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Living and Learning Online Ulearn 12


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An introduction to using online communities for personal professional learning

Published in: Education
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Living and Learning Online Ulearn 12

  1. 1. Living and Learning Online An introduction to using online communities for professional learningClaire AmosEmail: claireamosnz@gmail.comTwitter: @claireamosnz
  2. 2. Why Twitter?O It is a personalised newsfeedO It comes to you!O It’s bite-sizedO It is a quick way to get a sense of what current issues and ideas are out there.
  3. 3. Two ways of learning: following and hash tagsO Following people or companies that share your interests is an effective way to learn about what you are interested in.O Consider following NZ and international educators and NZ and International Education Sector groupsO Alternatively you can search for hash tags – it is common practice for people to tag their tweets with related keywords eg. #edtech or #BYOD
  4. 4. NZ EducatorsO Fiona Grant @FionaGrant O Stephanie @traintheteacherO KarenMelhuishSpencer O DK @justadandak @virtuallykaren O Mark Osborne @mosborne01O Jacqui Sharp @sharpjacqui O Jo FothergillO Dorothy Burt @dorothyjburt @dragonsinger57O Rochelle Jensen @rjensen O carolynstuart @carolynstuartO Derek Wenmoth @dwenmoth O Chris BradbeerO Allanah King ADE @Allanahk @ChrisBradbeerO Suzie Vesper @suzievesper O Pam Hook @arti_chokeO Barbara Reid @barbs1 O Stephen LethbridgeO Sam Cunnane @samcunnane @stephen_tpk O Jo Fothergill @KiwiJoe90O Toni Twiss @tonitones O mark treadwellO Rachel Boyd @rachelboyd @marktreadwell1O Noeline Wright @enrite O Allan Alach @allanalachO tessagray @tessagray O Joyce SeitzingerO dakinane @dakinane @catspyjamasnzO Tara TJ @taratj
  5. 5. NZ Ed SectorO Hooked on Thinking O Emerging Leaders NZ @hooked_on_think @eduleadersnzO CORE Education @CoreEducation O National Library NZ @NLNZO Ulearn @ULearnNZ O Libraries & Learning @L2_S2SO NZCER Press @NZCERPress O NEAL Education @NEALnz31O Learning Network NZ @learningnz O CORE Ed ResearchO Shifting Thinking @shiftingthinkng @COREedResearchO INTERFACE Magazine O eTV New Zealand @etvnz @Interfacemag O Educational LeadersO Digital New Zealand @DigitalNZ @edleadersnzO NetSafe NZ @netsafeNZ O Creative Commons NZO Te Kete Ipurangi @tkinewzealand @CC_Aotearoa O NetHui @NetHuiNZO Teachers@ PPTA @PPTAWeb O New Zealand MuseumsO MinEducationNZ @MinEducationNZ @nzmuseums O NZHistory @NZHistoryO EDtalks NZ @edtalks O NZ Book Council @nzbookcouncilO Enabling e-Learning @enablelearning O Any Questions NZ @anyquestionsnz
  6. 6. International Educators / BloggersO Gary Stager, Ph.D. O Scott McLeod @mcleod @garystager O Sylvia MartinezO Ewan McIntosh @smartinez @ewanmcintosh O Phil Shapiro @philshapiroO Sir Ken Robinson O stevewheeler @SirKenRobinson @stevewheelerO Steven W. Anderson O Simon Breakspear @web20classroom @SimonBreakspearO Richard Byrne @rmbyrne O Kevin HoneycuttO stephen heppell @kevinhoneycutt @stephenheppell O Christian LongO Vicki Davis @ChristianLong @coolcatteacher O Lee Crockett @leecrockettO Steve Wheeler O Seth Godin @timbuckteeth @ThisIsSethsBlog
  7. 7. International Educational SectorO k12online @k12onlineO eLearning Learning @elearningPostsO Education Week @educationweekO Web News 2.0 @WebNews20O TEDTalks Updates @tedtalksO ReadWriteWeb @RWWO Classroom 2.0 @classroom20O TED-ED @TED_EDO 21st Century Teacher @21stCenturyTchO iTunes U @iTunesU
  8. 8. Hash tags to followEducational Technology#edtech#elearning#mlearning#web20#flipclass#edchat#BYOD
  9. 9. Virtual Learning Network VLN Community: A network of school clusters and educational institutions collaborating to provide online access to a broad range of curriculum learning opportunities for students.
  10. 10. Enabling e-learningEnabling e-Learning: The Ministry of Education’sonline ‘hub’ for ICT-related education resources and programmes in New Zealand.
  11. 11. Other VLN groupsThere are over 470 groups on the VLN – any educator can join andcreate a group. Some groups are closed and private, but many arepublic.Some of the most popular groups are listed below:O iPad/iPod User GroupO e-Learning: Teaching Explore how and why we use ICTs as part of effective teaching and learning.O e-Learning: Leadership Exploring leadership for change, vision, policy and strategy that integrates ICTs into learning.O ePortfoliosO Managed Learning Environments (MLEs) Online learning environmentsO Software for LearningO ICT PD Online In addition to ICT PD Online in Centre 4, this network hub will provide a space for clusters on the ICT PD programme to connect together.
  12. 12. RSS Feeds andsubscribing to blogs by emailO There are two ways you can subscribe to a blog for free so you automatically receive new posts. This way you don’t have to keep on coming back here to check for new content.O One way is by receiving each new post by email or the other is by signing up for an RSS Feed…
  13. 13. What is an RSS Feed?RSS Rich Site SummaryRSS feeds can be read using software called an"RSS reader", "feed reader", or "aggregatorThe RSS reader checks the users subscribedfeeds regularly for new work, downloads anyupdates that it finds, and provides a userinterface to monitor and read the feeds. RSSallows users to avoid manually inspecting all ofthe websites they are interested in, and insteadsubscribe to websites such that all new contentis pushed onto their browsers when it becomesavailable.
  14. 14. RSS feed vs. subscribing by email?O Blog subscription sends an email to the reader, while RSS updated that persons feed reader, like Google Reader. Blog subscription would be useful if you (the reader) did not use an RSS reader, but still wanted to keep up with the blog. vs.
  15. 15. Blogs to follow:O Free Technology for TeachersO TED: Ideas worth spreadingO Dangerously IrrelevantO 21st Century Fluency ProjectO The Committed SardineO Dereks BlogO Link to 2011 Edublog Award Winners
  16. 16. Get going!Go to: workshop slides, guides and hyperlinks.