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Introducing the Professional Service Management Framework from itSMF UK


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Supporting information for episode 19 of the ITSM Crowd (view here kindly provided by itSMF UK

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Introducing the Professional Service Management Framework from itSMF UK

  1. 1. July 2014 PSMF Overview presentation June 2016
  2. 2. AgendaAgenda Background / Context What is PSMF? Why have ITSMF Uk built it? How does it work? What does it deliver? Case Study Questions
  3. 3. BackgroundBackground IT Service Management is at a critical crossroads. The pre-eminence of ITIL® is being challenged New ideas like DevOps, Bi-modal IT, SIAM IT4IT are gaining adoption and challenging existing ways of working
  4. 4. • We support people not just technology • Success depends on our ability to interact productively, positively and professionally with people • This involves collaboration: • Between people • Across teams and IT departments • Beyond IT departments • With partners
  5. 5. Organisations need to invest in hiring a wider range of people and skillsets for successful IT new skills and people are needed for commercial negotiation, contracts, relationship management, commercial and financial management
  6. 6. IT Service Management is transferrable to wider enterprise operations and management Enterprise Service Management is not a new idea - now there is a clear imperative to work across organisational boundaries to achieve shared value
  7. 7. • Specialist technical skills • Organisational change and people development • Key business knowledge/skills • Contract and supplier management • Supply and demand management • Marketing and communications • Relationship management • Contract negotiation New IT SkillsNew IT Skills
  8. 8. The CIOThe CIO Stepping up Must challenge and disrupt – IT Has to demonstrate value Must promote good governance Needs to ‘sense and respond’ Needs support and trusted data Must clarify that: IT ‘can’t do it all’
  9. 9. July 2014
  10. 10.   What is PSMF? • Text Cartoonist Russ Law -
  11. 11.  
  12. 12. An ‘umbrella’ competency frameworkAn ‘umbrella’ competency framework
  13. 13.  
  14. 14. PSMF – What is it?PSMF – What is it? A competence framework An umbrella model – that incorporates other CPD and skills frameworks PSMF defines what a professional can do, without being prescriptive
  15. 15. PSMF – Why have we built it?PSMF – Why have we built it? In response to demand from members and the ITSMF UK Leadership Council To build a body of knowledge and experience around SM professionalism To define what is means to be a professional in Service Management To raise the profile of the profession
  16. 16. PSMF – How does it work?PSMF – How does it work? PSMF Content is free to all ITSMF UK members at Organisations can be assessed and audited to be compliant with the PSMF approach Individuals can be recognised at practitioner and professional levels Simple, ‘light touch’ Work is ongoing to develop PSMF
  17. 17. PSMF – What does it deliver?PSMF – What does it deliver? A definition of Service Management as more than process or tech A model for personal development and career progression Recognition of Service Management – internal and external Improvements in ITSM quality and profile
  18. 18. PSMF – Case StudyPSMF – Case Study xxx
  19. 19. PSMF and CGIPSMF and CGI CGI engaged with PSMF and were assessed against the framework The organised was endorsed as compliant and working within the PSMF framework – the first globally Built on CGI experience and value gained from SDC accreditation Next - working with group of individuals for personalg personal recognition
  20. 20. • Thanks for listening..! • / psmf •