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Ideas for using ICTs in english


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This presentation shows a range of tools, strategies and ideas for using ICTs in English. Highlighting the tools that support thinking, differentiation and collaboration.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Ideas for using ICTs in english

  1. 1. Ideas for usingICTs in English Claire Amos
  2. 2. Codes= thinking tool = collaboration tool = differentiation tool
  3. 3. Using discussion forums in Moodle
  4. 4. Using discussion forums in Moodle
  5. 5. Using MyMoodle app to ad videos, photos and voice files
  6. 6. Using MyMoodle app to ad videos, photos and voice files
  7. 7. Using MyMoodle app to ad videos, photos and voice files
  8. 8. Using Vocaroo to embed voice recordingsVocaroo is an online voice recorder which allows you to record and save orembed sound files without needing to register. Possible uses: Co-constructing anaudio book, recording instructions, add a widget to your Moodle page for easyaccess. Example - The Giver Audio Book Project
  9. 9. Using Screenr to narrate handoutsScreenr is an easy to use online tool for recording yourvoice and whatever is on your computer screen. Great fornarrating handouts or creating short online tutorials.
  10. 10. Using Wikieducator to co-construct an online textbook or study guide
  11. 11. Using Live Binder to create an online folder of resources
  12. 12. Using Google Sketch Up to create settings from textsGoogle Sketch Up can be downloaded for free andprovides an easy to use set of tools for designing any 3Dobjects.
  13. 13. Get students to construct an Ignite PresentationO What is ignite? Ignite is an event in over 100 cities worldwide. At the events Ignite presenters share their personal and professional passions, using 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds for a total of just five minutes.
  14. 14. Get students to construct an Ignite PresentationIgnite talks should:O Be about something youre passionate about. Dont talk about worthy topics; talk about things you love. Your job is to show the audience what it was about your topic that ignited a passion in you.O Be profound. It is rumoured that speakers at TED are told "Say whatever you want, just be profound!" Its good advice for an Ignite talk too, but bear in mind that an Ignite talk is 300 seconds so theres a limit to how profound you can be.O Take a simple idea and explore it. You cant explore a huge idea in 300 seconds, so choose something manageable. Dont use wordy slides. Pictures are good.O Be a force for raising the collective IQ and building connections in your city
  15. 15. Running a BIG project through a Google site - TEDxClassroom
  16. 16. Running a BIG project through a Google site – THE “ALICE PROJECT”
  17. 17. Using Wallwisher to create a virtual knowledge wallCan be embeddedin your Moodlecourse!
  18. 18. Using AnswerGarden to brainstorm and create a real time word cloud
  19. 19. Using Digistore
  20. 20. Using DigitalNZ
  21. 21. Using Lit Charts – 10 page outlines of classics
  22. 22. Using Wordle to introduce texts O SCC English – Their Wordles (including all Shakespeares plays and many classic texts)
  23. 23. Embedding The History of English (videos) in your Moodle courses
  24. 24. SourcesIdeas respectfully plundered from:O Albany Senior High SchoolO Free Technology for TeachersO SCC EnglishO Christian LongO Kevin Honeycutt