ground How to book at Common Ground: • Festival is July 5-10 2016 • In late January to mid May an online submission becomes available at • Provide electronic press kit • Questions are asked on genre, previous shows, experience, etc. • Questions about electronic submission should contact Common Ground at (517)-264- 1502 between 10am-6pm
  26. 26. 26 Marketing Strategy #1 Tomeet their goal of creating awareness and promotionoflive appearances for the band,they willcreate small tags withtheir names and concertinformation on it toattachtothe various foods available atthe food market. • Getthe okay from the vendors toattach the tag ontotheir foods • Show them what the tagwill looklike and what Luxurious Vegetation is about • Printouttags from • Attachthe tags totwist ties (available for purchase atStaples) • Before the marketopens, apply the twist ties toall of the foods available tothe band The budgetwillbe around $32.00 for 144labels if made plus $5.00 for twistties Budget Step-by-step • Go to • Choose labels option • Choose 1-1/2” x 2-1/2” labelsize • Choose the Flowers and Nature Category • Type in “Luxurious Vegetation”and date/place ofevent • Then,finish bychoosing144 labels in matte white How to Design from
  27. 27. 27 Marketing Strategy #2 Tomeet the goalofimplementation of the audience and promote merchandise,the band willprovide ameet and greet where fans are able togettoknow the members ofthe band better. This willlet the fans connect with the band members,making it so that the audience members become avid fans. Budget • Contact the owner makingsure that settingup anymerchandise andtable is available • Setup table before the concert with (hand made) sign withdetails ofthe meet and greet • After concert,meet with fans and talk thoroughlywiththem and connecting with them • Talk them through the available merchandise • If merchandise is sold, sign the merchandise The budgetfor the marketing strategywill be around $400.00 for 100 CD’s and distribution to online streaming services. Without the CD’s beingmade, the band can sign merchandise alreadymade available by them. It is tothe bands bestinterest that they have the CD’s made andhave their music distributed online throughDisc Makers. In addition to the presentmerchandise that the band has,CD’s willbe made tobe signed andbought. • • Disc packages and vinyl • Clickon jackets option andcontinue • CDtype click next • CDw/content, click next • Choose jackets and mailers,click next • Standard jacket, click next • Noshrink wrap, click next • I have mydesign,click next • 1 song,clicknext • Standard distribution,click next • Save projectand order • Quantity=100, Production Time=Economy, Shipping Option=Economy How to Design for single (Made by Andrew) Step- by-step
  28. 28. 28 Marketing Strategy #3 Tomeet the goalofreaching and learningaboutthe target audience while promoting live performance attendance,the band willhold a raffle atone oftheir events. The prize ofthe raffle willinclude a signed CDfrom the band, original artwork from the band members and other merchandise the band has available atthe time of the show. • Buy abox witha slitfor submissions o Available at Wal-Martand Target for • Design small submission papers thatcan be made at home o Provide spaces for name,email, date ofbirth, and cityofresidence o Save file for future giveaways • Sign CDand merchandise signed beforehand • Artwork from Andrew should be printed from Wal-Martoncanvas • Attachletter to the package thankingyour fan and alink to the bandpage How to • Before event, make submission papers including the name, email,date ofbirth, and cityofresidence • At arriving at venue,provide box for the raffle submissions • Provide submissions papers and plentyof pens • Announce the raffle atthe beginning of the set, describingthe prizes and thatthe winner mustbe present atthe end of the set • After playingthe set,pickone winner from the submission box and announce the name Step-by- step Budget $400.00 = 100 CD’s and distribution for online streamingatDisc Makers $20.00 = Canvas printing(11x14) at Wal- Mart $5.00 =Submission box at Target of Wal- Mart $5.00 =Bulk of pens atStaples,Wal- Mart, Target CD Artwork printed on canvas
  29. 29. 29 Budget Venues Cost Sales Profit MSU Union $725-rent $10/each for tickets (100 tickets)=$1,000 $275.oo Lansing Parks $200-liability insurance $657-electricity $10/ each for tickets (100 tickets)=$1,000 $143.00 AA Creative Corridor $50/hr x 3 = $150 - rent $15/hr x2 = $30- photographer $5/each (75 tickets)=$375 $205.00 Marketing Strategies Marketing Strategy #1 $32–144 labels $5-twist ties Marketing Strategy #3 $20-canvas $5-box $5-pens Song Distribution CDs $400-CDs $5/each (100 CDs)=$500 $100.00 Marketing and Promotion Plan Total $2,229.00 $2,875.00 $623.00 Marketing and Promotion Manager 10% of profits -$62.00 TOTAL $2,229.00 $2,875.00 $561.00