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Collaborate Out Loud at NW Festival of leadership


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Our slides from the NHS NWLA Festival of Leadership in March

Published in: Healthcare
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Collaborate Out Loud at NW Festival of leadership

  1. 1. #CollabOutLoud Creating Surprising, simple and social shared spaces for public service innovation and flourishing
  2. 2. #CollabOutLoud From a seed of an idea between Claire and Kev in a Northern Quarter Coffee Shop to a Community Interest Company in less than a year We are proud that a simple cuppa was the catalyst for our movement to start
  3. 3. #CollabOutLoud We exist to serve those delivering, participating and accessing public services to: Challenge thinking, practice and leadership Connect the unusual suspects across different boundaries Create capacity and capability for change Co-curate our collective wisdom and nurture communities to thrive Co-create novel solutions that break all the rules and make a difference
  4. 4. #CollabOutLoud In an open and free way where anyone could follow the journey Where everything that was developed was open source and free to be used by anyone Where the group were true collaborators In a way that successes and failures where equally welcome opportunities to learnWhere the process of collaborating in this new and free way could be observed, tested and understood By embracing the WorldBlu principles for freedom based and democratic organisations How we work Serve public services at all levels and places Works on the challenges that public services are facing without the constraints of being within the system Crowdsource the challenges to work on to serve public services in a different and freer space Actively encourages challenge, new thinking and learning from when things don’t work out as expected Brings together the unusual suspects, thinking and approaches and allows the magic to unfold What we do Collaborate Out Loud communities are a democratic community of innovative and generous public service collaborators who work out loud to hack challenges, hatch new thinking, experiment with implementation and prototype and spread impactful new ideas that will enable the changing public services landscape to get further faster and embracing the power of new ideas, collaboration and democracy Collaborate Out Loud’s Community Manifesto
  5. 5. #CollabOutLoud surprising we do the unexpected. This might be bring in practice and thinking from unusual places or helping people to connect across unusual boundaries. simple we know the world is complicated enough so we are easy to work with, straightforward and keep things as simple as we can, believing that less can be more social we work out loud, share, work with others and connect with existing agendas and ideas. We lead with generosity, openness and trust Collaborate Out Loud’s Values:
  6. 6. #CollabOutLoud
  7. 7. #CollabOutLoud Embrace and harness the energy and magic of difference and the crowd
  8. 8. #CollabOutLoud
  9. 9. #CollabOutLoud Create surprising, simple, and social spaces between the formal structures and informal networks
  10. 10. #CollabOutLoud Spend time building a community, trust, and a shared intent where people bring their whole selves
  11. 11. #CollabOutLoud Embrace the principles of transparency, democracy, and openness
  12. 12. #CollabOutLoud Be social, share with generosity and kindness
  13. 13. #CollabOutLoud Work on real and often complex challenges collaboratively, sense making through meaningful conversations How could you use Collaborate Out Loud?
  14. 14. #CollabOutLoud Borrow learning and thinking from anywhere and everywhere to learn collectively What have you learnt in one context that you could take to another?
  15. 15. #CollabOutLoud Co-create novel solutions and ideas to tackle collective challenge CARE AT HOME – Let’s do a rapid ideas generation!
  16. 16. #CollabOutLoud Rapidly test ideas and iterate them together using technology to enable collaboration Share an idea you had with someone and get some feedback – write down any new insights
  17. 17. #CollabOutLoud Work out loud as you go —  attributing ideas and inspirations What or who inspires you? Share this via social media if you can #CollabOutLoud #NWFoL
  18. 18. #CollabOutLoud Spread the best ideas and encourage adoption (as well as the learning from what didn’t work) far and wide Share your best failure
  19. 19. #CollabOutLoud You are invited to take a glow band to show your commitment to experimenting with the principles of Collaborating Out Loud Community Commitment
  20. 20. #CollabOutLoud
  21. 21. #CollabOutLoud
  22. 22. #CollabOutLoud
  23. 23. #CollabOutLoud We would love to talk to you about how we can help: Whether you want to: • Attend or set up a Collaborate Out Loud Community where you live, work, play or study • Find out we can help you with your public service challenge wherever you live through a coffeehouse challenge • Are interested in funding our work We have a number of way you can connect with us Email: Call: 07464 612 568 Twitter: @CollabOutLoud #CollabOutLoud Web: