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Online Professional Learning Network. Originally written for the Hyperlinked Library MOOC assignment. #hyperlibmooc

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Online Professional Learning Network

  1. 1. Online Professional Learning Network My OPLN is designed to help me progress towards my goals related to my current role and more broadly towards the role I hope to have in the future. Goal statements      To develop my knowledge of leadership and management styles, both within the library sector and outside To keep up to date with developments in cataloguing, with a specific focus on the new cataloguing standard (RDA) To learn about the evolving role of librarians in teaching information literacy To keep abreast of developments in social media technologies with a view to including useful tools in my personal and professional lives To monitor developments in the wider library and information community Defined scope I currently work as a cataloguer in a large academic library so keeping on top of developments in cataloguing is very important to my role. Having graduated from my LIS masters course this summer I think it’s important to maintain the learning momentum that I established whilst studying and I believe that keeping up to date with developments that effect the library community as a whole will make me a more rounded professional. In terms of future developments I am currently in a more senior role and this is something I would like to pursue, ultimately as a deputy or librarian of a smaller academic library. Therefore learning about leadership strategies is very important to me as I look towards developing for my future. Digital literacy and social media are both areas of librarianship that particularly interest me so I’m keen to pursue these issues in more depth. Resource network Twitter: I’m going to include this as a seperate resource as it influences a great deal of my resource network. I use Twitter daily for links and updates from the library community and find out about many of the resources in my network through the site so it’s my most indispensible tool. I save interesting Tweets to Pocket ( so I have a record to come back to. Knowledge of management and leadership styles: I will take part in the regular Library Leadership Group chats ( ; Twitter hashtag #llrg). This is an online reading group which reads one leadership book every few months and then meets on Twitter to discuss it. The format will provide me with a structured way of learning about the topic whilst allowing me to discuss it with other professionals. RDA: I will regularly monitor the cataloguing blogs I follow (see Developments in the wider library community below) for news and links to training opportunities. I will also monitor the RDA Toolkit website ( which includes regular updates and links
  2. 2. to further training. I will also regularly check the hashtag #RDA on Twitter to make sure I see the latest developments from the cataloguing community. Information literacy: I will participate in the Information Literacy Journal Club ( which discusses various articles related to information literacy on its blog. As above, the format will provide structured learning whilst giving me a chance to communicate with others. Social media technologies: I will attend webinars on topics related to library social media use as they become available. The main site that I will use for this is WebJunction ( which provides both live webinars and recordings. This means that even if I can’t attend the live webinar then I still be able to view the material at a more suitable time. I will also monitor Coursera ( for any MOOCs which might suit my learning goals Developments in the wider library community: I will use Feedly ( to monitor selected library related blogs which I regularly read. Using Feedly will help me to keep track of my blogs and learn about developments in the wider sector. I will also use Zite ( a site which creates a magazine around your interests. This will help me to capture information related to my specific goals that I might not otherwise have found. I will regularly read the online newsletters of the professional associations I belong to (CILIP: and SLA Europe: to learn more about general developments in the sector. Network maintenance plan This plan is very much intended to be a living document. I hope to monitor the plan in a cycle, checking once a month to see if any of the goals have been achieved. I also plan to completely review the plan every six months to make sure that the goals are still relevant to me professionally. Once I feel that a goal has been achieved I will replace it with a new goal as needs change based on circumstances such as my current role. Over the same time period I hope to monitor the usefulness of the selected resources to ensure at they are still appropriate for my goals.