Post-Haiyan Volunteer Trip to Eastern Visayas


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Seventeen volunteers embarked on a journey to help communities in Leyte and Samar who were affected by super typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan). Our help is so small compared to the need. You can help, too.

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Post-Haiyan Volunteer Trip to Eastern Visayas

  1. 1. En route to Eastern Visayas After super typhoon Yolanda With Hands On Manila volunteers
  2. 2. All our stuffs are packed… We brought donated items for Yolanda-affected families in Tacloban and Basey.
  3. 3. A rainy morning greeted us in Tacloban.
  4. 4. Our home for the weekend. We were able to get rooms at Welcome Home Pensione for 17 volunteers.
  5. 5. Welcome Home was our headquarters where we packed our loot bags…
  6. 6. …and rested in between activities.
  7. 7. But first we took a quick breakfast across the street at Potluck Canteen before heading to...
  8. 8. Barangay 52 where some of the houses have no roofs to provide shelter from the rain.
  9. 9. The children enjoyed our short game...
  10. 10. …and delighted on the gifts they received. Next was…
  11. 11. Barangay 67 The devastation at Anibong, a coastal area in Tacloban, was tremendous.
  12. 12. A huge ship forced to shore by the strong winds destroyed houses, properties, and lives.
  13. 13. Families receive their loot bags of cooking utensils, umbrella, seeds, and other materials.
  14. 14. Dinner at the Village Chefs Time stood still. We slept after the 2nd activity and headed to dinner before 6pm.
  15. 15. A nice pool outside the restaurant.
  16. 16. Outside the restaurant.
  17. 17. Beautiful interiors.
  18. 18. Great food.
  19. 19. After dinner night out. Impromptu reunion with former colleagues at a mobile bar, called Na Ning.
  20. 20. Day 2. Off to Samar. On the second day, we found ourselves on the road to Samar, the neighboring province of Leyte.
  21. 21. We saw more devastation caused by super typhoon Yolanda.
  22. 22. San Juanico Bridge We crossed the longest bridge in the country that spanned over two kilometers connecting two provinces.
  23. 23. Basey, Eastern Samar Basey was not also spared of the destruction caused by the typhoon.
  24. 24. There we played with the children.
  25. 25. We also gave out books to the kids.
  26. 26. And loot bags to the mothers and fathers.
  27. 27. Our hosts prepared their local delicacies for us.
  28. 28. Back to Leyte. As we headed back to Leyte, we made a side trip to Palo.
  29. 29. We visited the famous landing site of Gen. Douglas MacArthur.
  30. 30. We heard mass at the Sto. Niño Church.
  31. 31. Then dinner at my friend’s restaurant, Calle Z Café.
  32. 32. Day 3 – Sightseeing. Our last day was spent on a tour of the Sto. Niño Shrine and Heritage Museum.
  33. 33. We also shopped for souvenir shirts.
  34. 34. Then headed back to Manila.
  35. 35. Till our next trip!