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Why you should use Clairical - Virtual Assistant


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Clairical is a Virtual Assistant and admin outsourcing business. For more information about how I can help you please visit -

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Why you should use Clairical - Virtual Assistant

  1. 1. Why you should use Clairical
  2. 2. Who is Clairical? I am a self-employed business support professional, specialising in supporting start- ups, growing businesses and organisations that occasionally need to outsource some of their office & clerical tasks. I can provide the support that liberates you from those mundane, time-consuming yet essential tasks, releasing you to drive your business forward Clairical
  3. 3. FLEXIBLE COST EFFECTIVE PERSONALISED Core principles Clairical £
  4. 4. FLEXIBLE Rates reflect type of work undertaken Available when you need me One off project assignments or regular support Remote or location- based working Clairical Reduced Downtime No long term commitment
  5. 5. My fee will reflect the type of work undertaken and not a standard flat hourly rate Cost Effective No holiday pay No training costs No recruitment or agency fees No sickness or absence management costs No NI, PAYE or pension costs Clairical
  6. 6. Personalised Clairical I understand that your business is important and that all clients are not the same. Taking the time to understand your requirements is the first step.
  7. 7. I M P O R T A N T S T U F F W H A T ' S N E X T Confidentiality is really important. I use DropBox for file-sharing I only undertake work that I know I can complete within the given deadline My Client Promise and my standard Terms & Conditions can be found here I offer a free no obligation consultation. This can be over the phone but I prefer to meet up and say hi. The Devon Work Hubs are great space to facilitate this. This is me Clairical
  8. 8. Thank you. If you wish to get in touch please call me on 07828 716501 or by email