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Magazine analyasis[1]


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My magazine analysis for blogger.

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Magazine analyasis[1]

  1. 1. People set in front of the masthead, showing Special edition magazine. the people are of more More people on the cover importance than the showing it is special, and magazine. better because it looks as if more people are featured.Every person is holding a XXL magazine uses crowding onweapon, and every weapon the front cover to give the illusionthey are holding is gold. that you are getting your moniesThis shows wealth as it is, and power as they are Most of the people on theall holding the weapons feature article photo are justthreateningly. dressed in black, where as the A lot of the writing is in girl (Iggy Azalea), the guy above orange. Because the her, the guy to her left and the title is red I would say guy in the top left are all this is because orange dressed in ether blue or green. is a dull version of red Black could be shown as a so clearly it is trying to colour of power, maybe draw the readers aggressiveness, perhaps attention more to the meaning that the other 4 are masthead, and make not as powerful. Although, the writing look less because these are quite bright important. Maybe the colours it is probably implying magazine is seen as that they are the most more important than important, as your eye is drawn the things featured. to them. Repetition on the word “Freshman” to highlight that it is a freshman From the cover photo I can tell the special. audience for XXL is predominantly Also might be African American males. Most of highlighting what type of the people featured in the picture audience they want to are black, and male. This could be attract. because not a lot of white people Small price shown as price are respected in the rap industry might not be and nether are women. Although something they one woman is featured. This could want to be to try to appeal to a wider highlight. audience.
  2. 2. Buzz word: EXCLUSIVE. The flash is like an invertedMaking the reader feel version of the logo as thecompelled to buy the background colour is whitemagazine or they would and the writing is red. It is alsobe missing out. on the opposite side of the page. This draws the readers eye to it as it looks as if it is important. She is set in front of the Banner. Letting the masthead, showing she is reader recognise the more important. magazine easily.Headline- Amy is writtenwith the largest writingon the page showingthat she is the mostimportant thing. Also, A lot of repetition of theAmy’s last name is not colour red, as red is in theincluded, implying that masthead so it is sort ofshe is big enough to not the magazines signatureneed a last name, and colour.also that the reader Less importantmust have the information is in orange.pragmatic knowledge to Because orange is like anot need to include her duller version or red, Ilast name. think they used thisMost of the writing colour for the lessis written in white, important informationpossibly because the as is less eye catchingQ in the masthead is than the red.written in white. Small price shown, not wanting to show off about the price.
  3. 3. Buzz word- FREE. Right at Sub image included showing the top corner of the page. this is the type of person to The actual Freebie is always be interested in this article. placed inside the rapper of Plug- always shown as a the magazine, at it can sticker, showing it is an added move around over the price, extra. and distract from the price. Cover image, partly in It is important to highlight it front and partly behind as it makes people more the title. This makes it likely to buy the magazine, look as if the person is as sometimes people buy a coming out of the magazine just for the magazine, drawing us in. freebie.Headline written almost Purple and pink are thethe same size as the title main colours used forshowing it is important. the front cover, pinkAlso, things written in used in the title and inwhite are shown as the writing, and purpleimportant. Flash and used in the colours onheadline are written in the the mouse head on thesame font, different to the front. I noticed thatrest of the font on the these colours are nextpage, because they are to each other on theboth showing the artists colour wheel, so theyfeatured in the magazine. are linked. A bit of pinkIts like the artists included is also used in theare more important than corner of the mouth ofthe magazine itself. the mouse head. Black Freebie is very is also used on the contrasting to the front, but it is less magazine its self. noticeable as black is Drawing your eye to less eye catching. it but also showing it Probably meaning the is a separate thing to things in black are the magazine. Bright going to be less colours because of important information. the neon colours used in rave parties. Younger audience Small price used not as it uses text to highlight it. speak.
  4. 4. Gold bold writing and boarder sort of thing, perhaps reflecting the gold necklace he is wearing. Gold usually represents wealth or royalty, and a lot of rappers would like to be seen as wealthy. In a lot of songs they rap about money.The gold writing lookslike it has been createdwith a stencil. Whichreflects the graffiti inthe picture, and thestereotype that peoplewho enjoy rap musicalso like graffiti. The article starts off as if it is a story. As a rapper, you would not expect them to start talking like that. Within the picture he looks as if he is reflecting, so maybe the article is trying to show the rap artist on Male gaze- the man in the picture is In the background of the a different level that sat in quite a manly stance, with arms picture there is a building The picture is a lot bigger than the section of writing. we didn’t before. puffed out making them look bigger. Id say that the double page spread is 60% picture XXL has a predominantly male with a lot of graffiti on it, and 40% text. This could be showing that image is audience so it might be trying to make reflecting the types of more important in the music industry than what they the audience aspire to be like them. As background that a lot of have to say. with what they did with use of the rappers would perhaps have colour gold, making people aspire to (stereotypically). be wealthy.
