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Sirena music


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Sirena music

  1. 1. Songs Sirena would like Book by Donna Jo Napoli Songs picked by Claire S
  2. 2. Bubbly- Colbie CaillatS Sirena would like to listen to this simple and sweet love song because she felt many moments with Philocetes like some described in this song.
  3. 3. Bless the Broken Road- Rascal FlatsS Sirena is sometimes with a dab of loneliness, spacing out wondering about love. With this rhythmic song about finding true love, with hers, she will sing along with this song along with the tide.
  4. 4. Love Story- Taylor SwiftS Sirena would definitely relish Love Story’s soothing tune and the story in this song of discouraged love just like hers with a happy ending she wishes for.
  5. 5. Lucky- Jason MrazS This lovely duet will be liked by Sirena as there are many scenes she had reflected in this song. I can imagine Sirena and Philocetes singing this song to each other as days pass by, practicing the verses and making the melody with rocks and shellfishes.
  6. 6. Marry You- Bruno MarsS I guess Sirena would want a wedding like her sister, everyone together with their blessings. This cheerful and carefree song will make Sirena fantasize about her own wedding with Philocetes and she certainly will fall in love with this song too.
  7. 7. The Sea of LoveS Sirena and her mermaid sisters would listen to this song because of its simple lyrics and melody. If they have known this song in the story, it would be one of the songs that lured sailors away for their sake of eternity.
  8. 8. If I Die Young- The Band PerryS I think this song will be liked and jealous of by all immortal mermaids. Even Sirena. This is because they won’t die and forever will be young, which shows their goal is achieved but with no love like in the story who is fulfilled to have a short life.
  9. 9. Talking to the Moon- Bruno MarsS This song shows loneliness, which Sirena sometimes gives me a feeling of as she misses company of her mermaid sisters. This is for times when she felt lonely and wanted someone to talk too, sometimes subjects she can’t even discuss with Philocetes.
  10. 10. My life would suck without you- Kelly Clarkson S This song would probably be heard over and over again when Sirena feels insecure or misses Philocetes when he’s gone back to the human world which will encourage her to think that Philocetes will actually come back to her one day like the story in this song.