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Abstract for presentation at PELeCon 2012

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  1. 1. PELe-ConTitle: Consideration analysis for GLocal learningPaper aims:To discuss the different considerations involved when forming an online learning environment in aglobal context.To show the expansive nature of creating a “glocal” learning environment, and the impacts withinour projectAudience: International audience, educators, e-learning technologists.Key themes: International contexts, e-learning, impacts of technology, social behaviour.Paper abstract:WAGGGS, the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, acts as an umbrella organization forMember Organizations from 145 countries around the world, with a total membership of more than10 million. While Member Organisations offer training and development within their own countries,WAGGGS offers international opportunities for girls and young women. For example they offer aprogramme for leadership development where a group of participants (typically 30) join a group offacilitators (typically 5) and translators (typically 2) for a week-long event in a host country withinWAGGGS’ membership. These events are widely lauded but are only available to a few, as manypotential participants cannot afford to travel, or get the necessary permissions. In addition to thisthere are the difficulties which the volunteer facilitators face in having limited time available.As part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project with the University of Reading, WAGGGSare currently developing an e-learning approach to facilitate learning across the organisation. Thereare many motivations for looking to use technology to support learning, including the opportunity towiden participation as discussed above.A consideration analysis has been undertaken to determine the aspects that need to be consideredwhen forming an online learning environment in a global context. In many ways this project can beseen as “glocal” as it brings together people from a round the world but with a local feel.Considerations highlighted in the analysis include: • the difficulties involved with the different cultures and languages, • the complexities in creating working materials for e-learning • technological availability • changing face-to-face approaches