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Measuring the Impact of Social Media Marketing in Libraries


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Poster presented at the Libraries@Cambridge conference 2013. The poster presents the results of my MSc dissertation research into the impact of social media marketing in libraries.

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Measuring the Impact of Social Media Marketing in Libraries

  1. 1. Measuring the impact of social media marketing in libraries Background to the project This research is the result of a dissertation undertaken at Aberystwyth University. The main aim of the project was to measure what impact, if any, the Judge Library’s social media presence was having on its users. Users completed a short questionnaire in May 2012 to give their opinions. Makes the library more accessible What users say….. Makes me think of the library in a more positive way It gives the library a better understanding of its user base Makes them seem more modern and approachable Results 77.2% like the library’s social media presence 89.5% think that social media is an effective communication method  88.2% find the content posted useful to their studies 89.5% think that social media use affects their perceptions of the library in a positive way 68.4% use online resources more as a result of their promotion on social media but only 10.5% used the physical library more 63.29% have found out about a specific resource on social media and then gone on to use it BUT only 42.6% of users surveyed access library social media, even though most use it for personal reasons This poster is based on an as yet unaccepted dissertation submitted to Aberystwyth University. Image credits: Twitter bird/Matt Hamm, Delicious logo/topgold, Facebook logo/dear anxiety Makes the library seem more friendly Conclusions Social media is having some positive impacts:  there is a greater impact on user perceptions than actions but this should not be underestimated. Positive perceptions can lead to positive actions  social media is having more of an impact on use of the online library than the physical library BUT a significant number of users don’t use library social media – mainly because they don’t know about it. We need to make sure that we let our users know about our social media presence in order to reap the rewards