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Post-MA Professional Training 1 Aug-12 Oct 2017


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Here at KL Communications, our aim of this programme is to bring aspiring graduates to the professional level of a KL interpreter. Each year, we recruit full-time Staff Interpreters from this programme if we regard the candidates as qualified.

We invite you to take a look at our leaflet. For enquiries, registration and more information, please call us on 0845 450 0721 or email us at

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Post-MA Professional Training 1 Aug-12 Oct 2017

  1. 1. Post-MA Professional Training 2017 (PMPT) - 1 August to 12 October 2017 - KL Communications Following the very successful launch of the Post-MA Professional Training (PMPT) in 2016, KL Communications (KLC) is pleased to announce that we will run the PMPT programme again in 2017. The aim of the programme is to bring aspiring graduates to the level of a professional interpreter of the quality of KLC. Each year, we recruit full-time Staff Interpreters from this programme if we regard the candidates as qualified. Introduction  KLC PMPT 2017 is open to all 2017 MA graduates who are interested in cross-culture communication or are aiming to becoming an interpreter  This formal and intensive programme is designed to transform the trainees to adapt to the real world. Certificates will be conveyed upon successful completion  The programme will be formal and intensive. There will be maximum 10 trainees in each class to ensure the quality of learning. In most weeks, the trainees are expected to come to KL twice a week. There will be homework between sessions which will be marked and assessed  The training will be conducted by KLC’s Managing Director Dr Kevin Lin (OBE) and Interpreters from KLC  Real interpreting assignments will be allocated to the trainees who pass our assessment during the programme  An immersive environment is provided. Trainees are requested to speak only English (with only a few exceptions) About KL Communications (KLC) • KLC represents quality. We have been providing premium Chinese  English interpreting and translation services to governments, leading businesses, academic institutions and SMEs since 2000 • KLC has the largest in-house Chinese interpreter team in Europe. The team interpreted for the Chinese president’s state visit to the UK in 2015 • Dr Kevin Lin (OBE), Managing Director of the company, has interpreted for five successive Prime Ministers. He started interpreting for the Queen in 1999 • KLC is an A-rated T2 sponsor in the UK
  2. 2. Major programme takeaways Interpreting skills  How to prepare for an interpreting job  High register public speaking  Symbol design and efficient note-taking  Three Words at a Time SI technique  Number crunching  Precision training targeting nuances of words  Simulated interpreting with detailed feedback Interpreter skills  Situation handling through case studies based on real life experience  Business awareness  Professional behaviors (e.g. dress code, professional way of interacting with clients/audience)  Time management  How to identify your priorities Authentic English Language  UK buzzwords and expressions  Knowledge about the UK  In-depth discussion about the cultural differences between the UK and China Other exciting spices  Dr. Kevin Lin sharing his stories and interpreting “secrets” in person  Possible opportunities to interpret for renowned organisations and UK government bodies if you pass our assessment  Possible career opportunities with KLC  Excellent experience to put on your resume and a training certificate  Time outside of the classroom with Kevin (including photo opportunities) Course cost, date and venue Cost £1140 (£950 + VAT) Date 1 August to 12 October 2017 Location KL Communications 12 Princeton Mews 167 – 169 London Road Kingston Upon Thames KT2 6PT UK Enquiries and registration T Tel 0845 450 0721 E Email N
  3. 3. Quick facts about PMPT 2016  20 Chinese MA graduates from various majors from University of Surrey, University of Bath, University of Leeds, University of Durham and University of Nottingham attended  Survey showed that on average the trainees regarded the PMPT programme as ‘’above expectation’’  Over 40 interpreting days of real assignments were allocated to the trainees during the programme  1 trainee was hired by KLC as a Staff Interpreter at the end of the programme  What some of the trainees said about the programme – ‘KL’s PMPT programme has well-designed curriculum, supportive trainers and staff and opportunities for real interpreting assignments. It focuses both on interpreting skills and “interpreter skills”, serving as a valuable top-up to my MA degree, and filling the skills gap between an interpreting graduate and a professional interpreter I believe things I have learnt here will benefit me throughout my career.’ ‘I would like to thank this opportunity very much, not only for the interpreting skills that Kevin and all the trainers taught me, but also for the mentality shift I made through the PMPT programme. The latter will definitely benefit me in the long-run. Each time I went out to interpret, I felt confident because KL trained me well. In summary, this is an unforgettable experience, I felt lucky that I didn’t miss this chance.’ ‘The idea of being professional really impressed me a lot and my mindset has been influenced in a very positive way. I am very grateful that every trainer is like my mentor and they just show me how professional an interpreter can be. I will keep practicing my interpreting skills until I can be like them.’