  5. 5. Lips are highlighted where asthe rest of her face is darkenedout. Lips could be highlighted asLanas lips are trade markfeature. She is wearing a lot ofeye make up to mask her evenmore, to drag the audienceseyes to her lips.The red in her hair reflects thefirst sentence. The first sentenceis “She looks demonic”. Itreflects it as red usuallyrepresents the devil and evil.On the other side of the picturethere is blue and white shining.Blue and white are usuallycolours associated withinnocence and purity. This couldimply that she is also quiteangelic.Quite sexualised- Lips parted,fingers on her neck and eyesclosed. Q has a predominantlymale audience so it could be forthe male gaze. The magazine logo is at the First letters of the paragraphs are larger. The S bottom of each page reminding right at the beginning of the article takes up half of the reader of the magazine. On the page, forcing the writing in the article to the second page of the double overlap it, drawing the reader in to the article. page spread there is an arrow symbol to show to turn over the page that is in the logos colours, again reminding the reader of the magazine.
  6. 6. His name, Dizzee Rascal ishighlighted in sort of pink/ redcolour. This means that peoplewho are just flicking throughthe magazine quickly will beable to spot the name easily. Ifpeople can find what they likein the magazine it makespeople more likely to buy it.This colour also ties in with themagazine as it is the samecolour as the bullet point and“Q+A” in the top banner on thepage.The first letter of the article islarger than the rest of thearticle, and is in a differentfont. This means it is drawingthe audience into the article.Also, the font ties in with themagazine, as it is in the samefont as “VIP” in the topbanner of the page.In the title it uses quitechatty language. Theyuse “erm…”. Thissimulates this as more ofa conversation ratherthan a formal article.Usually this appeals to Sub image included in the The background is also white, He is also wearing the colour The quote within thethe audience more as text, to give more context making the white suit blend in a lot. purple underneath which picture says ‘”Come onthey feel like the article to who they are talking This makes the purple stand out usually symbolises royalty. This sell your soul!” whichis addressing them, and about in the article, if it is more. Maybe this is suggesting that links in with the title saying relates to the clothesthis article is for them. someone other that the the royalty is the thing we mostly “Dizzee Rascal is Britain’s Dizzee is wearing in the main man Dizzee Rascal. see about Dizzee Rascal, and his biggest headlining dance star’. picture. He is wearing a angelic side is something we don’t And the title also says ‘young, white suit suggesting that really see in him. rich but surprisingly grounded’ he is quite angelic on the which links in to the suggestion surface. of royalty.
  7. 7. Stuck to the colour scheme- Red, whiteand black.Dr. Dre has his own quote on the Dr. Dre’s article is underlined in black tocontents page. Showing he is a big show it is the most important thingfeature for them and want to show featured.him off, and the article off. His shadow is reflecting into the rest of the list of the articles featured, which suggests he is more important than everything elseHe is in all black clothes, highlighting written in the magazine.that he is featured because it blends inwith the black underlining of his own Everything in black sort of blends in becausearticle. the page is predominantly black. So everything in white seems most important.Slight worms eye view camera angle All of the articles are written in whitemaking him look taller. This relates to showing that that is the bit the magazinemale gaze as its making him look big, wants the audience to read. Also everythinglike what the stereotypical man is in red, or red and white like the magazinesupposed to be in the eyes of society. logo is related to the actual magazine, suggesting that they want the reader toHands both over his crotch in quite a look at that for sort of direction andmanly stance. This is also for the male information. Such as the arrow pointing togaze is it is emphasising his groin area. some information about who created the page, this is red and white showing it isHis is the only picture featured, equal to the importance of the magazine.showing the rest of the articles are The brackets in the sub title “(features)” areslightly irrelevant. in red, and the actual writing inside is white, showing that it is information about the page. And the dash in the main title is also red to show this is a title, but it is not shown as very important as the rest of the title is in black so it blends in. “Cover story” is also written in white and red showing it is the most important of them all, and equal to the actual magazine. The actual magazine logo is at the top as well, just as a reminder to the reader.
  8. 8. Repetition oflogo andcolourscheme. Picture outside box showing Image off the page right in The guy in the picture in very important. As if its part of the corner perhaps black and white is holding a the magazine perhaps as showing it barely makes it gun, but he also has his shirt important as this well known into the magazine, and is un-buttoned. So maybe he magazine. not important. Perhaps also has “his guns out”. because it seems like it is not to do with music as it His clothes also reflect says “match of the day” the colour edit, as they and Wayne Rooney. are just black and white too.
  9. 9. Repetition of the logo. Seems like the contents page has its own type of font, has it doesn’t seem to appear much apart from in texts only relevant to the contents page. Picture of a girl at a party, some sort of lazery type colours within the picture. Reflecting the type of audience they are looking for- young Uses language such as “VIP” people who like to party. to relate to the type of magazine it is, as its about the Also just reflects the party type lifestyle. type of magazine it is. Text in ether white or yellow on the contents page. Tends to be the numbers in yellow, and the date. Background in black, perhaps relating to the night time, when parties and clubs nights will be taking place.