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Presented on behalf of Roland Dransfield by Claire Lancaster & Carla Burns


  2. 2. What we are going to cover Introduction to RDPR Overview of the social media landscape Commercial benefits of social media in retail Social media for shopping centres Manchester Fort case study How to deliver social media Q&A
  3. 3. About Roland Dransfield PR Largest property PR team in the North West Leading specialists in social media for the property sector We use social media to deliver great results for retail, commercial and residential property clients and schemes 15 years track record UK-wide client base Full service innovative PR Extension of our clients’ own teams
  4. 4. RDPR clients
  5. 5. The social media landscape
  6. 6. Key social media platforms Facebook Twitter You Tube LinkedIn FourSquare
  7. 7. Why social media?1. The internet changed how people gather information, communicate & decide2. Social media changed how, what & when information is presented •Essential platform – lead by example •Additional touch-point for business and consumer engagement •Direct engagement - difficult to reach individuals •Increase sector and national/regional visibility •Support scheme marketing strategy •Increases your Search Engine Optimisation & digital visibility
  8. 8. Social media is not scary Email & websites proved not to be scary These are just new communication tools There are many successful case studies & learnings Mistakes avoided with planning Learning should be constant Employees, consumers, clients & competition use it
  9. 9. Social media & the marketing mix Marketing has evolved a new COMPONENT Social networks are communications tools Effective, interactive, powerful, fast & measurable They are fully open & transparent to the public They do not replace brand websites or assets Social media requires strategy, planning & time Integrated campaign – part of your planned activity (ibrochure, website, events, forward features, etc…)
  10. 10. What does social media actually do? Increase traffic to your website Relevant and cost effective traffic Amplify all other marketing & promotional communications Connect you with your influencers Allow you to listen to & connect with opponents Facilitate access to key journalists & media  Recruitment, advertising, research, customer service, feedback, drive mentions, build frequency, generate new business, new contacts & introductions...
  11. 11. Social media & retail Consumers use social media Social media influences purchasing behaviour Retailers strive to influence consumers Consumers are online in store whilst shopping Retailers, brands & products are engaging with social media Social media presents opportunities which over time will create genuine loyalty & revenue Social media activities help to attract retailers as well as footfall
  12. 12. Social media for shopping centres Who are your audiences  Retailers and restaurant owners  Local occupiers (from shopping parks, within 10 miles of you)  Active retail agents  UK national & regional press  UK national & regional retail press  New and current customers  Residents in your surrounding areas
  13. 13. Social media for shopping centres What are your challenges • Larger shopping parks pose more competition • Better retailer opportunities at other local shopping parks • Customers see better opportunities elsewhere • Retailers see better opportunities/better competition • Agents not recommending your retail parks to their clients • Negative connotations about smaller retailer parks having less choice • No one knowing about your offering • No interaction/negativity from your retailers
  14. 14. Social media for shopping centres What you need to consider Liaisons with retailers:  Regularly  With central marketing & unit within centre  Chains and independent retailers  Independent retailers present more unique offerings Negative issue handling  Stock levels - promote what you have & need to sell  Basic comments – how can we help, were listening & hear you, were sorry  Addressing mentions openly can calm situations to create loyal customers
  15. 15. Social media for shopping centres What you can do  Establish and maintain a website (if not already!)  Engage with your retailers initially & regularly  Establish Twitter and Facebook pages with consistent key messages  Develop weekly activity schedules  Raise awareness of your centres news, views, events & retailer discounts/offers  Establish conversation to encourage information sharing with your retailers & customers  Evaluate activity to ensure you are reaching the right audience & what works best
  17. 17. Case StudyFacebook, in the last three months Twitter, in the last four months
  18. 18. Case Study Increased footfall to Won Green Apple award Marks & Spencer opened Manchester Fort by 9% in in 2011 for the parks its first food store at the past year through sustainability Manchester Fort at the social media alone achievements end of 2011 MF now has a total of 73.45% of website MF website in April and 521 likes on Facebook visitors were new and May had a total of and 768 followers on 26.55% are returning 23,337 visitors twitter visitors
  20. 20. How to deliver social media In house Outsourced  Established, specialist, flexible resource  Straight forward briefing process  Transparent measurement & reporting
  21. 21. How to deliver social media Setting up brand owned social profiles Liaising with retailers, central brands and independent stores Creating a social strategy, plan & activity calendar Establishing online community connections Listening, creating & participating in conversation Optimising social opportunities - digital eyes, ears & voice Creating, publishing & promoting content Managing social profiles Blog creation, management & outreach, Twitter/Hashtag events, seminars, events, podcasts, video content, foursquare promotions etc.
  22. 22. Finally Social media is mainstream*  84.2% of UK population is online, 52.7 million people  Over 70% of internet users use social networks RDPR  Experienced in social media & property sector  Cost effective social media solutions  Not in isolation - integrated PR marketing partner * Source: Internet World Stats, April 2012
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