What should happen when developing a website


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Effective websites focus primarily on content to pull together their various buyers, markets, and products in one comprehensive place where content is king. Design is then allowed to bring that content to life and induce engagement to develop a strong brand image.

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What should happen when developing a website

  1. 1. What should happen whendeveloping a website ..
  2. 2. Developing a websiteRedeveloping any website is an ideal opportunity to evaluate your websiteobjectives and align them with your overall business objectives. Identifyingthese goals at an early stage will form the beginning of your content andnavigation plans.Effective websites focus primarily on content to pull together their variousbuyers, markets, and products in one comprehensive place where content isking. Design is then allowed to bring that content to life and induceengagement to develop a strong brand image.An impressive website harmonises the balance of content, design, navigationand technology and is an intersection of every other online initiative,including blogs, tweets and videos.In a cohesive and interesting way the content rich website organises theonline personality of your organisation, to inform, influence and persuadeeach of your website visitors.Each organisation has an individual and important story to tell – howeffectively they tell that story will depend on their website approach.
  3. 3. But…Developing a website
  4. 4. Know your current statsand goals before you startthe redevelopment.Developing a website
  5. 5. “If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no windis favourable.” (Lucius Annaeus Seneca)Developing a website
  6. 6. Audit your website, thenprotect your key assets.Don’t lose what works.Developing a website
  7. 7. How many pages do you have?How many will be deleted?Will pages move to a new URL?How many new pages will you create?What is your most popular content?What is your most powerful content?You need to know..What generates most of my leads?What are my best conversion tools?How can I increase conversions?How many downloads do you have?What are the most popular downloads?How many inbound links do you have?What interior web pages have links?Where are my links coming from?What are my most powerful links?What content appeals to what audience?Do you need to segment your audience more?Does your content really appeal to your key decision maker?Do you sell your produce/service in the same way to everyone?What are your strengths?What are your weaknesses?Developing a website
  8. 8. Then…Developing a website
  9. 9. Analyse your competitorwebsites, identify the good,the bad and ugly.Developing a website
  10. 10. “A wise man gets more use from his enemies than a fooldoes from his friend.” (Baltasar Gracián 1601 - 1658)Developing a website
  11. 11. Next…Developing a website
  12. 12. Understand your sales process,the nurturing cycle and theconversion period.Developing a website
  13. 13. “Predicting rain does not count – building arks does.Developing a website
  14. 14. Understanding objectivesGenerating visitors.Driving traffic.Measurable viawebsite analytics.Receiving enquiries.Acquiring prospects.Measureable viainbound emails.Qualified leads.Measurable viasecured meetings.Nurturing prospects.Measurable viasales team.Visitors Prospects Active Prospects
  15. 15. Understanding objectivesTarget MarketWebsite VisitorsLeadsOpportunitiesCustomersDriving traffic to your website is one challenge. Converting visitors into valuable leads is another.Be absolutely clear how you plan to do this, don’t just start, writing, designing and building.B2B websites should be lead generators
  16. 16. BusinessObjectivesTargetAudienceWebsiteStrategySEONeedsWebsiteFeaturesUserExperienceWebsiteLiveSystemIntegrationProjectScheduleConsiderations
  17. 17. Website Planning ProcessNow…
  18. 18. Website Planning ProcessYou are ready to begin yourprocess, create your schedulewrite your brief.
  19. 19. Website Planning ProcessAcknowledge the present, understand the environmentvisualise your goals, set your strategy.
  20. 20. Client BriefDefine ProjectScopeSitemapConceptual DesignImage BankContent WritingDesignDevelopmentCoding & BuildViewProcessWebsite Planning Process
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